Season 2 Episode 32: Camping Trip Pt. 3


Joseph: Whoa!! Fire! Fire!! *blows out fire*

Colin: Careful there, Joseph!

Daniel: WHOA!!! *blows fire out*

Colin: Yikes!! *blows fire out*

Alec: AHHHHH! FIRE!!! *blows fire out*

Joseph: Today’s our last day here in Granite Falls! What do you want to do today?

Alec: First, let’s take a hike around here and the national park. After that, I’m going to take you to the Deep Woods.

Colin: I forgot to ask you, how were the Deep Woods?

Alec: Utterly fanastic! There’s a fishing spot and the hermit lives in the Deep Woods!

Colin: Awesome! Can’t wait to go there!

A few minutes later

Joseph: Butterflies! Better catch them.

Colin: According to my insect book, these are Jezebel Butterflies.

Joseph: They’re so beautiful!

Alec: Neat statue!!

Joseph: This is the Granite Falls mascot. I have a feeling I’m getting some idea for a wood sculpture.

Daniel: Mantes! I’m going to catch some!

Moments later

Alec: We’re here! The Deep Woods.

Joseph: It’s so gorgeous here!

Daniel: There are lots of cool views here!

Colin: It’s an amazing place!

Joseph: I see the fishing spot Alec mentioned! Let’s go fishing!

Joseph: Granite Falls is full of Red Crawdads!! At this rate, we’ll have enough to create lots of seafood gumbos!

Colin: Awesome! I got a Yellow Perch!

Alec: Yeah, buddy! I got a Red Crawdad!!

Colin: Nice work! I got myself a big salmon!!

Daniel: YAY!! I got a Mountain Lionfish!!

Alec: Whoa, a Rainbow Fish?! Neat!! I’ll mount this one and the next one I catch will go in our fish tanks!

Alec: Another Red Crawdad? Wow, Granite Falls’s rivers are full of them!!

After a nice round of fishing

Colin: These are some nice mushrooms!

Colin: Hmmmmm. I have no clue what kind of mushrooms these are.

Joseph: Hi! You must be the hermit!

Hermit: Hello, fair visitor!! My name is Madison and I live here in the Deep Woods.

Joseph: I heard of a neat herbalism recipe that we an learn! How do we get it?

Madison: The herbalism recipe you’re talking about is the Fungal Infusion Fertilizer. In order for you to learn it, you need to get to know me and become friends with me.

Joseph: Will do.

Joseph: I heard you grow lots of plants here!

Madison: Yes, I grow lots of plants here. My garden includes some rare crops such as blackberries. Feel free to harvest my garden.

Moments later

Colin: Joseph!!! It’s time to go home!!!

Joseph: Looks like our vacation is coming to a close.

Madison: It was so nice to meet you! Thank you for coming to the Deep Woods. *hugs Joseph*

Joseph: Same here! *hugs back*

Madison: Feel free to visit anytime!

Joseph: Can I get a picture with you?

Madison: Sure. Why not?

*takes selfie*

Joseph (thinking): That was the best vacation ever! Even though we didn’t catch the blue crawfish, which is rare, we had lots of fun fishing, telling stories, and collecting plants and insects. I got the opportunity to meet the hermit and she was really nice! I can’t wait to come back to Granite Falls! Hopefully I can become friends with her and learn that herbalism recipe!

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7 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 32: Camping Trip Pt. 3

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed their vacation in Granite Falls! I got Outdoor Retreat a few weeks ago. It was about time that I got the pack because not only most of your Simselves have clothes from the pack, but I wanted to have my Sims stargaze/cloudgaze together, catch the crawdads, yellow perch, walleyes, lionfish and insects, and of course, send them on vacation to Granite Falls. It’s a fun pack. 🙂


  1. They sure did have a great time. And you know I just learned about that secret recipe for the fertilizer a few days ago. I knew but all the rest of them but I’ve never heard of that one before it’s a good one from what I understand.

    Liked by 1 person

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