Season 2 Episode 21: Catching Up

A week later……


Amy: Good morning, San Myshuno! I wonder what’s in today’s Simter feed. Let’s see. Devan’s having his usual fun with his stuffed animals, the Fengs are on a business trip, and Diego just published his latest review on Kyle Cooper’s guitar performance.

Charlotte: Good morning, Amy. What are our plans for the today?

Amy: We’ll take care of our stores. After that, each of us will go get a haircut and some new clothes!

Charlotte: Sounds like a plan! I’m in the need for some new clothes and haircut.

Amy: I saw this beautiful haircut that Colette Rosebrook from CitizenErased14’s Ashes to Ashes had in her YA years and I thought it would be perfect for me!

Charlotte: Lettie? I love her! I’m sure that hairstyle will look great on you!

Amy: It will!

Ramona: I heard something about shopping and a haircut.

Amy: That’s right! Does that sound good to you?

Ramona: Of course! I’ve always wanted a change in my style.

4 PM

Amy: That was a great day! My store got a lot of customers and I got myself a new hairstyle and clothes. Now to go try them on in front of the new mirror I got for us.

Amy: This is a true city girl outfit.

Amy: This Spicy Curry Challenge T-shirt looks beautiful on me! It goes well with these shorts and sandals!

Amy: Would couldn’t resist such a beautiful printed dress like this?

Amy: Gotta dress in style during the summer, right?

Amy: Now this dress is perfect for a date and wedding!

Amy: Hmmmmm. Kristal Sims uploaded a new Let’s Play! Better check that out!

1 hr later

Charlotte: I’m back from a day at my art gallery and shopping. I love my new haircut and clothes!

Charlotte: I never seen this mirror before? Oh well, I’ll try out my new clothes in front of this mirror.

Charlotte: Love this set! This arm bracelet goes well with it!

Charlotte: Very classy, Charlotte. Very classy.

Amy: Hi, Charlotte! My goodness, you’re beautiful!

Charlotte: Thank you! So are you!

Amy: Did you notice that mirror? I brought it today and it was on sale. It used to be 100000 Simoleons and it’s now marked down to 5000 Simoleons.

Charlotte: It’s beautiful and sweet that you got a good deal on it!

Amy: I’ve been reading up and following a famous star named Virtualee.

Charlotte: I’ve heard of her! What about her?

Amy: I would love to meet her in person! What you say we pay her a visit?

Charlotte: Sounds like a plan. I can’t wait to meet her!

Amy: Same here!

Moments later

Ramona: This is one of my favorite dresses! I’m so glad I got it in my favorite color, pink.

Ramona: I know a lot of women love this set as well!

Ramona: When I walk down on the streets of San Myshuno in this outfit, a lot of boys will want to ask me out. A true city girl outfit.

Amy: Ramona’s back! Time to prepare Bhel Puri for dinner.

Ramona: Hi ladies! I love your new haircuts and clothes!

Amy: Thank you! I love your new haircut and outfit!

Charlotte: I agree with you, Amy! You’re so beautiful rocking that new haircut and outfit!

Ramona: Thanks, ladies! Wow, what are we having?

Amy: Bhel Puri. Heads up, it’s spicy.

Charlotte: Mmmmm. This is good!

Charlotte: AHHHHH! HOT, HOT, HOT!!

Amy: Woo!! Super hot!

Charlotte: Here I go again!!!!!!

Ramona: Geez Louise!! This is super spicy!!!

Amy: Even though we’re not spice hounds, we’re all chopstick savvy, right?

Ramona: Yup!

Charlotte: Right you are.

Ramona: HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte: There are people out there who are spice hounds already! Why can’t we be them?

Amy: Charlotte, it takes time. We just need to eat more spicy food.

Charlotte: Ramona, I’m not sure if you heard us, but we’re going to meet Virtualee tomorrow. How exciting is that?

Ramona: Wait, we’re going to meet Virtualee tomorrow?!

Amy: Yup!

Ramona: I love her stories and Let’s Plays!

After cleaning up

Ramona: We’re meeting Virtualee tomorrow! I can’t wait to get to know her and tell her how much I adore her content!

Charlotte: Better finish this painting for the gallery tomorrow.

Amy: I’ll spend the rest of the night playing games because why not?

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