Season 2 Episode 26: Humor and Hijinks Festival


Landon: Hey, Scales!

Scales: My best buddy, Landon! Did you sleep well last night?

Landon: I sure did, bud! Guess what?

Scales: What?

Landon: Today’s the Humor and Hijinks Festival! It’s going to start at 5 PM and it’s going to take place at the Casbah Gallery in the Arts District!

Scales: That’s so cool! Hope you boys have a blast!

Landon: I’ll be upstairs playing some Sims! Be good, okay?

Scales: I’ll be good!

Landon: Got to love playing Sims Forever!

5 PM

Devan: Here we are, bro! The Humor and Hijinks Festival!

Landon: Wow! There’s lot of people here! I can’t wait to start having fun!

Landon: Come on, Devan! Let’s go!

Devan: Right behind you, man!

Landon: Which side should be pick?

Devan: Let’s join the Jokesters! We’re better at making jokes and being funny!

Landon: Agreed! #TeamJokesters

Devan: We join the Jokesters by drinking this light tea!

Devan: Oooooo, fireworks!

Landon: Hey, I’m glowing yellow!

Devan: That’s the cool effect of those festival teas!

Back at the apartment

Landon: WOW! What a fun night it was!

Devan: I agree with you, bro!

Devan: BLARFFY!!!!!!!

Blarffy: Hey, Devan! You guys are back! How was the festival?

Devan: It was amazing! We joined the Jokesters and we won! We got 500 Simoleons, fireworks, and a comedy microphone!

Blarffy: Your team won? Congratulations! Also, awesome prizes!!

Dino: Congrats!

Drago: Congratulations! You deserved those prizes!

Scales: Landon, you’re back! How was the festival?

Landon: It was a blast! We joined the Jokesters, did lots of funny interactions and jokes, and we won! We beat the Pranksters!

Scales: Congrats, you two!

Devan: Blarffy, you could come with us next time to one of the festivals!

Blarffy: Maybe next time!

Devan: Good Dino!! That’s a good Dino!!

Dino: LOL!!! I’m a good dinosaur! You can trust me!

Devan: Dino, please take me back to your friends’ house! I had so much fun that day and I really want to see Charlie, Greg, and Harvey again!

Dino: You’ll get tons of chances to visit them! They really loved you!

Drago: I love it when you swing my arms!

Landon: It’s so fun playing with you guys!

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6 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 26: Humor and Hijinks Festival

    1. You and Rory were part of the pranksters! I think it’s because of the mischief skill you two possess. Also, the outfits the game gave you two had me laughing for a while, especially CT’S outfit with the fast food worker hat. xD

      Liked by 1 person

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