Season 2 Episode 16: Learning Czech with Evelína


Evelína: Hello, Celia, darling. Are you and your girls ready for today’s Czech lessons?

Celia: Oh yes we are!

Evelína: Brilliant! Follow me!

Emilia: Is Czech an easy or hard language to learn?

Evelína: As a native speaker, I can say it’s difficult to learn because of pronunciation, case declensions and grammar.

Celia: I’ve took Czech classes in college and it was hard at first, but once I keep practicing, it’s not that bad. Practice is what’s important when it comes to learning hard languages like Czech.

Evelína: You’re right! Practice is key!

Claudia: I heard Czech is a beautiful language!

Evelína: It is, darling!

Emilia: What will be our lessons for today?

Evelína: We’ll start off with essentials and some conversations.

Claudia: Sounds great!

Evelína: I hope you all got your notebooks because you’ll need to take notes.

The Fashionistas: We all have them!

Evelína: Okay, my beauties. Let’s start! To say hello in Czech, you say Dobrý den. Repeat after me. Dobrý den.

Celia: Dobrý den.

Claudia: Do-bre den.

Emilia: Dobri den.

Evelína: Dobrý den.

The Fashionistas: Dobrý den.

Evelína: Great job! Now, to say good morning in Czech, you say Dobré ráno. Dobré ráno. You say it.

Celia: Dobré ráno.

Claudia: Dobré ráno.

Emilia: Do-bre rano.

Evelína: Dobré ráno.

The Fashionistas: Dobré ráno.

Evelína: Vynikající! Excellent!

A few words later

Evelína: To say thank you in Czech, you say Děkuji. Another way to say it is Díky. Repeat after me. Děkuji. Díky.

Celia: Děkuji. Díky.

Claudia: Dekuwen. Deekay.

Emilia: Dekuway. Deekay.

Evelína: Děkuji. Díky.

The Fashionistas: Děkuji. Díky.

Evelína: Celia, I know all these essentials are easy to you, right?

Celia: Right.

Evelína: As for you, Claudia and Emilia, it’s hard to learn Czech, isn’t it?

Emilia: It is quite hard, but on the other hand, I’m having fun learning the language!

Evelína: That’s what I love to hear! Enthusiasm is another key when it comes to learning new languages. Moving on, to say you don’t understand, you say Nerozumím. To say you get it, there are two ways. Males say Rozuměl jsem while females say Rozuměla jsem. Repeat after me. Rozuměla jsem.

Celia: Rozuměla jsem.

Claudia: Rose mule la sen.

Emilia: Rosu mu la sem.

Evelína: Rozuměla jsem.

The Fashionistas:  Rozuměla jsem.

Evelína: So far, so good.

A few lessons later

Evelína: Let’s take a break, shall we?

Celia: Sure!

Claudia: Yes, please. My brain is totally fried now.

Emilia: Mine too.

Evelína: Czech is a hard language to learn, huh?

Claudia and Emilia: Yeah.

Evelína: Once you three become fluent in Czech, you three and I can visit Prague together!

Emilia: A trip to the Czech Republic??

Evelína: Yup!

Emilia: I would love to go there and see all the beautiful sights and try the food there!

Few minutes later

Evelína: To say Happy New Year, you say Šťastný a veselý nový rok! Repeat after me. Šťastný a veselý nový rok!

Celia: Šťastný a veselý nový rok!

Claudia:  Stashini a vasely novi yolk.

Emilia: Stu shi ni a vasely no vi yolk.

Evelína: Šťastný a veselý nový rok!

The Fashionistas: Šťastný a veselý nový rok!

Evelína: Here is a tough one. Pay close attention because this will be hard to pronounce. To say happy birthday, you say Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám! Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám! Now you try it.

Celia: Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám!

Claudia: Shoo he no na hi k naro za ni hum.

Emilia: Shoo he no na hi k naro za ni hum. OMG, this is hard!

Evelína: Warned you, didn’t I? Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám.

The Fashionistas: Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám.

Evelína: This is one of the words you all need to practice. Celia, you were close to the correct pronunciation.  Keep practicing! I have in all of you!

A few lessons later

Evelína: That’s all for today’s lessons. You girls did well, but remember to practice and review before our next lessons!

Claudia: Woohoo! We rock! We’ll make sure to do a thorough review and some practice before our next lessons.

Emilia: We sure did great. Well, we must head home. See you later!

Celia: Ahoj, Evelína!

Evelína: Na shledanou, dámy! That means “goodbye, ladies!”

Evelína: Now to write up the next lessons! These ladies sure have a lot of enthusiasm in them!

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6 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 16: Learning Czech with Evelína

  1. Had to drop by to check if your Czech is correct. 😉
    Was it difficult to get those special letters (ž, š, č, ř, ť, ý, é…) in you story? 🙂 “vasely novi yolk” made me laugh. Nicely done!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was difficult to get some of those letters into the story, but I managed to get them in.

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy this. Celia is the only one out of the three Fashionistas who knew Czech. I was laughing as Claudia and Emilia had to suffer with the hard pronunciations. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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