Season 2 Episode 10: Welcome to SMFC, Nathan!



Kristina: I know it’s Saturday and I never let my favorite fashion models work on Saturdays and Sundays!

Celia: Why are we here?

Kristina: You’re here because a new fashion model is going to join our team! He’s here today!

All Fashion Models: Hooray!


Kristina: Now, are you ready to meet the new fashion model?!

All Fashion Models: Yeah!

Kristina: Come on now! Show some enthusiasm! Are you ready?

All Fashion Models: YEAH!!!

Kristina: All right! That’s what I love to hear! Give a warm SMFC welcome to Nathan Huang!


Nathan: Greetings, fellow models! I’m Nathan Huang and I’m from Beijing, China! It’s a pleasure to meet you all!


All Fashion Models: Welcome to SMFC, Nathan!!

Nathan: I’m going to go to each and one of you and get to know you a little bit.


Nathan: Greetings! What’s your name?

Emilia: Hello, Nathan! I’m Emilia Williamson and I’m from Sydney, Australia.


Nathan: Sydney? I’ve gone there 3 times!

Emilia: Really? Awesome!


Emilia: Sydney is such a beautiful city! I’m so glad you were able to travel there!

Nathan: I’ve been there for the fashion shows and of course, tourism.

Emilia: Fashion shows?? Did you walk on the fashion runaway?

Nathan: Lol, yup! I was modeling for Versace at the time and boy did they love me!

Emilia: That’s nice to hear!


Nathan: I heard a lot of good things about SMFC. You all are a very friendly and outgoing bunch and you love modeling all the clothes here.

Emilia: Right you are! You’re going to love all the clothes here! They’re gorgeous! In addition, Kristina is an amazing CEO/boss! We’ll show you around the headquarters after you introduce yourself to the other models!


Nathan: What’s in store? I’m curious to know.

Emilia: There’s a lounge where you can sing karaoke, play video games, and have a nice meal! There are also saunas you can go to if you’re in the need of stress relieving! Next to Kristina’s office is a computer lab. You can play some games or surf the web! Finally, there is a painting room and a reading room. Self explanatory for those rooms. The headquarters has everything to suit your needs!


Nathan: That’s amazing! Kristina really cares about her company and her models!


Emilia: Before you move on, I want to reiterate that you’ll enjoy working with all of us and that we’re an outgoing, friendly bunch!

Nathan: It was a pleasure getting to know you and I’m definitely going to have lots of fun here!


Nathan: Hello, gorgeous! What’s your name?

Celia: My name is Celia Jørgensen and I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark.


Nathan: Denmark? You know, I’m a fan of their chocolates, pastries, and herring and I love the beautiful Danish scenery!

Celia: Really? Have you gone to Denmark?

Nathan: I have! The last time I’ve been there was last summer. It was me and a couple of my friends. We went to the National Museum of Denmark, Tivoli Gardens, and we saw the Little Mermaid sculpture! During our time there, we enjoyed lots of Danish food. Ones that we enjoyed the most are the Frikadeller, breaded Plaice, and the Norway lobster!


Celia: You’ve gone to a lot of interesting attractions and tried lots of delicious Danish food!

Nathan: You have any attractions and foods you recommend?

Celia: One of my favorite attractions is the Rosenborg Castle Gardens. Beautiful gardens and breathtaking scenery. Are you into art?

Nathan: Yes I am!

Celia: Definitely go to the National Gallery of Denmark! There you can view art from artists all over the world! As for the food, I’m not a foodie, but I can tell you some dishes I find tempting. Definitely give the open sandwiches a try! In Danish, they’re called Smørrebrød. My favorites are the Røget ål med røræg (smoked eel on dark rye bread, topped with eggs, herbs, and a slice of lemon) and Røget laks (salmon on white bread, topped with a slice of lemon, shrimp, and fresh dill). Some of my favorite hot dishes are Æbleflæsk (pork fried with apples, sometimes onions, thyme, and sugar), Boller i karry (dumplings in curry), and Påskelam (grilled lamb with dry herbs and garlic).

Nathan: Those sound delicious! Next time I’m in Demark, I’ll give those a try!


Celia: I love your outfit! It looks amazing on you!

Nathan: Thank you! This is from the Romance and Love Collection from the Newcrest Clothing Company and it’s very suitable for formal wear!


Nathan: Do you love working here?

Celia: Me? Love working here? Of course I do! I love my fellow fashion models and we have lots of fun modeling in these beautiful clothes!

Nathan: I love your outfit! It’s one of SMFC clothing, right?

Celia: Awww, thank you! You’re so sweet! Yes, it’s SMFC clothing! It’s part of the City Native Collection.


Celia: I have something amazing to tell you! Last year, I particpated in the Miss Denmark beauty pageant and I became Miss Denmark for a year! I participated again and I became Miss Denmark again! Isn’t that awesome?

Nathan: You did? Bravo!!!! *claps hands*


Celia: Nathan, it was a pleasure getting to know you! I hope you’ll enjoy working here and at the same time, having fun with us!

Nathan: I’m sure I will!


Nathan: Greetings!

Claudia: Hello, Nathan! I’m Claudia DiBenedetto and I’m from Milan, Italy. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Nathan: By any chance, are you friends with Celia and Emilia?


Claudia: Yes! In fact, me, Celia, and Emilia live together and together, we’re the Fashionistas.

Nathan: That’s amazing!


Nathan: I’ve gone to Italy a couple of times! I have some pictures of me and my friends in Rome, Milan, and Venice. Would you like to see?

Claudia: I’d love to see them!


After viewing the photos

Claudia: You guys really had a blast there!

Nathan: I know! Italy not only has great food, but also breathtaking scenery!


Claudia: I would love to say that I enjoy working here at SMFC because of the engaging group of people I get to work with. They’re amazing people that share similar interests like you and me. After work, we could either go hang out or have dinner together. I want you to not only work hard, but also have fun!

Nathan: I’m really excited to be joining the SMFC team!


Claudia: It was a pleasure getting to know you! I’m so excited to have you on our team!

Nathan: It was a pleasure getting to know you too!


Nathan: Greetings! What’s your name?

Evelína: Darling, I’m Evelína Benešová and I’m from beautiful Prague, Czech Republic. Welcome to San Myshuno Fashion Collection!

Nathan: Prague? I haven’t been there before!


Evelína: You haven’t visited Prague yet? You definitely need to go there!


Nathan: Of all the trips I’ve made to Europe, I’ve gone to the UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal.


Evelína: I see. I can suggest some attractions you should go to if you wish to visit Prague!

Nathan: I’d love to hear them!

Evelína: A lot of tourists love to go to the Charles Bridge, which is a bridge that connects Prague’s Old and New Towns. Usually there are street artists and entertainers there. The Prague astronomical clock is the oldest clock still operating and the third oldest astronomical clock in the world. The St. Vitus Cathedral is a Gothic resting place of saints. It’s Czech Republic’s biggest and most important church.


Nathan: I’ll definitely check those attractions out! What food do you recommend that I try?

Evelína: I’m not much of a food expert, but I’ll tell you some of my favorite Czech dishes. In the Czech Republic, we emphasize a lot on meat. Fish is rarely seen on our dishes. Well, except for trout and carp, which is served during Christmas. My personal favorites are svíčková na smetaně (grilled sirloin in cream sauce served with dumplings and vegetables), vepřo-knedlo-zelo (roast pork with dumplings and vegetables), Guláš (Goulash), and kuře na paprice (chicken in paprika sauce).

Nathan: I see some of the dishes you mentioned have dumplings in there.

Evelína: Right! Dumplings, which are called knedlíky, are popular side dishes and are either wheat-based or potato-based. These are different from the dumplings from Asian cuisine.

Nathan: Interesting.


Evelína: Nathan, darling. You’ve joined one of the best clothing companies there are in Sim Nation! I enjoy working here not only because of the excellent pay, but I get to bond well with my fellow fashion models. Kristina is an amazing CEO/boss and you’ll enjoy working with her. Her fashion knowledge is endless!

Nathan: I’m sure I will! Well, it was fun getting to know you!

Evelína: Same here! Again, you’ll have a wonderful time here in SMFC!


Nathan: Hello, Danielle, my friend!!

Danielle: Nathan!! I’m so glad you’re here!!


Danielle: You’re well on your way to joining one of the most respected clothing lines in Sim Nation!

Nathan: Really? What’s so exciting about SMFC?


Danielle: Kristina is one amazing CEO/boss. She cares about her employees as much as she cares about her company!In the headquarters, there are lots of places to suit your needs, like a reading room, art room, lounge, saunas, and a computer lab. Our paychecks are big and we also get vacation days!


Nathan: That means I can take some days off if I need to, right?

Danielle: Right! As long as it’s a legitimate reason, you can take some time off!


Nathan: I’m so certain that I’m going to have an enjoyable time here with you.

Danielle: Oh yes you are, my friend!


Maricruz: ¡Hola! I’m Maricruz Fernandez and I come from Barcelona, Spain! Welcome aboard our team!

Nathan: It’s nice to meet you, Maricruz. Wow, what a beautiful name!

Maricruz: Why, thank you! That’s very sweet of you to say that.


Nathan: I’ve seen you on some cosmetic ads before!

Maricruz: I sure have!

Nathan: What cosmetic companies have you worked for?

Maricruz: Let’s see. L’Oreal, Shiseido, Hermès, Lancôme, Avon, Maybelline, and Revion.

Nathan: You worked at a lot of popular cosmetic brands. I used to work at Gianni Versace before coming here.

Maricruz: Versace? OMG, I love their handbags and coats!

Nathan: It was a shame to leave the company after working there for four years. The CEO was really nice and caring and I loved the people I worked with.

Nathan: People back at my hometown would call me The Fashion King because I always wear the best clothes from brand names.

Maricruz: Cool! My friends and fellow fashion models call me Señorita Roja, which means Miss Red.

Nathan: Nice nickname!

Maricruz: With that nickname, people would assume I get angry all the time. Well, that’s not the case. The reason they call me that is because they see me wearing red clothes all the time. Red is my favorite color.

Maricruz: I know you have to move on to meet Vivian, Evan, and Justin, but I wanted to say that you’ll do great here in SMFC! Remember to work hard and play hard!

Nathan: Will do!

Nathan: 你好。我叫黄嘉宝。

Vivian: 哎呀!我知道你!你是周花玲的朋友吗??

Nathan: 是的。我们一起去IFA Paris。IFA Paris是巴黎的时尚学校之一。他们在上海有一个校园。

Vivian: 是吗?那太好了!

Nathan: 你和周花玲在河内见面了,对吧?

Vivian: 对了。她帮我学英文。

Nathan: 是吗?很好了。

Vivian: 学习英语很困难。

Nathan: 你怎么做到目前为止?

Vivian: 我做得很好。

Nathan: 我很高兴听到。多实践!知道吗?

Vivian: 知道了!

Vivian: I want to tell you that Kristina is a good boss.

Nathan: That’s what Danielle and the other fashion models have told me.

Vivian: You will have lots of fun here.

Nathan: I sure will! Wow, look at you go with your English skills.

Vivian: Thank you! Danielle taught me a lot of English. She’s a very good friend and teacher.

Evan: Greetings, my friend! I’m Evan Giordano and I’m from Milan, Italy. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Nathan: It’s nice to meet you! Wow, nice outfit!

Evan: Thank you! This is one of the outfits suitable for parties and dinners.

Evan: Here in SMFC, you’re guaranteed a fun and rewarding experience. Kristina is an amazing CEO/boss! She really cares so much about her models, company, and her customers. If anything goes wrong, she’ll go above and beyond to find a way to make things better!

Nathan: The other models already convinced me that she’s an amazing CEO!

Evan: Did you know my parents work as designers in Gianni Versace?

Nathan: For real?! NO WAY!

Evan: Man, this is no joke! They’ve started working with the company 3 years before I was born. They loved to design all the clothes and handbags!

Nathan: I worked as a fashion model there for 4 years! This is unbelievable to hear that your parents were designers there!

Evan: You modeled for Versace??

Evan: No wonder you sound so familiar! When Kristina told us about your arrival, I thought to myself, “Wait. That name sounds familiar. Did I run into him before?”

Nathan: LOL.

Nathan: Well, it’s great to be here in SMFC!

Evan: It sure is, my friend!

Evan: You’re about to meet the final fashion model, Justin Vaughn. I tell you, he tells lots of jokes and if anyone is feeling down, he’ll make sure your day gets brighter!

Nathan: I look forward to getting to know him and his jokes.

Justin: Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m Justin Vaughn and I come from NYC, aka the Big Apple!

Nathan: The Big Apple? I’ve gone there lots of times with my family!

Justin: Sweet! Say, want to hear a joke?

Nathan: Sure!

Justin: Knock knock.

Nathan: Who’s there?

Justin: Mary and Abbey.

Nathan: Mary and Abbey who?

Justin: Mary Christmas and Abbey New Year!

Nathan: LOL!!!

Nathan: That was a good joke!

Justin: Here’s another knock knock joke. Knock knock.

Nathan: Who’s there?

Justin: H.

Nathan: H who?

Justin: Bless you!

Nathan: Oh, I get it! LOL!

A few jokes later

Nathan: You’re quite the jokester!

Justin: You know I am, bro! My friends know me as the Goofy Jokester!

Nathan: Just curious, did you work for any other brand names before coming here?

Justin: This is actually my first and only brand name I’ve worked for.

Nathan: I see. I thought you worked for Marc Jacobs or Calvin Klein.

Justin: I did go to the same fashion design school that Marc Jacobs went.

Nathan: You did? Awesome!

Justin: It was great meeting you! I wish you the best and remember, you’ll not only enjoy working here, but also bonding with your fellow fashion models!

Nathan: I’m so excited to be here with you all!

Nathan: Kristina, I’m so ready to enjoy my time here in SMFC!

Kristina: That’s what I love to hear! Again, welcome to SMFC, Nathan!


All translated from Chinese

Nathan: 你好。我叫黄嘉宝。

Hello! I’m Nathan Huang

Vivian: 哎呀!我知道你!你是周花玲的朋友吗??

Hey! I know you! Are you Danielle Zhou’s friend??

Nathan: 是的。我们一起去IFA Paris。IFA Paris是巴黎的时尚学校之一。他们在上海有一个校园。

Yes. We went to IFA Paris together. IFA is one of Paris’s fashion schools. They have a campus in Shanghai.

Vivian: 是吗?那太好了!

Really? That’s great!

Nathan: 你和周花玲在河内见面了,对吧?

You and Danielle met in Hanoi, right?

Vivian: 对了。她帮我学英文。

Right. She’s helping me learning English.

Nathan: 是吗?很好了。

Really? Great.

Vivian: 学习英语很困难。

Learning English is so difficult

Nathan: 你怎么做到目前为止?

How are you doing so far?

Vivian: 我做得很好。

I’m doing okay.

Nathan: 我很高兴听到。多实践!知道吗?

I’m so glad to hear that. More practice! Understand?

Vivian: 知道了!

I understand!

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