Season 2 Episode 17: Claudia and Evan’s Day Out


Claudia: Ciao, Evan! Are you free today?

Evan: Yes, Claudia. What’s up?

Claudia: I have something important to say to you too! Meet me at Myshuno Meadows in about 10 minutes. Okay?

Evan: I’ll be there because I have something important to say to you too!

Claudia: All right! See you then!

10 minutes later

Claudia: Evan! Thank you for coming!

Evan: You’re welcome, mia signora.

Claudia: Come. Let’s sit down.

Evan: We’ve been working for about a month and I have something I must confess.

Claudia: That is?

Evan: I’m in love with you.

Claudia: OMG, that’s what I’m going to say!

Evan: Wow! Some little bird tells me it’s time to get serious.

Claudia: Shall we? *blows kiss*

Evan: Oh, mia signora.

Claudia: Hehehe. Mio signore.

Claudia: My, my, that outfit makes you one handsome man!

Evan: Really?

Claudia: I mean it!

Evan: Graci, mia signora.

Claudia: I feel like it’s getting warm here.

Evan: Woo! Now that you mentioned it, it is!

Claudia: A steam of flirtiness is flowing in my body!

Evan: Time for some romance!

Claudia: Yeah! Romance!

Evan: I love you, Claudia.

Claudia: I love you too, Evan. <33

Claudia: Hehehe. Look at how much we have in common. We’re from the same city and we’re fashion models. We love traveling, food, coffee, and nature walks.

Evan: What really brought us together is that we love each other’s appearances and personalities.

Claudia: You’ve been working hard nowadays! You deserve a massage from me! *massages Evan*

Evan: Ahhh, that feels good! More, more!

Claudia: You got it, sweetie!

Claudia: You know, this is a great place for weddings.

Evan: It sure is, but let’s not go there.

Claudia: Right. Let’s go steady and when the time is right, we’ll do it.

Evan: I only want you in my life and no other girl!

Claudia: I only want you and no other guy! You have one special power that the other guys don’t have and that is the power of confidence!

Evan: Haha. You can say that again.

A few minutes later

Claudia: Are you ready for this?

Evan: Ready for what?

Claudia: Our first kiss! *kisses Evan on the lips*

Evan: Dio mio! That was fantasic! You’re a great kisser, Claudia!

Claudia: Hehehe. Thank you, Evan!

Claudia: Would you like to be my boyfriend?

Evan: Would I? YES!

Claudia: WOOHOO!! We are officially a couple! I can’t wait to tell the others about our romance!

Evan: Same here!

Evan: I must get back to my apartment. Justin, Nathan, and I are planning to go to the karaoke bar and sing some karaoke. What do you say we have a dinner date this Thursday night at Pasta ala Penguin?

Claudia: A dinner date? At Pasta ala Penguin? Sounds like a plan!

Evan: Swell! Well then, see you Thursday night!

Claudia: Ciao, Evan!! I’ll see your handsome self Thursday night!

Claudia: Woohoo! I did it! Evan and I are officially a couple!

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