Season 2 Episode 9: A New Model for SMFC

D/N: This is the first episode to focus on the supporting cast.



Kristina: Looks like Chanel is pushing out a new line of handbags! I can’t wait to lay my hands on one!


A few minutes later

Danielle: Hello, Kristina. I have some exciting news to share with you!

Kristina: Greetings, Danielle! You have some news to share with me? Do share!


Danielle: You mentioned a while ago that we’re in the need of more fashion models. Well, I have a friend from China that’s willing to join our team! His name is Nathan Huang and he’s from Beijing, China.

Kristina: Wow, that’s brilliant! Can you tell me a bit more about him?


Danielle: He used to model for Gianni Versace. He’s been with the company for 4 years.

Kristina: Versace? Love their handbags and sunglasses.

Danielle: I have some pictures of his photoshoots. Would you care to see them?


Kristina: I’d be interested! When I choose the next models for our company, I always look in their portfolio for past photoshoots. That way, I can get an idea of the candidates’ figure.


A few photos later

Danielle: This is his latest photoshoot with Versace.

Kristina: I have to say, he’s so handsome and has a very good figure!


Danielle: So, what do you think about Nathan?

Kristina: Brilliant! He’s a perfect fit for the company!

Danielle: I’m so glad you like him!

Kristina: When will be in San Myshuno?

Danielle: He’ll be arriving tomorrow.


Kristina: I would love to talk more about Nathan with you, but I have some paperwork to take care of and you have some photoshoots to complete. Are you available tonight?

Danielle: Yes I am. Why?

Kristina: I thought it would be nice to go out for dinner and talk more about Nathan.


Danielle: I would love to! However, do I have to pick the restaurant? I’m not very good at picking good restaurants.

Kristina: You don’t have to! I picked the place.


Danielle: Whew! I’m so glad I don’t have to choose! Just curious, where are we going for dinner?

Kristina: We’ll be going to Shimuzu, one of my favorite restaurants.

Danielle: Shimuzu? I’ve heard of the place!  They serve lots of delicious experimental food!


Kristina: I’ll see you at 7 PM, okay? *hugs*

Danielle: Will do! See you then! *hugs back*


7 PM

Host: Ah, a special VIP is here! Kristina Schäfer, CEO of San Myshuno Fashion Collection!

Kristina: Right you are! I would like a table for two, please!

Host: Well, we have a clean table all ready for you two. Follow me to your table, please!


Server: Good evening, ladies. I’m Vivaan and I’l be serving you tonight. Can I start you ladies off with an appetizer?

Kristina: We would love to. What’s the Chef’s Choice tonight?

Vivaan: The Chef’s Choice is the Honeyed World Fruit Charcuterie.

Danielle: Is it vegetarian safe?

Viviaan: That has meat. However, we do offer a vegetarian safe option for that.

Danielle: Awesome. I’ll have the vegetarian safe option of that please.

Viviaan: Excellent choice. How about you, ma’am?

Kristina: I’ll have the Cured Meat Crisps on Reclaimed Forest Wood.

Viviaan: Excellent. Thank you for your order. Your food will be out shortly.


Kristina: How did you and Nathan meet?

Danielle: He and I met at IFA Paris Shanghai campus. We both were studying Fashion Marketing.

Kristina: IFA Paris is a great fashion design school. I didn’t know they have a campus in Shanghai.

Danielle: They also have a campus in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kristina: Interesting.


Danielle: Nathan and I became friends instantly. After classes, we would go out shopping and dining out at restaurants. Well, we don’t dine out too often because we got our parents’ delicious home cooking.

Kristina: The last time I’ve gone to Shanghai, I’ve shopped the Shanghai IFC Mall.

Danielle: The Shanghai IFC Mall? This is a high-end shopping mall and they have lots of brand name stores!

Kristina: Yup! Any other malls you would recommend?

Danielle: There’s lots of beautiful shopping malls in Shanghai! My personal favorites are Plaza 66, the Jiu Guang Dept. Store, Super Brand Mall, Shanghai Times Square, and the Citic Square.

Kristina: I’ll definitely check them out next time in I’m in Shanghai! Thank you for the recommendations!

Danielle: You’re welcome!


A few minutes later

Danielle: It’s important to take pictures of these experimental food, right?

Kristina: Absolutely!


Danielle: This is the first time I’m trying experimental food and so far, I love it!

Kristina: I’m glad you’re enjoying your Honeyed World Fruit Charcuterie. What’s good about it?

Danielle: The fruit and honey do bring out the sweet flavors! I was aware this has meat, but thank goodness it has a vegetarian safe option. For this option, they replaced the meat with tofu. I was worried that I was going to eat meat and you know that I’m a vegetarian and I don’t eat meat.

Kristina: I’m glad it all worked out.


Danielle: I bet your Cured Meat Crisps on Reclaimed Forest Wood is full of savory flavors!

Kristina: I learned that this is an eco-friendly dish. According to the description, the meat flavor is sealed by a solar curing process and the flavor really popped out when I bit to each meat chunk.

Danielle: Sounds really delicious!


After ordering the entrees

Kristina: You said that after completing school, Nathan worked at Gianni Versace. Why Versace?

Danielle: Not only the pay was great, but his mother loved Versace products. She has several Versace handbags in her handbag collection.

Kristina: Impressive! By the way, your friend, Vivian? How is she doing?

Danielle: Her English is steadily getting better.

Kristina: That’s good to hear. Vivian will be fluent in English in no time! She’s a pretty lady, you know.

Danielle: I agree that she’s pretty!


Danielle: Now that he’ll be starting to work in SMFC, there’s lots of beautiful clothes to model in. For example, those fancy suits and the sports jerseys.

Kristina: Indeed!

Danielle: Your dress is amazing, Kristina.

Kristina: Awww, thank you, Danielle! This is from SMFC, you know!


A few minutes later

Danielle: Wow, our food looks beautiful!

Kristina: They certainly do! The chef has done very well here!

Danielle: What are we waiting for? Let’s take pictures and then dig in!


Kristina: These Simsopolitans are so out of this world!


Danielle: Agreed! Let’s do a toast! Cheers to Nathan joining our team!

Kristina: Cheers!


Kristina: Exceptional! Every time I take a bite of the Tiger Shrimp in Smoked Dewdrop Broth, I can feel the shrimp flavors grabbing my tougue!

Danielle: You like shrimp?

Kristina: Yes I do! I’m a big fan of Shrimp Scampi. Oh, the sensational garlic taste in the Scampi sauce is so divine.

Danielle: My mouth is watering as I think about it.


Danielle: I love eggrolls and spring rolls, but a Glazed Heirloom Bamboo Roll? So out of this world! The bamboo tastes really good!

Kristina: You can eat bamboo?

Danielle: Yes you can! You have to boil them in order to eat them. It’s best not to eat them raw because they’re hard to digest and they’re bitter tasting!



After paying the bill

Kristina: Did you enjoy yourself? I know I did.

Danielle: I really did. Thank you for treating me out to dinner.

Kristina: You’re welcome!

Danielle: Nathan’s going to be in San Myshuno tomorrow! I can’t wait to see him again!

Kristina: I’m looking forward to meeting him!


Kristina: I’ll see you and your fellow fashion models tomorrow! We’ll be introducing Nathan to everyone! *hugs*

Danielle: I know everyone will love him! See you tomorrow! *hugs back*

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2 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 9: A New Model for SMFC

    1. Yup! The San Myshuno Fashion Collection is expanding its team! The company is in the need of new models. That bamboo roll is so divine and of course, vegetarian friendly! Wish there was a dish like that in RL.

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