The World Traveling Foodies

Meet The World Traveling Foodies, Aaradhya Verma and Jesminder Sharma, who are food critics and they run their own foodie blog!


Name in Hindi: आराध्या वर्मा

Hometown: Calcutta, India

Current Residence: 1313 21 Chic Street in the Fashion District

Occupation: Food Critic

Born in the city of Calcutta, India, Aaradhya is a food critic. She and her friend, Jesminder, run their own foodie blog online called Views of The World Traveling Foodies. Whenever they go out for a meal, they do a detailed review of each dish and drink they had.  Before moving to San Myshuno, she lived in Delhi for 4 years to complete her bachelors degree in journalism. Not only she’s a foodie, but also a child prodigy. She started 2 grades ahead, just like her friends and peers. So, vendors and restaurateurs, watch out for Aaradhya and Jesminder! A bad review can have a negative effect on your establishment!

Aaradhya’s family’s religion is Hinduism and majority of Hindus avoid eating meat because of their belief that it can minimize hurting other life forms. In addition, the cow is considered a sacred animal that should never be killed.


Note: Jesminder was created by Munterbacon.

Name in Hindi: जेस्मिन्देर शर्मा

Hometown: Delhi, India

Current Residence: 1313 21 Chic Street in the Fashion District

Occupation: Food Critic

Jesminder dreamed of becoming a food critic since her mother was one too. She and Aaradhya were best friends. She met Aaradhya at the University of Delhi and they were both studying journalism. After finishing college, the two best friends head off to San Myshuno. They both looked forward to reviewing every food and dish the Sim Nation has to offer. In addition, the Spice Festival is the festival they’ve been looking forward to because they love curry and spicy food!

Since Jesminder noted that Aaradhya is a vegetarian, she decided to help Aaradhya out and do the reviews on the meat dishes. She’ll also review the vegan dishes with Aaradhya.