Season 2 Episode 13: A VIP Dining Experience


Munterbacon: Suzume!!!!

Suzume: Munterbacon!!!!

Munterbacon: You were magnificent yesterday!

Suzume: Thank you so much for coming out yesterday!

Munterbacon: No prob, Suzume! I was free at the time and I thought I would come see you in action!

Suzume: That’s very sweet of you! Tonight is a special dinner! I’ve invited Aaradhya and Jesminder to dine with us! They’re going to get a special VIP dinner!

Munterbacon: Sweet!

Suzume: Now, it’s time that we start preparing some dishes! We’re going to have Nigiri and Tofu Chicken Saltimbocca!

Munterbacon: Sounds yummy! Let’s get cookin’!

Suzume: *sniffs* Mmmmmmm! It smells so wonderful here!

Munterbacon: It sure does, Suzume!! You’re a wonderful chef!

Suzume: Thank you! It’s all thanks to my grandfather, the world famous Aiko Nakamura! He taught me how to cook high quality food!

Aaradhya and Jesminder has arrived!!

Munterbacon: Greetings, Jesminder! I’m your creator, Munterbacon!

Jesminder: It’s truly an honor to meet THE Munterbacon! I’m so glad Aaradhya and I are about to have a VIP dining experience with you and Suzume!

Munterbacon: You must be Aaradhya Verma, right?

Aaradhya: Yes, sir!

Munterbacon: Your dress is so pretty!

Aaradhya: Awwww, thank you! We’re so excited to be having this special VIP dinner with you and Suzume!

Suzume: Guys, meet Miss Sparkles, my favorite stuffed unicorn! Miss Sparkles, this is Munterbacon, Aaradhya, and Jesminder!

Jesminder: Hi, Miss Sparkles! You’re so cute!!

Aaradhya: Awwww, you’re such a cutie!

Munterbacon: You’re adorable, Miss Sparkles!

Miss Sparkles: It’s nice to meet you all! I’m one of Suzume’s assistants!

Suzume: This is my favorite teddy bear, Cookie! Cookie, this is Munterbacon, Aaradhya, and Jesminder!

Jesminder: Hi, Cookie! Awww, you’re cute!!

Aaradhya: Aren’t you a cute bear? Oh yes you are!

Munterbacon: Look at her eyes! She’s a happy bear!

Cookie: It’s nice to meet you all! I’m Suzume’s second assistant!

Dinner time!

Aaradhya: Isn’t this adorable? We have Suzume’s assistants joining us at the dinner table!

Jesminder: It’s SO cute that you invited your stuffies to eat with us, Suzume!

Suzume: I take good care of my stuffies!

Munterbacon: Let’s dig in, everyone!

Munterbacon: UGH! It’s so hard using chopsticks!

Aaradhya: This Tofu Chicken Saltimbocca is so divine! It’s really possible to eat Chicken Saltimbocca the vegetarian way!

Jesminder: Crazy chopsticks! Don’t let me down!

Suzume: Looks like those two need more practice in order to become chopstick savvy like me! Don’t you agree, Cookie and Miss Sparkles?

Miss Sparkles: Right you are, Suzume! Using chopsticks is hard at first! But with more practice, one will use chopsticks without any trouble!

Cookie: Practice is definitely the key to becoming chopstick savvy!

After dinner

Munterbacon: Wanna hear a joke?

Aaradhya: Sure!

Munterbacon: What nails do carpenters hate to hit?

Aaradhya: Idk.

Munterbacon: Fingernails!

Aaradhya: Oh, I get it! LOL!!!! You’re funny, Munterbacon!

Munterbacon: You know me! I’m quite the jokester!

Suzume: LOL!! You’re such a cutie, Cookie!

Cookie: You know it, my friend! I’m a very cute teddy bear!

Suzume: Let’s play some peekaboo!

Cookie: YAY, peekaboo!!

Suzume: Peekaboo! I see you!

Cookie: LOL! You’re so cute playing this game with me!

Suzume: Who’s a good bear? Oh, who’s a good bear? Tickles for Cookie!

Cookie: LOL!! That tickles!!

Munterbacon: I know you know that when Suzume is angry, she can throw knifes everywhere.

Aaradhya: Yeah we know that.

Jesminder: But one thing worries me. Does she ever hit her stuff animals when she’s mad?

Munterbacon: Absolutely not!! She loves them so much and it would break her heart to see anyone hit her stuffed animals. Trust me, if anyone decides to hit them, Suzume will not only fling knifes, but also go into a flaming inferno!

Jesminder: Yikes! That’s what they get for messing with stuffed animals!

Suzume: You’re a cute unicorn, aren’t you, Miss Sparkles?

Miss Sparkles: Indeed I am! I’m made for everyone to love and adore!

Munterbacon: Joke time! What do you call a song sung in an automobile?

Aaradhya: What?

Munterbacon: A cartoon!! LOL!

Jesminder: Cartoon!! Oh, yeah!! LOL!!!

Aaradhya: LOL!! I got to hand it to you! You think up a lot of hilarious jokes!!

Suzume: BIG UNICORN HUGS for Miss Sparkles!!

Miss Sparkles: Big unicorn hugs for you too!

Suzume: I thought right now, it would be nice for all us to watch a nice movie together! Would you like that?

Miss Sparkles: Sure! What movie will we watch?

Suzume: I’m thinking Simder, a romantic comedy!

Miss Sparkles: Sounds great!

Suzume: But first things first, you know what’s coming? Hehehehe!

Miss Sparkles: Oh, I feel like it has to do with tickles!

Suzume: Here comes the tickle train! Tickle, tickle, tickle!!

Miss Sparkles: LOLOLOL!!!!

Suzume: Come on, Miss Sparkles! Let’s go watch Simder!

Miss Sparkles: Okay!

At the end of the movie

Jesminder: That was fun! I want to thank you for hosting the VIP dinner, Suzume!

Suzume: You’re welcome, my friend! You two are welcome to my estate anytime!

Aaradhya: Wow! We earned access to Suzume’s estate! We love you, Suzume!

Suzume: Love you too! ❤

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4 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 13: A VIP Dining Experience

    1. Originally, I was going to have only Suzume and the foodies have the dinner, but I decided to include Munterbacon since he created Suzume. It was SO fun that the foodies were able to enjoy dinner with these two. 🙂

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