Season 2 Episode 24: Dino’s Friends


Dino: I hope Devan is up now. I can’t wait to take him to my friends’ house!

Blarffy: I hope you two have fun!

Drago: Do they have a grill at their place?

Dino: Yes they do.

Drago: Don’t forget to bring home some grilled meat!

Dino: LOL! Will do!

Devan: Good morning, Dino!! *kisses Dino*

Dino: Good morning, Devan!!

Devan: Good morning, Blarffy, my best friend!

Blarffy: Good morning, Devan! Hope you had a good night sleep!

Devan: I sure did!

Devan: Finally, good morning, Drago!

Drago: Good morning, Devan!

Dino: I hope you’re ready for today! I’m taking you to my friends’ house!

Devan: You are? Yippie!!!

Dino: First, we’ll have breakfast and then we’ll go!

Devan: OK!

30 minutes later

Dino: Here we are at my friends’ house!

Devan: OMG, this is so cool!

Dino: Oh, look! There are my friends!!

The Dino Trio: Dino!!

Dino: Hey, guys! I want you to meet my friend, Devan. Devan, meet the Dino Trio! The blue Dino is named Charlie, the green Dino is named Greg, and the orange Dino is named Harvey.

Devan: Yippie! It’s nice to meet you, Charlie, Greg, and Harvey! I want to give you three big hugs and kisses and play with you!

Dino: As you can see, Devan’s crazy about stuffed animals. He loves tickling, kissing, hugging, and petting us stuffed animals!

Devan: Big dinosaur hugs for you, Charlie! You’re so cuddly!

Charlie: Thanks for the hugs, Devan!

Devan: That’s a good dinosaur! Are you a good dinosaur? Yes, you are!

Charlie: LOL!

Devan: Dinosaur tickles for you! Tickle, tickle, tickle!!!


Devan: Weee!!! I’m having fun!!

Charlie: Woohoo!!!!

30 minutes later

Charlie: Hahaha! I’m a happy dinosaur!

Devan: That’s what I love doing! Playing with stuffed animals and making them smile!

Charlie: That’s really sweet of you!

Devan: Next up, Greg!!

Greg: Hey, Devan! Play with me!

Devan: I will! Wow, you’re in green! I love the color green!

Greg: I’m glad to hear that green is one of your favorite colors! 

Devan: Watch out! Here comes the tickle train!!! Tickle, tickle, tickle!!

Greg: HEHEHEHE!!! That tickles!!!

Devan: Yahoo!!! Weee!!!

Greg: I love it when you swing my arms!!

Devan: I enjoy it so much! It’s fun!

Devan: *kisses Greg*

Greg: You’re so sweet to give me a kiss!

Devan: You stuffed animals deserve HUGE love from me!!

Greg: You should be president of a stuffed animal club! That way, you can gather up your fellow stuffed animal lovers!!

Devan: Great idea!

Devan: Big dinosaur hugs for Harvey!!!

Harvey: You’re the sweetest person I have ever met!

Devan: Big dinosaur kisses for you!

Harvey: Awwww, thank you!

Devan: That’s a good dinosaur!!

Harvey: I always feel happy whenever someone pets me!

Devan: Lalalala!! I’m having the best day of my life with these cute dinosaurs!!

Dino: Wow, look at Devan having fun with my friends! Greg and Charlie have shown their happy eyes, which means they really love him! I know Harvey’s eyes will change soon to happy!

Devan: Hey, your eyes changed!

Harvey: You know why!

Devan: Yeah, it’s because I played with you and you love it!

Harvey: That’s right! If you guys play with your stuffed animals more, their happy eyes will show!

Devan: *kisses Harvey*

Harvey: You are amazing!

Devan: Tickle, tickle, tickle!!

Harvey: LOL!! That tickles!!

Charlie: We have a toy chest, just for children and big kids at heart! It contains lots of toys, mostly Theresa the Triceratops toys!

Devan: Cool! I found one and I’m going to play with it for a while!

1 hour later

Devan: Dinner time! We’re having hamburgers!

Devan: Let’s dig in, everyone!

Dino: YAY! Food!!

The Dino Trio: Thank you, Devan, for cooking dinner for all of us!

Charlie: I’m so grateful to have met Devan. He gave us lots of hugs, kisses, and tickles!

Greg: I agree with you, Charlie! He’s a fun friend!

Harvey: Dino, thank you for stopping by to hang out with us! We missed you a lot!

Dino: It’s great to be back with my fellow dinosaur friends!

Charlie: Besides Dino, do you have more stuffed animals?

Devan: I have a blue Blarffy, the teddy bear, and a blue Drago, the stuffed dragon.

Greg: Cool! You have lots of stuffed animal friends, don’t you?

Devan: LOL! You can say that again!

Charlie: Thank you so much for coming, Dino, and for introducing your friend to us!

Greg: We’re so glad we were able to catch up and have fun with you and Devan!

Harvey: Feel free to come back anytime!

Dino: It’s a pleasure to be back with you guys! Well, we must go now! Bye!

Devan: Bye, Charlie, Greg, and Harvey!

The Dino Trio: Bye, Dino and Devan!

Back at the apartment

Blarffy: You’re back! How was your day with Dino and his friends?

Drago: Tell us about it!

Devan: Dino has three friends, a blue Dino, a green Dino, and an orange Dino! The blue Dino’s name is Charlie, the green Dino is named Greg, and the orange Dino is named Harvey! I played with them, played with toys, and had dinner with them! It was fun-filled day!

Blarffy: We’re glad that you two had fun!!

Devan: For the rest of the night, I’ll be playing with you all! *kisses Dino*

Dino: YAY!!

Devan: LALALALA!!! You’re one of the best stuffed animals ever!!

Devan: Now it’s Drago’s turn! Weeeeeeee!!!

Drago: Woo-hoo!!

Devan: Time for some peekaboo!

Drago: YAY! Peekaboo!

Devan: There you are!!

Drago: LOL! You’re so cute playing that game with me!

Devan: I will never get tired of playing with you guys!! Weeeeee!!!

Blarffy: Woo-hoo!!

Devan: Remember what I said when I got you on my 3rd birthday?

Blarffy: What?

Devan: I promised that I’ll take good care of you and never let anybody hurt you!

Blarffy: That’s exactly what you’re doing! You’re a great friend!

Devan: Where is Blarffy? Oh, where is he?

Blarffy: You’re so cute playing peekaboo with me!

Devan: AHA! I see you!! Hahaha!

Blarffy: You found me! Good job!!

Time for bed!

Devan: Time for some goodnight kisses!! First, Dino! Good night, my favorite dinosaur! Thank you for a fun filled day!

Dino: You’re welcome! I’m so happy that you got the opportunity to meet my friends! Good night!

Devan: Big bear kisses for you, Blarffy! Good night!!

Blarffy: Good night, Devan! Sleep tight!

Devan: My favorite dragon! Have a good night!

Drago: You too!

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6 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 24: Dino’s Friends

    1. Agreed! I was so excited to write this episode because I remembered that Devan wanted Dino to take him on a prehistoric journey (soft of). Every episode starring Devan is full of cuteness and stuffed animals. 🙂

      It’s cute that the stuffed animals’ eyes can show their happy eyes. When I read SimLit and I see screenshots with stuffed animals in it, they always show their sad eyes and I feel so bad for them because they’ve been left alone.

      Liked by 2 people

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