Hunter-Cameron 2


Glad to hear from you, buddy! Hank and Brett say hello back.

Wow, Karlee is a beaut! Congrats! You want to tell her how much you mean to her? Here’s my advice: Tell her directly, in a quiet spot, where there are no people. Confess your true feelings to her. Hope that works! Am I dating? Not at the moment, but there are some ladies out there that I’m interested in. Of course, I’m on Simstagram. All I share there are pictures of me, my friends, and my adventures.  I see you share your culinary adventures on Simstagram. Sweet! I must follow you on there!

As usual, I’ll start off answering your questions. Let’s begin with Dustin. Yes, Dustin being in jail is the reason I cut back on streaming. It’s so stressful to deal with a friend in jail and focus on streaming at the same time. He’ll be there for 5 years. We pay him visits, just to check up on him. But there are times that he doesn’t want us to visit him. One day we visited him and he immediately told us to go away and never come back. Man, where’s the Dustin I used to know??

So far, we discovered a clue in regards to Dustin’s change of behavior. It has to do with vampires and Dustin HATES vampires.

Thank you for the nice compliment on the dance party! Yes, we had to rent out the Purple Rain nightclub for that party. Prom is the only party you’ve been to? When you have the time, organize a dinner party.

Anyway, on to what has happened with me, Hank, and Brett.


It’s a usual day in the city. Hank’s at work and Brett and I decided that today would be the day we’ll adopt some pets because we’re responsible enough to take care of animals and we’ve been thinking about this for months. Brett looked at the adoption catalog and saw an abundance of cats and dogs we can choose from. After taking the moment to read the catalog, we decided that we’re going to have dogs. Here are the ones we requested and their traits:

  • A female Basenji puppy named Cinnamon
    • Hairy
    • Sleuth
    • Couch Potato
  • A male, adult Bocker named Waffle
    • Playful
    • Troublemaker
    • Smart
  • A male Shih Tzu puppy named Mr. Wiggles
    • Couch Potato
    • TroubleMaker
    • Sleuth

Once we’ve decided what dogs we want to evaluate, Brett called the adoption agency and 30 minutes later, an adoption agent came by our place with the three dogs we’ve chosen. We took our time to get acquitted with the dogs.

Brett and I then discussed which dogs we should adopt. Both Cinnamon and Waffle like us. However, Mr. Wiggles likes Brett more than me. However, Waffle and Mr. Wiggles are troublemakers and they will have the tendency to break objects around the apartment. Oh, well. We’ll just have to train them to not be naughty.

We finally came to agreement to adopt Cinnamon and Waffle. It’s official! We have pets!

Here’s a closeup of Cinnamon.

…and one of Waffle.

A few minutes later, Brett took Waffle out for a jog. We gotta make sure our dogs stay healthy.

7 PM, Hank arrived home and was surprised that we got two dogs. He picked up Cinnamon and snuggled with her.

Brett seems to really like Waffle a lot! When Brett was in high school, he volunteered at an animal shelter and he always begged his parents to get him and Dustin a pet. However, they couldn’t because owning a pet can be very expensive.

Hank couldn’t resist how adorable Cinnamon is!

I’m so happy that we finally have pets! Now we don’t have to die from boredom if one of us decides to stay home!

Take care,



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