Season 2 Episode 8: Spanish Lessons with Maricruz



Emilia: ¡Hola, Maricruz! We’re here!

Maricruz; Ah, bueno! Good! Ready for today’s Spanish lessons?

Claudia: Yes, we’re ready!


Maricruz: ¡Excelente! Come on in and we’ll get started!

Celia: I can’t wait to learn Spanish with you, Maricruz!

Maricruz: I love the enthusiasm, Celia!


Maricruz: When we first met, you said that you three know some basic Spanish words. Am I correct?

Emilia: Yes, Maricruz!

Maricruz: All right then. Let’s start off with the greetings. These should be easy for you!

Claudia: Sounds good!


Maricruz: I’m sure you know this. How do you say “hello” and “goodbye” in Spanish?

Celia: To say hello, you say “Hola”. To say goodbye, you say “Adiós”

Emilia: Hmmm. Hola for hello and Adiós for goodbye.

Claudia: Hola for hello and Adiós for goodbye. A fancy way to say goodbye is ¡Hasta la vista!

Maricruz: ¡Muy bien! LOL! Hasta la vista is another way to say goodbye. Nice that you knew that, Claudia! Moving on, do you know how to say “see you tomorrow” in Spanish?


Maricruz: You don’t know? Okay, to say “see you tomorrow”, you say “¡Hasta mañana!” Mañana means “tomorrow” or “morning”. In this case, it means “tomorrow”. Now repeat after me, “Hasta mañana”.

Celia: Ha-sta Ma-nya-na.

Claudia: Hasta mañana.

Emilia: Hasta Man-ni-ya-na

Maricruz: Hasta mañana.

The Fashionistas: Hasta mañana.


A few lessons later

Maricruz: You three aced the greetings, introductions, the term “gustar“, and feelings with flying colors! Now, let’s talk about the days of the week. I hope you brought your notebooks with you. You need to take some notes.

Claudia: We sure did, Maricruz!

Maricruz: ¡Excelente! Let’s start. Domingo is Sunday, Lunes is Monday. Martes is Tuesday. Miércoles is Wednesday. Jueves is Thursday. Viernes is Friday. Sábado is Saturday. Now repeat after me: Domingo, Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, y Sábado.

The Fashionistas: Domingo, Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, y Sábado.

Maricruz: ¡Muy bien!


 Celia: Learning Spanish is fun! Besides Spain and Mexico, what other countries have Spanish as the official language?

Maricruz: Good question! Let me see. Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Equatorial Guinea, Panama, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Paraguay, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Argentina, and Guatemala consider Spanish as the official language.

Celia: I’ve heard that Spanish is used widely in the USA. In the USA, there’s no official language.

Maricruz: Correct! Besides the USA, Spanish is widely used in Belize, Trinidad, Gibraltar, and Andorra.


Maricruz: Now let’s move on to the months of the year. Enero is January. Febrero is February. Marzo is March. Abril is April. Mayo is May. Junio is June. Julio is July. Agosto is August. Septiembre is September. Octubre is October. Noviembre is November. Diciembre is December. Now repeat after me: Enero, Febrero, Marzo, Abril, Mayo, Junio, Julio, Agosto, Septiembre, Octubre, Noviembre, y Diciembre.

The Fashionistas: Enero, Febrero, Marzo, Abril, Mayo, Junio, Julio, Agosto, Septiembre, Octubre, Noviembre, y Diciembre.

Maricruz: Note that Spanish for May looks like mayo, short for mayonnaise. However, it’s not pronounced like that. To say May in Spanish, you say like this: My-yo. Now you try it.

The Fashionistas: Mayo.

Maricruz: Mayo.

The Fashionistas: Mayo.

Maricruz: ¡Excelente!


Maricruz: Now let’s talk about the weather and the seasons. There are two ways to ask about the weather. ¿Qué tiempo hace? What’s the weather’s like? ¿Cómo está el clima? How’s the weather?

Emilia: So, weather in Spanish is el tiempo and el clima?

Maricruz: ¡Correcto! To say it’s hot, you say “Hace calor”. To say it’s cold, you say “Hace frío”. To say it’s sunny, you say “Hace sol”. To say it’s cool, you say “Hace fresco“. To say it’s windy, you say “Hace viento“. To say it’s cloudy, you say, “Está nublado“.

Claudia: That’s a lot to know.

Maricruz: I know, my friend. Now it’s time to test you. Let’s pretend that I’m asking you, Claudia, what the weather is like. You respond by saying it’s sunny. You ready, girlfriend?

Claudia: Ready, Maricruz!

Maricruz: Okay! ¿Qué tiempo hace?

Claudia: Hace sol.

Maricruz: ¡Bueno! Your turn, Emilia. I’m going to ask you what the weather is like and you respond by saying it’s cloudy. Got it?

Emilia: Got it.

Maricruz: ¿Qué tiempo hace?

Emilia: Está nublado.

Maricruz: ¡Excelente! Celia, I’m going to do the same and this time, you respond by saying it’s cool.

Celia: Got it.

Maricruz: ¿Qué tiempo hace?

Celia: Hace fresco.

Maricruz: ¡Excelente! You ladies are well on your way to become fluent in Spanish!


A few lessons later

Maricruz: That concludes today’s Spanish lessons. You girls did great, but I suggest you go back and review your notes to understand the correct pronunciations.

Emilia: We will definitely do that, Maricruz! Learning Spanish is fun, isn’t it, girls?

Claudia and Celia: We agree!


Emilia: Well, it’s best that we get going! Thank you so much for today’s Spanish lessons!

Maricruz: De nada! Next time we meet, in about a few weeks or so, we’ll be diving into the Spanish grammar basics.


After the Fashionistas went home

Maricruz: My, my, these girls are so enthusiastic in learning Spanish! Time to prepare the next lesson!


Maricruz: After these girls become fluent in Spanish, I’ll treat them to a trip to Spain!

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