Season 2 Episode 31: Camping Trip Pt. 2


Daniel: Ah, it’s the second day of our vacation in Granite Falls!

Joseph: UGH!! This bed’s mattress is so hard and brittle!! My back hurts so much! Better get changed and get some breakfast.

After breakfast

Colin: We’re here at the Granite Falls National Park.

Joseph: Let’s start by fishing at the river down there!

Alec: Great idea! Let’s get going!

Alec: This area is so beautiful!

Joseph: I see a pretty rainbow!!

Alec: Yes!! I got a salmon!!

Daniel: I got a beautiful Yellow Perch!!

Colin: Got a chest! I wonder what’s inside.

*opens chest*

Colin: I got a sage! I’ll plant it along with the elderberries, noxious elderberries, and chamomiles at the community garden.

Joseph: I GOT A RED CRAWDAD!!!!!

Alec: Sweet, Joseph!

Joseph: I’ll mount this one and the next one I catch, I’ll put it in our fish tanks.

Colin: Sounds like a neat idea! I just hope it won’t hurt the other fish.

Minutes later

Alec: These are some neat-looking leaves.

Alec: Looks like these are fireleaves. These are poisonous, so I better be careful.

Alec: Oooh, these are mantes! Better catch them before they go away!


Alec: We’re having some healthy, grilled fruit for lunch!

Alec: Mmmmm. This is so good!

Joseph: Ah, the best!

After lunch

Alec: Whoa, a tunnel! I wonder if this will lead me to a secret area!

After traveling through the tunnel

Alec: Ah, this is the Deep Woods, where the hermit leaves.

Alec: This is the fishing spot where the Mountain Lionfish and Blue Crawdads are.

Alec: Oh yeah!! I got a Mountain Lionfish!

Alec: I got a Red Crawdad!! Granite Falls is a great place to fish!

Later that night

Alec: I hope you’re in the mood for a ghost story!

Colin: We all are! Right, Daniel and Joseph?

Daniel: Yeah! I love ghost stories!

Joseph: Same here!

Alec: Glad to hear that! Tonight’s ghost story is about a sobbing woman.

After the ghost story

Colin: That was a spooky story!

Daniel: Bro, you’re a great storyteller!

Joseph: There’s a TV inside our cabin. Want to watch a movie?

Daniel: Sure! Can I pick the movie?

Joseph: What movie shall we watch?

Daniel: How about Lost Dog’s Journey Home?

Alec: Nice choice! Let’s go inside and watch Lost Dog’s Journey Home!

After the movie

Colin: What a great movie that was!

Alec: The best!

Joseph: This gets five stars from me!

Daniel: One of a kind!

Colin: Let’s all get ready for bed! Tomorrow is our last day here in Granite Falls!

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4 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 31: Camping Trip Pt. 2

      1. But to get the rainbow fish that one’s really crazy hard to catch I thought you could only get that wood in Sylvan grade but I would have to work harder at the hermits hut

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