Season 2 Episode 33: A New Friend for Drago!


Daniel: Guess what, Joseph?

Joseph: What?

Daniel: Alec has a surprise for me!

Joseph: He does?

Daniel: Yeah!

Joseph: I bet it’s a reward for your good grades!

Daniel: Probably. We’ll see.

5 PM

Alec: All right, bro! Are you ready for my surprise?

Daniel: YES, YES!!!

Alec: LOL! Okay then! I’ll be right back!

5 minutes later

Alec: Daniel, I’ve been so proud of your grades! I saw that you got all A’s! As a reward, I present to you a new friend for you and Drago! This is Blarffy, every child and big kid’s favorite teddy bear!

Drago: OMG, a new friend? YAY!!

Daniel: YAY!!! I get a teddy bear!! Hi, Blarffy! My name is Daniel!

Blarffy: It’s nice to meet you, Daniel! We’re going to have so much fun together!

Daniel: Thank you, Alec, for the gift!!

Alec: You’re welcome, Daniel! I know you’ve been begging me to get you and Drago a new friend and I’ve noticed that you really wanted a teddy bear!

Alec: What are you waiting for? Play with Blarffy!

Daniel: I will!

Alec: Have fun with Blarffy!

Drago: Hi, Blarffy! Welcome to the family! You’re going to have a blast with us!

Blarffy: I’m sure we will!

Daniel: Yes, we’re going to have lots of fun!

Daniel: Who’s a good bear? OH, who’s a good bear?

Blarffy: LOL!!

Daniel: Big hug for you, Blarffy!

Blarffy: You’re so sweet!

Daniel: Playing peekaboo is one of my favorite games to play with Drago!

Drago: Daniel’s so cute when he plays that game with me!

Blarffy: I’m smiling because you’re playing with me! I love you, Daniel!

Daniel: I love you too, Blarffy!

Daniel: Blarffy, will you take me to the Enchanted Forest?

Blarffy: I’d be more than happy to take you there!

Drago: I want to go too!!

Daniel: You can come too, Drago!

Drago: YAY!!!

Daniel: WEEEE!! WEEEE!! I’m having a blast with you!!!

Blarffy: I love it when you swing my arms!!!

Daniel: Where’s Blarffy? Oh where is he?

Daniel: FOUND YOU!!

Blarffy: LOL!!! Good job!!

Daniel: I’m so glad Alec got you! I’ve always wanted a teddy bear! Not just for me to play with, but as Drago’s friend too!

Blarffy: I’m happy to have become you and Drago’s friend!

Drago: Daniel really loves Blarffy! I’m so glad he’s part of the family!

Daniel: You’re so cuddly!!

Blarffy: I’m made with the finest and softest materials!!

Daniel: My friend, Devan, has a Blarffy too and his Blarffy is blue!

Blarffy: That’s so cool!!

Daniel: Watch out! Here comes the tickle train! Tickle, tickle, tickle!!

Blarffy: LOL!! That tickles!!!!!!!

Blarffy: I’m so glad to be here!! Daniel is such a great friend!

Drago: He sure is!

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