Season 2 Episode 34: A Lost Friendship (Season Finale)

WARNING: There is stuffed animal abuse and some mild language. Please proceed with caution! Thank you for your cooperation!

Devan: Today’s going to be a great day! At noon, Dustin’s coming over to hang out with us!

Landon: Hooray! I can’t wait to have fun with you all!

Devan: Yeah!

Noon arrives

Dustin: GRRRR. People these days! I’m so aggravated!

Dustin: *eyeballs Devan’s stuffies* I shall take my anger towards Devan’s stupid stuffed animals! Muahahaha!!

Dustin: This, in my opinion, is the best way to get my anger out! *maniacal laugh*

Dustin: Take that!

Drago: OUCH! What are you doing to me?!

Dustin: Taking my anger on you, you idiot!

Drago: Hey, don’t hit me! I’m a good dragon!

Dustin: I don’t care if Devan sees me hitting his precious stuffed animals!

Drago: You ought to be arrested!! Stop hitting me, please!!

Blarffy: Oh no, we’re in danger!

Drago: Ouch! You blinded me!!


Moments later

Dustin: Stupid stuffed dragon is done. Now to take on his stupid stuffed dinosaur.

Drago: Ow. I can’t feel myself. You are abusing stuffed animals, which is against the law! Dino, watch out! He’s going to hit you!


Dustin: Take that and that!

Dino: OUCH! STOP!! You big meanie!

Blarffy: Devan and Landon, help!!! Drago and Dino are in danger! I can’t bear to watch this!

Drago: I have lots of ripped seams from his blows!

Dino: Stop, stop!!!

Dustin: You stupid dinosaur! Thinking you can talk to me, huh? Well, you’re not real!


Dustin: I feel great hitting you and that stupid dragon!

Dino: I’m not a punching bag!! Use a pillow or a REAL punching bag to get your anger out! Wait till my fellow Dinos hear about this and trust me, they’re not going to be happy hearing about this!

Blarffy: Dustin, WHY MUST YOU DO THIS?! 

Dino: You cruel, evil monster.

Landon: OH NO! Dustin is hitting Devan’s Drago and Dino!!

Drago: Landon, please call Devan down!! Dustin is hurting us!!

Landon: DEVAN!!! Hurry! Come quickly! Your precious stuffed animals are in danger!

Devan: Really? You must be- *GASPS*


Devan: Why, Dustin, why?! *cries*

Landon: Do something quick before he goes further with his hitting spree!

Devan: GRRRRRR. Nobody messes with my stuffed animals!! How dare he do this to me!

Landon: I can tell you’re angry right now.

Devan: Right you are, my friend. Steer clear because this is going to get ugly.


Dustin: Just getting my anger out on your stuffed animals!! What else do you think I’m doing?

Devan: Oh, you are, eh? Well, you’re heading the right way for some deep trouble, Mr. Stuffed Animal Hater!!

Dustin: Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?

Devan: First off, I’m revoking your access to our apartment! Give me back your copy of our apartment key!

Dustin: NO WAY!!

Devan: Do it, NOW!

Dustin: GRRRRR, Fine.

Devan: Say, you thristy?

Dustin: Yeah, I could use a nice drink.

Devan: I have one ready for you!

Devan: Take that!

Dustin: HEY!

Devan: HAHA! I hope I quenched your thirst!

Dustin: Why did you do that?!

Devan: You said you were thirsty and I thought I could cool you off with this drink!

Devan: I HAVE HAD IT. Put them up!

Dustin: Oh, you wanna fight, huh? It’s on!

Devan: Blarffy, Drago, Dino, Scales, and Landon, shield your eyes! This is going to be ugly!

Landon: This, I gotta watch!

*fight begins*

Landon: This is going to be the fight of the century!

Scales: Dustin should’ve known better not to hit Devan’s Drago and Dino! Poor Devan, Drago, and Dino.

Devan: I WIN! That’s what you get for abusing my precious stuffed animals!

Dustin: Ow!!! That hurt!

Devan: Ow is right! You’re a menace to society!

Devan: I thought you were my friend! I trusted you, but today, you have violated that trust by abusing my stuffed animals! From this day on, you are NO LONGER my friend! You and I are ENEMIES! I never want to see you ever again! I’ll make sure my friends trash you for what you did!

Dustin: Enemies, huh? Okay, that’s fine. Your friends? Trash me? HA!

Devan: YES! Trash you! You do something like that, you deserved to be hated!


Dustin: Fine! I’ll go, but before I do, I’ll leave you with these remarks! You’re a STUPID big baby that does nothing but play with his stupid stuffed animals and toys! You’ll never get a girlfriend at this rate! Mark my words!

Devan: *GASPS*

Landon: *GASPS* You’ve roasted Devan. How could you?!

Devan: I’m a big baby?! I’ll never get a girlfriend?! *breaks down in tears*

Landon: You’ve done enough damage today! Get out now!! I’ll make sure the police arrest you for what you did!!!

Dustin: HMPH!!

*Dustin leaves*

Landon: Don’t listen to him, buddy. You’re an amazing person and there’s lots of people out there who love you and don’t mind that you play with kids toys! You will get a girlfriend! I know there’s someone out there who also loves playing with toys!

Devan: *sniffs* You think so?

Landon: Yeah. I guarantee it.

Devan: Landon, you’re one of my true friends. Thank you for all you do.

Landon: Not only I’m a big kid at heart like you, I’m caring and I never hurt anyone. I’ll call the Stuffed Animal Doctors and they’ll take a look at Drago and Dino!

Devan: Thanks, bro. You’re the best.

Landon: After I call the doctors, I’ll call the police to have Dustin arrested for what he did to Drago and Dino.

Devan: Please call them! He deserves to go to jail!

A few minutes later

Devan: Oh, Drago!!! My precious dragon! You’re covered with ripped seams! WAHHHH!!!! *cries*

Drago: Devan, I’m hurt from your so-called friend’s hits! This really hurts so much!

Devan: Please don’t die on me!!

Drago: I don’t know if I can live anymore. These bruises are so painful.

Devan: My favorite dinosaur!! Why must Dustin hurt you, Dino?! WHY?! *cries*

Dino: He must have some personal problem. Ouch. His hits were so heavy, I’m feeling pain everywhere!

Devan: Now that you mentioned it, he’s been acting strange in the past few weeks. Hopefully I can find out what’s wrong with him.

Dino: I hope you and Landon will get a doctor to help me and Drago recover.

Devan: Landon’s calling the Stuffed Animal Doctors. They specialize in the stuffed animal care.

Dino: That’s good. I don’t want to die right now. 

Devan: I don’t want you to die. You’re one of the best stuffed animals I’ve ever played with.

Devan: Blarffy!! I was worried about you! Thank god Dustin didn’t hit you!

Blarffy: He knew that I was too sweet to be hurt.

Devan: I forgot that he knew you! Well, I’m happy that you came out unscathed.

Blarffy: Poor Drago and Dino. How dare Dustin take his anger at them! Good thing you denounced that friendship with him!

A few minutes later

Landon: I called the Stuffed Animal Doctors. They’ll be here tomorrow morning. Now, I want you to calm down. I know how you are upset from seeing Drago and Dino get hurt.

Devan: I will. By the way, did you call the police too?

Landon: Yup! They’ll be heading to Dustin’s place to arrest him.

Devan: I find it weird that Dustin didn’t even notice Scales.

Landon: It is so weird! Maybe secretly he decided not to hit Scales?


Medicine Man Matt: Hello! We’re the Stuffed Animal Doctors! Now, who are our patients?

Devan: My Drago and Dino.

Shirley: Could you please tell me what’s wrong with them?

Devan: Drago and Dino have suffered a lot of abuse from my ex-friend yesterday. He hit them nonstop.

Shirley: *GASPS*

Devan: It’s true.

Shirley: That’s horrifying! Whoever did that to your stuffies should be arrested! What the hell was he thinking?!

Landon: He was arrested yesterday and he’ll be in jail for eternity.

Shirley: Good!

Medicine Man Matt: I can see both Drago and Dino have lots of ripped seams. Wow, your ex-friend really took his strength on them.

Shirley: *hugs Drago* There, there, Drago. It’s okay.

Drago: I can’t stop thinking about how abusive Devan’s ex-friend was towards us.

Shirley: Here’s a kiss to make you feel better, darling.

Drago: Thank you so much, Dr. Hines.

Shirley: Dino, relax. That big meanie is never coming back.

Dino: I don’t know about that. What if he snuck into Devan’s apartment and hit us again?

Shirley: Don’t worry. Nothing like that should happen. By the way, Devan, did you denounce your friendship with that so-called friend?

Devan: Yes I did.

Shirley: Good! You don’t want anyone like him in your life. Being aggressive to your stuffies is downright wrong! A true friend from a big kid’s point of view is one who not only is nice and caring to you, but also respects the fact you love your toys!

Devan: True!

Shirley: Drago and Dino, everything is going to be okay.

After the doctors took care of Drago and Dino

Medicine Man Matt: We’ve done well enough to have Devan’s stuffed animals show their happy eyes.

Shirley: We make a great team, Matt!

Minuter later

Shirley: Now they’re still recovered from the trauma, give them time.  They need lots of hugs and kisses. Don’t mention anything about yesterday’s trauma. Got it?

Devan: Yes!

Medicine Man Matt: Today’s visit will cost you 8000 Simoleons.

Devan: I’ll use my credit card for this.

After paying the bill

Shirley: Thank you for your payment.

Devan: Thank you so much for treating my stuffed animals. You guys are amazing!

Landon: You’re our heroes!

Shirley: That’s what we’re here for! To make sure all the stuffed animals in the world are healthy and happy! Well, it’s best that we head back to our office. Take care!

Medicine Man Matt: Remember, stuffed animals are our friends. Don’t treat them like compost! Take care and enjoy the rest of your day!

*Stuffed Animal Doctors leave*

Landon: I’m glad the Stuffed Animal Doctors came and healed your Drago and Dino! Are you happy now?

Devan: I’m glad Drago and Dino are feeling better, but I’m still upset.

Landon: Upset? What are you upset about?

Devan: That traitor of a friend changed a lot.

Landon: What about him that has changed?


Funny enough, even Devan’s father hated Dustin. Probably the news about Dustin’s crime has gone live and that made him hate Dustin. 😛

D/N: My apologies for ending Season 2 in a horrible, sad way and on a cliffhanger! I’ll admit that I’ve shed tears as I planned and wrote this episode. This episode is intended to spread an important message regarding stuffed animal abuse. Please take the time to read it.

On the bright side, we made to two compete seasons! Get ready for Season 3 as there will be lots of fun! See you in Season 3!

Important Message Regarding Stuffed Animal Abuse

Over the past months, I’ve started paying attention to how the stuffed animals are being treated in other Simmers’ games and stories and I’ve seen lots of Sims taking their anger towards them, both physically and verbally. Seeing something like that crushed my heart! The stuffed animals are there for you when you’re upset, when you want to share secrets, and they would never lie. It’s also wrong for the Sims to yell at them! The stuffed animals didn’t do anything wrong! Why would one yell at an innocent stuffed animal? If your Sim(s) are angry, have them calm down in front of a mirror, do an angry painting, or punch a punching bag, NOT hitting or being mean to the stuffed animals. Please make sure your Sims don’t hurt these cute stuffed animals physically and verbally. Let’s work together and raise awareness about stuffed animal abuse!!

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5 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 34: A Lost Friendship (Season Finale)

  1. Aw. I love your public message announcement at the end… and the warning at the beginning . And this chapter was AWESOME ! It was so dramatic , and I felt all the emotions !

    After all, from a programming perspective , stuffies are digital objects , too ! And you’ve demonstrated that they also have feelings ! So they deserve as much respect as any digital object !

    Regarding childish Sims and romance , I’ve got a childish Sim who’s always playing with toys in my Pen Pal Project , and I was thinking he’d never get a girlfriend , but he met an awesome cute woman who’s also childish. They became best friends immediately , and now they’re sweet hearts . There’s some Sim for every Sim!

    Really great chapter ! So exciting and such a great message !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this episode and you felt the emotions! That’s what I want every reader to do while reading.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on childish Sims! At the beginning, I assured Devan will get a girlfriend. However, there are people out there who told him he never get one and he tends to take that for granted, making him upset. In regards to stuffed animals, not many people see the Sims cry on the stuffed animals and then blow their nose on the stuffed animals’ arms. So sad. 😦

      I made Shirley from the Thoreau Legacy as one of the Stuffed Animal Doctors because of her childish trait and her magic to make every stuffed animal happy.

      The poor soul. I feel bad for doing this to Devan. His life has changed dramatically because of this. We’ll see what caused Dustin’s personality change in beginning of Season 3.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Medicine Man Matt hasn’t been around much, so I decided to include him and Shirley from the Thoreau Legacy in this. Missed him so much. I’m glad to hear that you’re happy to see him.

      You’re right about Dustin. He used to be kind hearted until now. He’s never committed a crime and he’s never been that extreme before. You’ll see what caused him to change soon. Poor Devan. Poor Drago and Dino! 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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