Season 2 Episode 22: A Virtual-tastic Time


Amy: I’m so excited for today! We’re going to meet Virtualee!

Charlotte: That’s right! I can’t wait to get her autograph and spend the day with her!

Ramona: What are we going to do?

Amy: Let’s spend the day doing karaoke and hanging out at the Casbah Gallery.

Charlotte: Sounds like a plan!

1 hour later

Amy: Here we are in Willow Creek. I’ve read some Internet star news and I saw pictures of Virtualee’s house. This is her house. *points at house*

Charlotte: It’s a gorgeous house!

Ramona: Let’s knock on the door. Hopefully she’s home.

*knocks on door*

Virtualee: There’s a knock on my door. I wonder who’s there?

Virtualee: Welcome to my humble home! I’m Virtualee and it’s a pleasure to meet you!

Amy: Hi, Virtualee!! I’m Amy and these are my friends, Ramona and Charlotte!! I’m a big fan of your content!

Charlotte: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lee! Your Let’s Plays and stories are magnificent!

Ramona: I agree with Charlotte and Amy. You are the best storyteller and gamer in the world!

Virtualee: Awwwwwwwww, you’re so sweet!! Virtual Hugs for all! ❤

Amy: We come from the city of San Myshuno.

Virtualee: San Myshuno? I always want to explore the city!

Amy: I thought we could spend the day together, doing karaoke and hanging out at the arts center.

Virtualee: Great plan! Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go to San Myshuno!

30 minutes later

Amy: Here we are at Planet Honey Pop in the Fashion District! This is a karaoke bar and it’s one of San Myshuno’s hot spots!

Virtualee: It’s so beautiful!

Virtualee and Ramona: Wooooooo!!!!

Amy: Going to let my friends and followers know I’m here at Planet Honey Pop!

After the wonderful karaoke performance

Virtualee: Okay, girl! What song would you like to sing?

Amy: How about Fancy by Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX?

Virtualee: Nice choice! Let’s get singing!

Virtualee: You did wonderful, Amy!

Amy: You totally rocked, Lee!!

Virtualee: Awwwww, thanks! ❤

Amy: Charlotte and Ramona, want to sing some karaoke?

Ramona: I’m in! I love karaoke!

Charlotte: I would love to! Let’s go, Ramona!

Charlotte: What do you want to sing?

Ramona: Sleeping with the Telephone by Reba McEntire and Faith Hill!

Charlotte: Excellent choice! Let’s get singing!

10 minutes later

Virtualee: Where are we?

Charlotte: The Casbah Gallery in the Arts District.

Virtualee: It’s a beautiful place! Let’s go view some art!

Virtualee: I love this painting of the city at nighttime!

Charlotte: This colors used on this painting are vivid.

A few minutes later

Amy: OMG, are you Marketa? ThePlumbob? The author of the Bloomer Legacy?

ThePlumbob: Haha. The one and only!

Charlotte: Someone left this clay on the floor! I’m going to mold this into something!

Ramona: Ah, this is such a beautiful masterpiece.

Amy: I can’t tell you how much I love the Bloomers!

ThePlumbob: Awww, thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate it.

Amy: Also, congratulations on completing the story!

ThePlumbob: Thank you!

Moments later

Amy: Wow, are you Kyle Cooper? I’ve heard a lot about you!

Kyle: Hahaha. Yes, I’m THE Kyle Cooper, famous comedian and guitarist!

Amy: I adore your guitar performances!

Kyle: Thanks! It makes me happy to hear that!

Amy: The famous Diego Lobo did a review on your guitar performance. Did you see it?

Kyle: I did see it and man, he wrote a positive review on it.

Amy: He sure did! By the way, I did a review on some of your guitar performances and shared it with my friends and followers!

Kyle: Cool!

Amy: Want to see?

Kyle: Yes! I would love to see what you thought about my guitar performances!

After showing the review

Amy: Your performance earns an 5 star rating from me!

Kyle: Gee, I’m so happy right now! Everyone loves my performances!

Amy: If someone out there doesn’t like your performances, there’s something wrong with that person!

Kyle: Have you seen my friend, Hector, perform?

Amy: I think I have! He’s as impressive as you!

Kyle: Hector’s going to be so pleased when he hears that!

Amy: How long have you been playing the guitar?

Kyle: Since the 6th grade. My father is a country singer and he has given me lots of guitar lessons.

Amy: I’m currently working to become a famous Internet personality!

Kyle: Wow, that’s cool!

Amy: Anjee!!

*takes selfie*

Amy: We look fabulous, don’t we?

Kyle: We sure do!

One hour later

Virtualee: I’m spray painting some graffiti art. Want to help?

Amy: Sure! Let’s paint away!

Amy (thinking): Today was a fun day with the amazing Virtualee. We sang karaoke and hung out at the Casbah Gallery. The girls and I can’t wait to hang out with her again and next time, we’ll take her to a festival.

Songs Featured

Fancy by Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX (listen on YouTube)

Sleeping with the Telephone by Reba Mcentire and Faith Hill (listen on YouTube)

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