Season 2 Episode 15: Showing Ophelia Around!


Jesminder: Grilled Cheese for breakfast? Excellent choice, Ophelia!

Ophelia: Thanks!

Jesminder: Today, Aaradhya and I will take you to some of San Myshuno’s hottest spots! I hope you are excited.

After breakfast

Aaradhya: We’re here at the Casbah Gallery in the Arts District. Here, you can view art and paint murals.

Ophelia: I love this painting!

Jesminder: Flowers are one of the best objects to paint!

Aaradhya: We know not only you love reading, but also painting, which is why we took you here!

Ophelia: You girls know me very well!

Jesminder: Come on, ladies! Let’s look at more art!

30 minutes later

Jesminder: Let’s me wash this off and then we’ll paint a mural! Whoever painted this, I’m sorry I have to do this.

Aaradhya: Lovely painting! Well done, ladies!

Ophelia: We need to take a picture of this!

Jesminder: Agreed!

30 minutes later

Ophelia: This is such a beautiful park! Ah, the fresh air!

Jesminder: This is Myshuno Meadows, San Myshuno’s center park. This is a great place to hold weddings, go for walks, go jogging, play basketball, go fishing, do photoshoots, you name it!

Aaradhya: There’s a fountain! Let’s make a wish and hope it’ll come true!

*each tosses a coin into the fountain*

Jesminder: Let’s a rest here and then we’ll explore the park!

Aaradhya: Sure! I’m in a need of a break.

10 minutes later

Ophelia: Ready to go explore the park?

Jesminder: I’m ready!

Aaradhya: Ready!

Ophelia: All right! Let’s get going!

30 minutes later

Aaradhya: Here we are at the Stargazer Lounge in the Uptown!

Jesminder: Great place to hang out with your friends, do karaoke, and of course, watch entertainment!

Ophelia: Such a beautiful place! Let’s have fun and hopefully, we’ll meet someone famous!

Ophelia: OMG, are you Rory Plays The Sims???!!

Rory: Yes! Yes! What’s your name, loyal fan?

Ophelia: Ophelia.

Rory: It’s so exciting to meet you, Ophelia!!

Ophelia: I’m one of your fans and I love all your Let’s Plays! It’s so exciting to meet you for the first time!

Rory: Awwww, that’s so sweet of you!! Thank you so much for your support!

Jesminder: Hey, folks! I’m going to be singing one of my favorite Indian songs. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Ophelia: I really wanted to catch your livestreams, but I have to work during those times you stream.

Rory: That’s okay! You can always go on Twitch and watch the stream from there. If I choose to upload the stream to SimTube, you can also watch it on there.

Aaradhya: No way! Are you Rory Plays The Sims?! I’m so excited to finally meet you! I’m Aaradhya!

Rory: YES! The one and only! It’s nice to meet you, Aaradhya!

Aaradhya: Your Let’s Plays are amazing!

Rory: Thank you so much! I appriciate it! I love all the support you all give me!

Ophelia: When is your next livestream? Next week, I’m on break.

Rory: Next Tuesday! I’m going to livestream Mass Effect Andromeda. Have you two heard of Mass Effect?

Ophelia: Some of my friends play it, so yes.

Aaradhya: I’ve heard of the game before.

Aaradhya: What other games are you planning to livestream this coming week?

Rory: If you follow me on Simter, you already saw the calendar. Next week, I’ll be livestreaming Mass Effect Andromeda, my Sims 4 City Living Live Let’s Play, and Stardew Valley!

Aaradhya and Ophelia: STARDEW VALLEY?

Rory: LOL, yup!

Aaradhya: We love that game!

One hour later

Rory: I must go up to the stage and do a comedy routine. Come and see me in action!

Ophelia: We would love to! Come on and let’s watch Rory perform!


After a night of partying at the lounge

Aaradhya: That was so fun! I can’t wait to do it again!

Ophelia: I’m so glad I’m living here in the city of San Myshuno. It’s full of fun!

Jesminder: Let’s get ready for bed! We have a busy day tomorrow!

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