Emilia-Aileen 1

Dear Aileen,

Hello!! I saw your profile and I’m completely drawn into it. I share some of your interests, especially fashion! I look forward to connecting with you and learning more about you and your life! 🙂

I currently live in the city of San Myshuno with my girls, Claudia and Celia. San Myshuno is a city full of fun and outgoing people. We get to eat foods from all over the world, sing karaoke at the karaoke bars, go for a stroll in Myshuno Meadows, and participate in festivals! My girls and I haven’t been to any of the festivals because we’ve been so busy with our work. I’m hoping to go to the Spice Festival! I heard you can attempt the Spicy Curry Challenge and if you win, you get a neat T-shirt as a prize! In addition, you get to sample different kinds of food like samosas and pho.

So, you’re interested in fashion? Awesome! I can’t wait to share with you the latest fashion trends and talk all about fashion! I’m a fashion model at the San Myshuno Fashion Collection, which is a boutique based in San Myshuno. What’s offered at SMFC are clothes from all over the world. Chinese, Japanese, Indian, you name it. So many pretty clothes! What kind of clothing styles do you like?

The watcher took this picture of me, my girls, and our fellow fashion models hanging out at Myshuno Meadows. Celia, Claudia, and I love working for SMFC because not only we have an interest in the fashion industry, but we formed new friendships with our fellow fashionistas!

About your other interests, I also love painting. On the days my girls and I don’t have to work, we go to the arts center and paint some murals. Sometimes in the Arts District, we see some easels and I would go to one of them and paint a picture. Do you have any paintings that you would like to share? I’d love to see them!

My girls and I did this mural a few months ago! What do you think?

I learned that you’re a vampire. How did you become one? When I was a teen, I love reading vampire stories and novels. Now I can tell my friends and fellow fashionistas that I have a vampire pen pal! Some might be jealous, some might be scared. Do you have a favorite vampire story or novel?

I look forward to hearing from you soon!




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