Season 2 Episode 30: Camping Trip Pt. 1


Alec: Boys, here we are in Granite Falls!

Colin: Since Daniel and Joseph don’t have school today because of a teacher work day, we thought it would be nice to have them spend their three day weekend with us here in Granite Falls.

Daniel: I’ve always wanted to check out Granite Falls.

Joseph: Same here.

A few minutes later

Joseph: Let’s play some horseshoes! I’ll go first.

*throws horseshoe and lands near stake*

Joseph: All right! I got my horseshoe near the stake!

Alec: My turn! Let me how far close I can get to Joseph’s horseshoe.

Alec: Not bad. My horseshoe came near Joseph’s horseshoe.

Colin: My turn! Hope I get a nice one!

*horseshoe lands out of court*

Colin: Whoops! Looks like I get no points.

Several rounds later

Joseph: This is the final round. Hope I get it!

*throws horseshoe and lands out of court*

Joseph: Really? Gosh.

Colin: Well, I didn’t keep score because we’re playing just for fun!

Alec: Having fun is what matters!

Colin: Now I’ll go out and take a hike around the area.  I’ll be right back!

Alec: Okay! I’ll just look around here.

Joseph: Daniel and I will be fishing!

Colin: Wow, a bush with these little berries. I’ll attempt to taste it and identify it.

Colin: Hmmmmm. I have no idea. Let me get my book of plants and figure it out from there.

*gets book and looks up berry*

Colin: Aha! Looks like I got elderberries. Nice.

Alec: All right! I got a Surfer Leaf Frog from this log!

Colin: According to my plants guide, these are also elderberries.

Joseph: Hoepfully we can catch some new fish! I’m getting tried of catching just perches, minnows, and bass.

Daniel: I heard there are some special fish that can be only caught here.

Joseph: Really?

Daniel: Yeah. They’re the Walleyes, Yellow Perches, Red Crawdads, Blue Crawdads, and Mountain Lionfish.

Joseph: Nice! We’re here for 3 days. Let’s make it a goal and see if can catch all of these fish before our vacation ends.

Daniel: Sounds like a neat plan!

A few minutes later

Joseph: Neat! I got a Walleye!

Daniel: Nice. man!

Joseph: Wow, a trout!

Daniel: Let’s save our catches because we’re going to have roasted fish for lunch!

Alec: This looks like the best place to fish, right, Colin?

Colin: I agree with you, my friend! Man, there’s lot of fish in the water!

Alec: Oh yeah! I got a Yellow Perch!

Colin: Nice! It’s a pretty fish!

Daniel: Got myself a bass and it’s big!

After fishing

Colin: Okay, boys, I’ve started a fire! Time to roast some fish for lunch!

Alec: Mmm!! So tender and fresh! It’s best to eat fish fresh from the fishing spots!

Daniel: You’re right, bro! Mmmmm. Not only it smells so good, it also tastes delicious!


Colin: The air is so fresh and crispy! I say after lunch, we do more exploring!

Joseph: Yeah! I can’t wait to find some insects, fish more, and collect gems and fossils!

Daniel: OMG, these annoying mosquitoes!!

After lunch

Colin: Let me attempt to identify this plant without the assistance of my plants guide.

*successfully identifies plant*

Colin: Oh brother! This is noxious elderberry! I should’ve thought twice before I put that in my mouth!

Colin: Let’s see if I can get a gem from this.

*discovers that he got a treasure map*

Colin: Awesome! I got a treasure map! Hopefully I can get some rare treasures!

Colin: Wow, these flowers are pretty! Let me pick some.

Colin: It looks like these are chamomiles.

Later that night

Alec: I’ll add some fuel to this fireplace because Colin has a nice story to tell us!

Colin: Yup! I have an exciting story to share with you all!

Colin: Okay, tonight’s story will be about an enchanted snake!

Daniel: Yay! A snake story!

After the story

Colin: That’s the end. What do you think?

Joseph: Your story was out of this world!

Daniel: Awesome story, man!

Alec: You’re an amazing storyteller, Colin!

Alec: It’s kind of chilly here.

Joseph: I’ll add more fuel to the fire.

*Fire gets bigger*

Daniel: Good! Let’s hang out here for a bit.

Colin: Let’s see what constellations are in the sky tonight.

Daniel: Look over there! Is that Ursa Major?

Alec: It looks a giant bear, so yes it’s Ursa Major.

Joseph: I see the Big Dipper!

Colin: It’s so nice to be out here stargazing! It gets us so inspired.

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