Season 2 Episode 25: Welcome to San Myshuno, Landon!


Devan: Hey, guys! Guess what?

Blarffy, Drago, and Dino: What?

Devan: One of my best friends, Landon, is moving in today! He’s got a friend!

Blarffy: Is it a stuffed animal friend?

Devan: Yes it is! He’s got a green Drago named Scales!

Drago: Yay! A fellow dragon friend! I can’t wait to meet him!

2 PM

Devan: Landon! My bro!

Landon: Hey, Devan! It’s great to see you!

Devan: I see you got Scales beside you!

Landon: Yup! He’s my dragon buddy for life!

Devan: So, how was your journey to here?

Landon: Plane got delayed for 20 minutes, but other than that, it wasn’t that bad.

Devan: Well, I’m glad you got here! I can’t wait to introduce Scales to Blarffy, Drago, and Dino!

Landon: I know Scales is going to love meeting them!

Devan: Hi, Scales! It’s nice to see you again!!

Scales: Hello, Devan! Long time no see!

Devan: I’m going to introduce you to my stuffed animal friends!

Scales: Oh boy! I can’t wait to meet your stuffed animal friends!

Devan: Scales and Landon, meet Dino, Blarffy, and Drago! Dino, Blarffy, and Drago, meet Scales and Landon!

Landon: YAY! A fellow dragon friend for Scales, a cute teddy bear, and a cute dinosaur! You have an impressive collection of stuffed animals!

Blarffy: It’s nice to meet you, Scales! Welcome to the family! I hope you’ll enjoying having fun with us!

Drago: YES! A fellow dragon friend!

Dino: It’s nice to meet you, Scales! You and Landon are going to have a blast with me, Blarffy, Drago, and Devan!

Scales: Nice to meet you all! I can’t wait to have fun with you all!

Devan: Let’s play with our dragon friends! *pets Drago*

Landon: Yeah, let’s play with them! *kisses Scales*

Landon: Let’s play a fun game!

Scales: YAY!

Landon: Hmmmmmm. Where is Scales?

Landon: There he is!

Scales: You found me! Good job!

Devan: Good Drago!!

Drago: Hehehe!!

Landon: I love you so much, Scales!!

Scales: I love you too, Landon! Hugs!

Devan: Big dragon hugs for you, Drago!

Drago: I love you so much, Devan! You’re the best friend any dragon can ask for!

Devan: Where is Drago? I can’t find you!


Drago: YAY, you found me!

Landon: Tickle attack!!

Scales: HAHAHA! That tickles!

Landon: Your eyes changed!

Scales: I’m showing my happy eyes because you’re playing with me! You’re a very fun and great friend!

Landon: When I was a child, I used to think that was creepy, but now, I think it’s very cute!

Scales:  Our eyes change depend on how you guys treat us!

Devan: Drago, there are now two dragons in the family! How exciting is that?

Drago: It’s awesome! I can talk about other dragons and castles with Scales!

1 hour later

Landon: I want to play with Dino, Devan! May I play with him?

Devan: Yes, you may! I’ll play with Blarffy! *pets Blarffy*

Landon: Hi, Dino!!

Dino: Hey, Landon! Ready to play with me?

Landon: Yeah!

Landon: Guess who?

Dino: Who?

Landon: It’s me, Landon!! Found you, Dino!

Dino: LOL! This is such a fun game!

Devan: Where is Blarffy? Oh, where is he?

Devan: I FOUND YOU!!

Blarffy: YAY! You found me!

Landon: Dino?

Dino: Yes, Landon?

Landon: Not only do I love dragons, but I also love dinosaurs!

Dino: Oh, you’re so sweet!

Landon: Watch out Dino! Here comes the tickle train!! Tickle, tickle, tickle!


Devan: Big bear hugs for Blarffy!! I love you, Blarffy!

Blarffy: I love you too, Devan! Hugs!

 Devan: Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Blarffy: I’m having a blast with you all!!

10 minutes later

Landon: Hi, Blarffy! You’re a cute teddy bear!

Blarffy: Thank you!

Devan: Where is Scales? Where’s Landon’s best friend?


Scales: Good job!

Devan: That’s a good dragon!!

Landon: I also love teddy bears!! They’re as cute as dinosaurs and dragons!

Blarffy: LOL! We teddy bears are adorable and we’re made to love!

Devan: Big dragon tickles!! Tickle, tickle, tickle!!


Landon: Having fun with Scales, Devan?

Devan: Of course!! I never get tired with playing with these cute stuffed animals!!

Landon: Same here! I also never get tired of playing with stuffed animals!

8 PM

Devan: Here in the city, you get to buy food from the food stands!

Landon: So cool!! Say, can this line move faster? I’m hungry for a delicious cupcake!

Devan: Be patient. The line will move eventually.

Food Vendor: I got a Strawberry Fizzy cupcake!

Devan: That’s for me!

After getting the cupcakes

Devan: Yummy! These Strawberry Fizzy cupcakes are so good!!

Landon: Chocolate is my favorite! These Super Chocolate Tummer’s Bomb cupcakes are so sweet!

After eating the cupcakes

Landon: That was so good, bro! What other food stands are here in the city?

Devan: Lots! There’s Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, American, you name it! They have it!

Landon: Does it include Indian food?

Devan: Yup!

Landon: I’ve always wanted to try Indian food.

Devan: You’ll get a chance when we pass by one!


Devan: Let’s get ready for bed! Landon, your bed is next to the nightstand that has a green Drago figurine on it. Mine is the one next to the nightstand that has a blue Blarffy figurine on it.

Landon: Okay!

Devan: Before we do so, let’s give each of our stuffed animals good night kisses!

Landon: Sounds good!

Devan: Good night, Dino! *kisses Dino*

Dino: Good night, Devan! Sleep tight!

Devan: Good night, Blarffy, my best friend! *kisses Blarffy*

Blarffy: Good night, Devan! Sleep well!

Devan: Good night, Drago!! *kisses Drago*

Drago: Good night, Devan!! Love you!

Devan: Good night, Scales!! *kisses Scales*

Scales: Good night, Devan!!

Landon: Good night, Dino! Sleep tight! *kisses Dino*

Dino: Good night, Landon! It was a pleasure meeting you!

Landon: It was a pleasure meeting you too!

Landon: It was a pleasure to have met you, Blarffy!! Hope you have a good night sleep!! *kisses Blarffy*

Blarffy: You too! Good night!!

Landon: Good night, Drago! Sleep tight! *kisses Drago*

Dino: Good night, Landon! You have a good night!

Landon: Lastly, my best dragon buddy, Scales!! Good night! *kisses Scales*

Dino: Good night, Landon! Have a good night!

Landon: You too!

Devan: Good night, bro!

Landon: Good night, bro!

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