Season 2 Episode 18: Makeovers


Emilia: We’re having Eggs and Toast for breakfast!

Claudia: Mmmmm. This is delicious!

Emilia: I’m glad you love it!

Claudia: I’m so happy that Evan and I are officially a couple.

Emilia: Again, congratulations!!! You two are going to have a wonderful future together!

Claudia: I was thinking today, we’ll get some makeovers! I’m in a need of a haircut and some new outfits.

Emilia: I was thinking the same thing too. Celia and I also need a makeover! I called Maricruz last night and she agreed to give us some new outfits and haircuts.

Claudia: I can’t wait!

20 minutes later

Maricruz: Ah, excellent. You made it just in time! Are you ready for your makeovers?

The Fashionistas: Yeah!

Maricruz: Follow me then!

Maricruz: Here’s the vanity table. Who wants to go first?

Claudia: I do!

Maricruz: Bueno. Have a seat.

Maricruz: Claudia, what length would you like your new hairstyle?

Claudia: Medium, please!

Maricruz: Here’s the Book of Wonderful Hairstyles. Please make a selection.

Claudia: I would love to try the Mid Wavy Bob hairstyle from the Backyard SP.

Maricruz: Wonderful choice! Ombre style or full color?

Claudia: Full color!

Maricruz: Coming right up!

2 hours later

Claudia: Wow, this hairstyle looks amazing! I love it! Thank you!

Maricruz: You’re welcome! I’m happy to hear that you love your new hairstyle! Who’s next?

Celia: Me!

Maricruz: Super! Have a seat!

Celia: I would love the same hairstyle as yours, Maricruz!

Maricruz: The Long Flipped Hairstyle from the Cool Kitchen SP? Nice choice! Coming right up!

2 hours later

Celia: Wow! I look so beautiful in this hairstyle! Thank you, Maricruz!

Maricruz: No problem! You would look beautiful in any hairstyle! Emilia, you’re up!

Emilia: I’ve been wearing this braid for a long time. I want to get the Long Soft Wavy hairstyle from the Romantic Garden SP.

Maricruz: Excellent choice! This is a very popular hairstyle! Coming right up!

2 hours later

Emilia: I absolutely love it! Thank you, Maricruz!

Maricruz: You’re welcome! Ladies, time to choose some new outfits!

Maricruz: Ready, Celia?

Celia: I’m ready!

Maricruz: I’ll pick out some good clothes for you and you can try them on in the closet.

A few outfits later

Maricruz: Looking beautiful! These boots go well with this outfit!

Celia: I really love it! Thank you for helping me choose this outfit!

Maricruz: You’re very welcome! Who’s next?

Claudia: I’ll be next!

Maricruz: Great! There’s some beautiful dresses I recommend you try on!

Claudia: Super! I’ll try them on and see which one looks great on me!

Moments later

Claudia: I’ve been a fan of this beautiful dress and these heels.

Maricruz: May I say that you look gorgeous!

Claudia: Thank you!

Maricruz: Emilia, my friend, you’re last! Ready for me to choose some new outfits from you?

Emilia: Yes I am! Go right ahead.

Minutes later

Emilia: I’ve always wanted to wear this outfit. This arm bracelet? Love it!

Maricruz: It’s 5 PM now. What do you say I treat you three out to dinner?

Celia: Sounds like a plan!

30 minutes later

Maricruz: Here we are at Chez Glamoure, one of Sim Nation’s upscale restaurants.

Claudia: I hope Aaradhya and Jesminder will get a chance to review this beautiful restaurant.

Emilia: I hope so! I look forward to hearing their thoughts on it.

Maricruz: Wait right here and I’ll get a table for us.

Hostess: Hello! Welcome to Chez Glamoure. How many people are in your party?

Maricruz: There’s four of us.

Hostess: Thank you. Let me find you all a table and I’ll take you there.

Maricruz: Thank you, kindly.

Emilia: Know this is a high class restaurant, there must be lots of gourmet dishes.

Claudia: I hope they have lots of pasta!

Server: Hello, ladies. My name is Rickey and I’ll be taking care of you tonight. May I start you off with an appetizer? The Chef’s Choice is the breadsticks.

Emilia: Sure! How about breadsticks for all of us. Do you agree, ladies?

Maricruz: Sure, why not!

Claudia: My favorite! Sure!

Celia: I would love to start off with some breadsticks.

Rickey: Excellent choices. So, breadsticks for all of you?

Emilia: Correct.

Rickey: Excellent. Your appetizers will be out shortly.

Maricruz: What a beautiful dress you have on!

Emilia: Thank you, Maricruz! If you heard of Mimsy who lives in the Von Haunt Estate, that’s the same dress she wore. I’m a big fan of Victorian and Cheateau dresses.

Maricruz: I’ve heard of Mimsy. She’s married to Bernard!

Emilia: That’s the one.

Maricruz: I heard the news that you and Evan are officially a couple! Congratulations!

Claudia: Thank you! We’re meant for each other!

Maricruz: I knew it from the first place! I always see you two together all the time.

10 minutes later

Rickey: Uh oh.

Celia: *Sigh* Seriously?!

Rickey: Sorry about that, ladies. I’ll go back to the kitchen and ask the chef to remake your food. Again, I’m sorry.

Maricruz: You’re forgiven. Do be careful next time.

20 minutes later

Celia: Ah, perfect. Our breadsticks are here!

Claudia: Smells wonderful! I know the chef has put lots of cheese and garlic in them!

Maricruz: Let’s eat!

After the breadsticks and a break

Celia: Now let’s order the entrees. Hmmmm, the Herb Crusted Salmon looks good. I’ll have that.

Claudia: I saw that they have Chicken Saltimbocca! I’m getting that.

Maricruz: Chicken Saltimbocca? Never tried it.

Claudia: You should! It’s chicken topped with proscuitto slices, sage leaves, and some white wine pan sauce.

Maricruz: Sounds delicious! I’ll give it a try.

After placing the orders

Celia: I have a fear for vampires.

Maricruz: You’re good, girl! I’m scared of vampires too! Ugh, I hate it when they break into our homes!

Celia: You had a vampire break into your penthouse?

Maricruz: Yup! Luckily, we were able to scare it away with garlic. You know vampires hate garlic.

Celia: I already knew vampires can’t take the smell of garlic.

The entrees have arrived

Emilia: Oh good! Our food is here!

Claudia: Let’s dig in, girls!

Maricruz: This Simadder Cherry Sap is so sweet! Goes well with my meal!

Celia: I ordered myself a Bacciform Firkin to go with my Herb-Crusted Salmon! It’s so refreshing!

Emilia: My Old Yorkfield Classic 16 is so sweet! It goes really well with my Butternut Gnocchi!

Claudia: I ordered the Chef’s Choice, the Love Potion #4. This drink can me flirty instanty.

Maricruz: This Chicken Saltimbocca is so delicious!

Claudia: I’m happy to hear that you love it!

Emilia: Look at us. Four friends having a nice dinner together!

Celia: It’s certainly a nice time!

Maricruz: Do you still have room in your stomachs for dessert?

Celia: I’m 70% full, so yes, I have enough.

Claudia: I still have enough for more.

Emilia: I would love some dessert!

Celia: Wow, there’s a romantic aura filling this room!

Maricruz: I did read in one of the reviews that this restaurant does have the Romantic Aura lot trait.

The desserts arrived

Claudia: Our desserts are here! I got tiramisu, my favorite dessert!

Emilia: I got apple pie!

Celia: I got one of my favorite desserts, crème brûlée!

Maricruz: I’m having an Exotic Fruit Pie!

Claudia: Let’s eat!

Celia: WOW! This crème brûlée is out of this world!

Maricruz: YUCK! My Exotic Fruit Pie is burnt!

Claudia: So sorry to hear that, Maricruz.

Maricruz: It’s great to dinner with you ladies.

Claudia: We agree with you. Thank you for giving us makeovers and treating us out to dinner!

Maricruz: No problem! That’s what friends are for!


Chez Glamoure (in White) by Frimlin

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