Season 2 Episode 29: Mission A.M.B.R.O.S.I.A


Alec: The hunt for the ambrosia ingredients begins!! Here we are in Oasis Springs! I read that a cherry tree controls behind this art club hangout!

Joseph: I’ll get the cherries!

Joseph: Got some cherries!!

Alec: We’ll be digging these rocks!

20 minutes later

Alec: Got the lilies behind the Umbrage Manor house! When this and snapdragon are grafted together, they’ll make orchid!

Colin: Alec, the snapdragons can be found behind the Garden Essence house, where the BFF household lives.

Daniel: Check out this funny video, man!

20 minutes later

Colin: Found the snapdragons! There are also come chrysanthemums growing here too! I’ll grab some of those too.

Alec: Great! We got lilies, snapdragons, cherries, and apples. The apples came from the seed packets we got in the mail.

Daniel: I guess it’s time to head to the community garden.

At the community garden

Colin: I’ll plant and water these plants.

A few minutes later

Alec: Sweet! I got a bite!

Alec: Oh yeah! I got myself a big tuna!!

Colin: Nice! I got a Cichlid!

Midnight strikes

Joseph: Cool! I got a Cichlid too!

Alec: Still no angelfish! Well, let’s call it a night and come back tomorrow night!

Colin: Okay!

Tuesday night

Alec: *GASP* Guys!! I got an angelfish!!

Colin: Sweet, my friend!!

Alec: Remember, we’re creating two ambrosias! So, we need one more angelfish!

Joseph: Nice! I got a perch!

Colin: Good job, Joseph!!

A few moments later

Alec: All right, I got a pufferfish!

Daniel: Be careful, bro! They have sharp spikes!!

Joseph: I got a pufferfish too!!

Alec: This is so nice! Four gentlemen fishing at night.

Daniel: Doesn’t get any better than this!

Alec: Yo!! I got another angelfish!! I’m on a roll tonight!

Daniel: We got 2 angelfish! Let’s head one and put them in some fishbowls!

Back at the apartment

Alec: YUCK! This trash chute is so smelly!! I better push all the trash inside!

20 minutes later

Alec: Okay! These two angelfish are in their fishbowls.  Better hope they don’t get stinky when it’s time to make the ambrosias.

Colin: Let’s hope not.

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4 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 29: Mission A.M.B.R.O.S.I.A

    1. Yes, you have to splice plants. To get pomegranate, you need to graft cherry to apple. To get orchid, you need to graft lily to snapdragon. Once you have these plants, graft them together to get the death flower.

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