Saupe Brothers

Meet Colin and Joseph Saupe, two brothers who love gaming! They have their own gaming channel called Super Saupe Bros Gaming where they do Let’s Plays for various games such as the Sims, Mario, Sonic, etc. They’ll be living with the Foster Brothers.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA, USA

Current Residence: 1010 Alto Apartments in the Uptown District

Occupation: Internet Personality

Colin loves to play video games with his younger brother, Joseph. Together, they decided to start a gaming channel called Super Saupe Bros Gaming. On their gaming channel, they’ll be doing Let Plays of various games such as The Sims, Blickblock, Super Mario Bros, Sonic, etc.

Colin and Joseph’s parents experienced an early death through a tragic car accident. Their parents were out shopping and on their way home, a drunk driver crashed into them, killing them. The brothers were only in elementary school when that happened. After their parents’ deaths, the brothers’ aunt and uncle from their mother’s side took them in and cared for them until Colin finished college.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA, USA

Current Residence: 1010 Alto Apartments in the Uptown District

Occupation: High School Student and Internet Personality

Joseph is considered a gaming pro by his friends. He and Colin gained fame after their channel reached 1K subscribers! As an A student, Joseph takes his academics seriously and he’s part of the top ten students of his school. A true child prodigy. Upon arriving to San Myshuno, he and Colin will rock GeekCon with their MAD video gaming skills!

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