Season 2 Episode 28: A Trip to the Library


Colin: Okay boys! Today, we’ll be spending the day at the library researching some info on the ambrosia recipe!

Alec: Let’s get going!

Daniel: I hope they have stuffed animals in there! If they do, I want to play with them!

Mr. Dragon: I hear footsteps!

Sir Carnivore: You’re right, Mr. Dragon! Maybe someone is coming up to play with us!

Mr. Dragon: I can’t wait to play with him or her!

Colin: This website has the ambrosia recipe! Now to go view it!

Daniel: Hello!

Sir Carnivore and Mr. Dragon: Hello!! What’s your name?

Daniel: My name is Daniel! What is yours?

Sir Carnivore: I’m Sir Carnivore! I love eating meat!

Daniel: My friend, Devan, has a blue Dino and he loves him!

Sir Carnivore: That’s cool!

Mr. Dragon: My name is Mr. Dragon! I love breathing fire and flying!

Daniel: I have a red Drago and Devan has a blue Drago!

Mr. Dragon: Nice to hear about your dragon friends!

Joseph: This book is about the ambrosia and its origins.

Alec: I’m going to type up where we can find each of the ingredients for the ambrosia on this document.

Daniel: Big hugs for you, Mr. Dragon!

Mr. Dragon: You’re so sweet, my friend!

Joseph: So the ambrosia is the Greek gods’ food and it grants longevity for those to eat it. Interesting!

Daniel: My brother and friends are here to research the ambrosia recipe.

Mr. Dragon: Cool! Who is the ambrosia for?

Daniel: My parents! They’ve died from being poisoned after eating bad quality pufferfish nigiri!

Mr. Dragon: Oh my, that sounds horrible! Well, I wish you guys good luck to getting the ambrosia ingredients!!

Colin: This book has all the fish in the world and it’s so useful! It lists the locations where you can find them and their rarity.

Mr. Dragon: Your presence make us happy!

Daniel: I’m glad to be here playing with you two!!

Daniel: A big kiss for you, Mr. Dragon! *kisses Mr. Dragon*

Mr. Dragon: When kids and big kids at heart come to play with us, it makes us so happy!

Daniel: Now to play with Sir Carnivore!

Sir Carnivore: Yay!!!

Daniel: Good dinosaur!!

Daniel: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I love playing with stuffed animals!!

Daniel: *kisses Sir Carnivore*

Sir Carnivore: You’re so sweet!

Pammiechick: ♪Hello!♪

Joseph: OMG, it’s the famous Pammiechick!!!!!!

Pammiechick: Yup! The one and only! What brings you here on a lovely Sunday?

Joseph: My older brother, the Foster Brothers, and I are doing research on the ambrosia recipe. We’re going to create two ambrosias to bring the Foster Brothers’ parents back to life!

Pammiechick: Cool!! I wish you boys good luck!

Daniel: Is it okay if I bring you home with me?

Sir Carnivore: Sorry, you can’t! Mr. Dragon and I would love to live with you, but the library is our home.

Mr. Dragon: Yes, the library is our home! Besides, you have a stuffed animal to talk to and play with! You can always come back and visit us!

Daniel: You’re right! I have my red Drago to talk to and I can always come back and visit you!

Daniel: According to this website, the Potion of Youth can be acquired from the rewards store for 1000 aspiration points. Better work on those whims!

Daniel: You’re so cuddly, Sir Carnivore!!

Sir Carnivore: You know it, my friend! We stuffed animals are made with the softest and finest materials!

Daniel: Now to give you two big kisses! Starting with you, Sir Carnivore!

Daniel: Finally, Mr. Dragon!

Colin: Okay, to be skilled enough to cook the ambrosia, you need to have maxed out cooking and gourmet cooking skills. Looks like either me or Alec has to work on them.

Alec: Okay, the angelfish can be found in only Willow Creek rivers!

Joseph: Do we need a high fishing skill to get one?

Alec: No need to! However, these are uncommon, so it will take a lot of patience to find one! Remember, we need two for two ambrosias.

Daniel: HUGS!!!!

Sir Carnivore: You’re the best! Hugs!!

Daniel: Woo-hoo!!

Sir Carnivore: I love it when you swing my arms!

30 minutes later

Daniel: I better go now! My friends and brother are calling me!

Sir Carnivore: It was nice to meet you and thank you for hanging out with us!

Mr. Dragon: Like I said earlier, you’re more than welcome to come visit us!

Daniel: I will! Bye, guys!!

Sir Carnivore and Mr. Dragon: Bye!!


Community Book Lounge by Lindzkinz

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5 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 28: A Trip to the Library

    1. Thanks for reading! Daniel just came to the library just to play with stuffed animals while the others did the research. I interspersed the research and playtime scenes so I can show what’s going on between Daniel and the other boys. Glad you loved that. I know the legacy rules disallowed us to use ambrosia to resurrect a dead Sim. I haven’t had the chance to make it and this story gave me the chance to do so because the Foster Brothers’ parents have died before the series began and the boys wanted their parents back alive.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I am playing the Murkland challenge and we have lots of them dying by bad pufferfish … if I get the first challenge completed in time I plan to work on the side challenge of learning how to make ambrosia. I have the fish are ready but now I have to garden and learn to cook up to level 10

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yikes! That’s scary. Thankfully, I haven’t had a pufferfish death in the game YET. According to Alec and Daniel’s backstory, their parents died from being poisoned after eating bad quality pufferfish nigiri.

      Catching the angelfish required lots of patience, but I’m glad I got them. I’m with you where I’m working on the boys’ gardening and cooking skills. I’m doing all the gardening and cooking skill building off camera. I wish you good luck on working on that ambrosia once you get to it!

      Liked by 1 person

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