Devan Bachelder

Meet Devan, a big kid at heart who loves to be active!


Hometown: New York, NY, USA

Current Residence: 888 Spire Apartments in the Uptown District

Occupation: Bodybuilder

Devan is a big kid at heart who would bring his favorite robot toy everywhere he goes (trust me, he does)! He also loves to lift weights at the gym! Need a gym partner? He’s your guy! Better be careful not to break any of this toys or hit his stuffed animals, or else he’ll be in tears! His best friend is his big blue Blarffy! Whenever he’s feeling down or there’s no one else to talk to, he would go to him. Devan had Blarffy since he was 3 years old and he was his favorite stuffed animal. Now that Drago and Dino joined the stuffed animal family, Devan has more friends to hang out with! His close friends don’t mind that he’s crazy about stuffed animals.


Devan’s Blarffy


Devan’s current stuffed animal collection


Devan’s family when Devan and Marcus were little


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