Season 2 Episode 23: Dance Party!!


Hunter: Hey, Devan! Just wanted to remind you that tonight, we’re hosting a dance party at Neon Lights! Hope to see you there!

Devan: I can’t wait, bro! You guys host the most amazing parties!

6 PM

Hunter: Here are we are at Neon Lights!

Brett: Oh boy! It’s dancing time! Let’s dance everybody!

Inside the nightclub

Kristal: Hunter! Thank you, Hank, Dustin, and Brett for inviting me to the dance party! I’m having a blast!

Hunter: You’re very welcome, Kristal!


All: We are!!!

Hunter: Hey, are you Ethan McGregor? The Dance Master? AKA MrDanceMania on Simter and Simstagram?

Ethan: Yo! Yeah, I’m Ethan McGregor aka MrDanceMania on Simter and Simstagram!

Hunter: I’ve seen a lot of your dance videos and I’m quite impressed with them!

Ethan: Thanks, buddy! I appreciate the kind words!

Hunter: What do you say you and I do a dance battle?

Ethan: A dance battle? Sure! You’re on!

Hunter: Let’s do this!

Hunter: I’ll go first! Check out this move!

Ethan: What move would that be?

Hunter: The Jimmy Leg! I’ve been practicing this move for a while and I think I got the hang of it!

Ethan: *watches Hunter* All right! You got it!

Hunter: Woot!!

Ethan: Get ready to watch my moves!

Hunter: LOL!!! You failed the back flip!

Ethan: Oh, what a way to embarrass yourself in public.

Hunter: Sorry for laughing, but I couldn’t help myself.

Ethan: That’s fine. Well, you win this battle.

Hunter: I did? Woo-hoo!!

Ethan: I was impressed with your moves! Are you a professional dancer too?

Hunter: Nope. I’m a emerging game streamer. I just have been practicing my dance moves.

Ethan: That’s cool! Keep it up with your cool dance moves!

Dustin: Aaradhya! I’m so glad you made it! Are you having fun?

Aaradhya: Fun? Duh, of course! You boys host the most amazing parties!

Dustin: Thanks! After all, we’re the Party All the Day Boys.

Brett: Yo, it’s Ethan McGregor! What up, man?

Ethan: It’s so nice to run into fans! What’s your name, friend?

Brett: I’m Brett and I’m working to become an Internet sensation.

Ethan: Really? That’s awesome!

Brett: I’m a dance machine, which means I have mad dancing skills.

Ethan: You’re a dance machine like me? Sweet!

Brett: Back in school, I was a dancing sensation. Every time a cool song comes up, I get the spotlight and dance like crazy. Everyone would drop what they’re doing and cheer me on!

Ethan: I’m currently working on another dancing video. What do you say you star in it with me?

Brett: A video? With THE Ethan McGregor? This is an offer I wouldn’t give up! I accept!

Ethan: Awesome! I’ll let you when I’m ready to do it. Are you following me on Simter and Simstagram?

Brett: Yup!

Ethan: I’ll give you a follow back and I’ll PM you on Simter a date that should work out for you.

Brett: Sounds sweet! I can’t wait!

After the party

Dustin: Boys, the party was a success!

Hank: It sure was, man. Everyone was right to say that we host the most amazing parties.


Neon Lights by AndrewArcade

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4 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 23: Dance Party!!

    1. Me too! Every time I go to Discotheque Pan Europa (my favorite nightclub in Windenburg) or any nightclub in that matter, I see these three, Paolo, and Marcus there! It’s always nice to see the Windenburg locals popping up at the nightclubs. In this story, I treat Windenburg as a foreign country and when I see the Windenburg residents show up, I assume they came to San Myshuno and the other worlds on vacation.


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