Season 2 Episode 27: Special Visitors


Twila: All right, Kelly-Ann. We’re here at the Alto Apartments, where the Foster and Saupe Brothers live.

Kelly: I can’t wait to see the boys again!

Twila: Same here. Well, let’s knock on their door. Hopefully they’re home.

Inside the apartment

Twila: My, my! What a beautiful apartment! It’s so huge!

Kelly-Ann: Hey, they have a fish tank! Sadly, there’s no fish in it.

Alec: *GASP* The Lefebvre Sisters?!

Colin: I can’t believe you girls are here! Welcome to our humble apartment!

Twila: Thank you, Alec and Colin, for the warm welcome!

Daniel: High five, Kelly-Ann! *high-fives Kelly-Ann*

Joseph: Hey, it’s Kelly-Ann! How have you been?

Daniel: Yeah, how are you?

Kelly-Ann: It’s going well. Going to classes and all.

Kelly-Ann: Check out my t-shirt! It has Jackson Day on it!

Joseph: Did you go to a Llama Kings concert?!

Kelly-Ann: Yeah! It was a few weeks ago.

Daniel: I wish I could go.

Joseph: Same here.

Kelly-Ann: I wish I could take you, but my BFF want to go badly and I had only 2 tickets. There’s always next time!

Twila: Boys, did you know that Kelly-Ann and I now live here in San Myshuno?

Colin: You do? Where?

Twila: In the Spice District!

Alec: Nice! That’s where the Spice Festival and Flea Market take place.

Noon strikes

Alec: Colin and I thought we could go out for some fun! What do you say?

Twila: Sure! Where are we going?

Alec: I want to check out this new museum in Willow Creek and then we’ll spend some time in Myshuno Meadows!

Twila: Sounds like a plan! Let’s go!

30 minutes later

Alec: Here we are at the Chinese Water Garden!

Twila: Wow! It’s so beautiful!

Colin: It’s humongous! I bet there are a lot of Chinese artifacts here!

Alec: Let’s go inside!

Alec: Twila, I see some chess tables! What do you say you and I do a chess match?

Twila: Sounds like a plan! Let’s do it!

Colin: I saw some easels! I’ll go paint some pictures!

Kelly-Ann: While our older siblings are off doing their things, what do you want to do around here?

Daniel: Good question! I guess appreciate all the good artifacts around here?

Joseph: Sounds like a plan!

A few minutes later

Daniel: *GASP* Are you Lisabee? THE Lisabee?

Kelly-Ann: The author of my favorite story, Prince and Snow Redux?

Lisa: Hello! Yes, I’m Lisabee, author of many stories such as Prince and Snow Redux and Snow White.

Joseph: It’s so exciting to meet a famous author!

Lisa: Awww, you guys are so sweet. I love writing Sim stories!

Joseph: It’s like your passion!

Lisa: I’m currently writing a Murkland Challenge story! Have you guys check it out yet?

Daniel: I did! It sounds like a fun challenge!

Kelly-Ann: Me too! You write so well, Lisa!

Joseph: Me three! It’s an amazing story!

Lisa: Awwww, thank you! This fun challenge was developed by Brennachan. Some day, you should give it a try!

Alec: I beat you!

Twila: No way!!

Colin: This rabbit painting looks so nice!

Joseph: We’re in high school and yesterday, we had pep rally!

Kelly-Ann: Yes, we did and it was the best pep rally ever!

Lisa: It is? I would love to hear all about it.

After telling the story

Joseph: That’s how the pep rally went.

Lisa: Wow. That sounded like fun!

Daniel: Yup! A rock star coming to our pep rally was the best part!

Kelly-Ann: Agreed! We normally don’t get celebrities to come to our school!

Kelly-Ann: Lisa?

Lisa: Yes?

Kelly-Ann: I want to start a story blog! Do you have any tips you can offer?

Lisa: Yes I do! Remember to be creative and follow your own story style! If you have a writer’s block, take a break and do something else like go for a walk or read!


Joseph: We want selfies with you!

Daniel: Yeah! Selfies with Lisa!

Lisa: Oh that would be nice!

Kelly-Ann: Lisa, I went to a Llama Kings concert a few weeks ago! I took lots of pictures! Want to see?

Lisa: Sure!!

Daniel: It was so cool to meet Lisa!

Joseph: Lisa is so nice and amazing!

Lisa: Wow! Jackson Day looks so handsome!!

Kelly-Ann: Jackson Day is from Day and Knight by pammiechick!

Lisa: I heard of the story, but haven’t had the chance to read it.

Kelly-Ann: You should! It’s an amazing story!!

1 hour later

Twila: Kelly-Ann!! It’s time to go!

Kelly-Ann: My older sister’s calling me! It’s time for me to go. It was nice meeting you!

Lisa: It was nice meeting you and your friends! Take care!

Kelly-Ann: You too!

30 minutes later

Alec: Here we are at Myshuno Meadows, the city’s center park.

Twila: So beautiful!

Joseph: Hey, guys! I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat!

Daniel: Me too!

Colin: Same here! Twila and Kelly-Ann, here in the city, you get a chance to eat all kinds of food from all around the world.

Kelly-Ann: Really? I can’t wait to try them!

Twila: I’ve ordered a bowl of Pho and Kelly-Ann ordered a Banh Mi sandwich.

Alec: Careful with the chopsticks! When I first used them, it was hard to pick up the food with them!

Twila: I’ll try my best to eat with chopsticks. Mmmmm. This is delicious and spicy!

Kelly-Ann: This sandwich is so scrumptious!

Joseph: This Sweet and Sour Eggplant is so good!

Daniel: Ugh, not again! I dropped a piece of Sweet and Sour Pork on the floor!

Twila: WOW!! THIS IS SPICY!!!!!

Colin: I think I got the hang of chopsticks! Yum! The Mapo Tofu With Pork is so delicious!

Colin: OMG!!! THIS IS HOT!!!!!!!!!

Twila: I love this Pho!! It’s spicy and delicious at the same time!!

Kelly-Ann: I’ll definitely give that a try next time!

A few minutes later

Alec: The weather is so nice for us to go fishing!

Twila: I agree with you, Alec! It’s so nice and cool.

Joseph: What a great time for us to go fishing!

Daniel: I think I got something! Hope it doesn’t go away!

Colin: NEAT! I got a nice tuna!!

Twila: Yay!! Way to go, Colin!!!

Alec: Hey, I thought a nice fish was on my line!

Colin: Hey, I got a goldfish!! This will go in our fish tanks back at our apartment!

Twila: Today was a blast! I couldn’t thank you boys enough for it!

Alec: No prob! I’m so glad that I got to see you and Kelly-Ann!

Colin: Even better, you guys are living here in San Myshuno!

Twila: We moved to San Myshuno because I got a job here as an arts critic!

Colin: That’s a sweet job and it suits you well!

Alec: You’ll write the most amazing reviews on the music performances!

Twila: Thank you boys!

Kelly-Ann: Cool! I got a nice goldfish!

Joseph: I’m so glad that you and Twila stopped by and hanged out with us!

Kelly-Ann: We had so much fun today and I can’t wait to hang out with you boys again!


Chinese Water Garden by TheGreatSimphony

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5 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 27: Special Visitors

    1. I agree with you that it was so much fun! The lot I chose for them to visit was so beautiful! I replaced all the buildings in the Oasis Springs and Willow Creek Commercial districts with some new buildings to spice up the story a bit.

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    1. I put more of our Simselves in this save, so that you all can get a guest appearance in my story. You were at the water gardens and I decided to have the teens chat you up while their older siblings are doing their own things. Tbh, they really loved you and of course, your stories are fun to read! 🙂

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