Season 2 Episode 12: Food Talk with Suzume


Suzume: Miss Sparkles!! I’m so thrilled for today’s show!

Miss Sparkles: I’m sure you are, Suzume! Any special guests that will come?

Suzume: Yes! The creators of the Views of the World Traveling Foodies, Aaradhya and Jesminder!

Miss Sparkles: That’s so exciting! This show is going to rock!

Suzume: It’ll rock for sure, Miss Sparkles!

Suzume: My favorite teddy bear, Cookie!! I love you!! ❤

Cookie: I love you too! Good luck on today’s show! You’re going to do awesome!

Suzume: Thank you, Cookie!

5 PM

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for Food Talk with Suzume?

Audience: Yes!!

Announcer: Come on now! We need more energy!! ARE YOU READY FOR FOOD TALK WITH SUZUME?

Audience: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Audience: Ladies and gentlemen, give up for the hostess of Food Talk with Suzume, Suzume Nakamura!!!!!


Suzume: *blows kisses* Muah!! I love you all! ❤

Suzume: Thank you, thank you, everyone! Welcome to Food Talk with Suzume, where we talk about food nonstop! I’m so glad you all are tuning in today!

Suzume: Today’s a special day here on our show! We have two special guests here who will be joining us! But first, let’s talk about foodie blogs! Who here follows foodie oriented blogs?

*all audience members raises hands*

Suzume: Looks like all of you! First, we’ll be talking about them and discussing our favorites together! Then we’ll bring out our two special guests! How does that sound??

*audience cheers*

30 minutes later

Suzume: Now the moment you all have been waiting for! Are you ready for our special guests??

Audience: YES!!!

Suzume: I can’t hear you!

Audience: YEAH!!!!! WOOO!!!!!!

Suzume: Then give a warm Suzume welcome to the creators of the Views of World of the Traveling Foodies blog! The World Traveling Foodies themselves, Aaradhya Verma and Jesminder Sharma!!


Munterbacon: WOO!! Jesminder and Aaradhya!

Suzume: LOL, Munterbacon! I know how excited you are!

Suzume: Welcome to the show, Aaradhya and Jesminder!

Aaradhya: Hi, everyone! I’m Aaradhya Verma and this is my friend, Jesminder Sharma and together, we’re the World Traveling Foodies!

Audience: Hello, Aaradhya and Jesminder!

Aaradhya: Suzume, I can’t tell you how happy we are to be here on your show!

Jesminder: It’s a dream come true!

Suzume: I know, right??? It’s an honor to meet the creators of one of my favorite foodie blogs!

Aaradhya: This set up is so pretty!!

Suzume: Thank you! I’m glad you love it!

Jesminder: Those cute figurines of Uni and Blarffy are so adorable! We want to get some for our apartment! Where did you get them?

Suzume: I got them from Sims and Crafts, a very popular high end crafts store. These are scale models of the giant stuffies!

Jesminder: Do you actually have a pink Uni and pink Blarffy at your estate?

Suzume: Yes I do! In fact, they’re my assistants! They help me plan the upcoming shows!

Aaradhya: Awww, that’s so cute! Did you name them?

Suzume: Yes! The pink Uni’s name is Miss Sparkles and the pink Blarffy’s name is Cookie!

Jesminder: Nice names! I want to meet them!

Suzume: They would LOVE to meet you two!

Suzume: Now let’s get to know you well. Where are you from and how did you two meet?

Aaradhya: Well, we’re both from India. I’m from Calcutta, India and Jesminder’s from Delhi, India. We met at the University of Delhi and from there, our friendship stayed strong.

Jesminder: Indeed! We both shared similar interests in food and we both studied journalism.

Suzume: Now about the name, the World Traveling Foodies. What made you two come up with such a unique name?

Aaradhya: Good question! As you can see, Jesminder and I LOVE to travel around the world and we love food, especially high quality food! Thus, the name, the World Traveling Foodies!

Suzume: You love traveling? Awesome! What places have you visited?

Jesminder: Let’s see. The United States, France, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, the UK, and Korea.

Suzume: That’s awesome!

Several questions later

Aaradhya: Are you familiar with the story, Day and Knight?

Suzume: Yes, I am. It’s an I’m a Lover Challenge by Pammiechick.

Aaradhya: Munterbacon was kind enough to have Pammie include your daughters, Mako, Kazumi, and Asuka, in her story!

Suzume: Joaquin and I shed so many tears after he nominated our triplets to be part of Pammie’s story! These three hold a special place in our hearts!

Jesminder: In the story, Mako held a special role in Jackson’s life!

Suzume: I know, and that melted my heart instantly! It was so thrilling to see Mako in action!

Aaradhya: Mako was part of a rock band, the Llama Kings, and Jackson became part of it after Mako convinced him to do so! Poor Winter had to suffer with his commitment to the band.

Jesminder: You’re so right! Poor Winter!

Aaradhya: The last chapter, which was 2.51, things were getting tense for Jackson. He made a choice, which I’m afraid, will make you unhappy.

Suzume: Uh oh, I smell trouble ahead. What is it? 😡

Jesminder: Well, Jackson made the commitment to end things with Mako after what he saw at the Llama Kings’ penthouse. He then regretted that he broke with Winter and that he no longer trusts Mako. Idk how she’ll feel after Jackson says that he’ll break up with her.

Suzume: I just hope Mako and Jackson will stay together!! If I hear that they don’t, I’ll not be a happy camper and trust me, you don’t want to see me angry!! Things will be ugly for sure!

Minutes later

Suzume: That was fun talking a bit about Day and Knight, an I’m a Lover Challenge by the famous Pammiechick! Now back to our talk about your blog! I’ve always loved the layout of it! What inspired you to come up with such a creative layout?

Aaradhya: It’s all thanks to Everly Moreland, one of our favorite foodie bloggers and she runs Foodie and the City. What she does for the restaurant reviews is discuss the atmosphere, food quality, food creativity, and service.

Jesminder: Right! For the food reviews, we only focus on the food we get from the food stands in San Myshuno. For those posts, we give some background information about the food, first impressions, if we should recommend it or not, spicy rating, and overall rating.

Suzume: Well done! I’ve enjoyed reading every single post! You ladies done WELL with your reviews!

Aaradhya: Thank you! It warms our hearts to hear you say that!

Close to the end of the show

Suzume: We had lots of fun getting to know the World Traveling Foodies!

Aaradhya: You’re one amazing talk show host, Suzume! We love you!

Jesminder: We’ve been fans of your show since the first episode!

Suzume: Awww, you’re so sweet! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to chat with you two!

Aaradhya: Same here! It was fun!

Jesminder: I agree with Aaradhya!

Suzume: Well, that’s all the time we have! I want to thank you all for watching and remember, be merry, be classy, and be happy! See you all next time! Goodbye!

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