Season 2 Episode 5: The Shaners are in Town! Pt. 2



cshaner: We’re here, ready to go!!

Colin: All right, let’s get going! We’re so excited to show you and G around the city!


Joseph: Here we are at the Casbah Gallery in the Arts District!

gshaner: It’s such a beautiful place!

Colin: Let’s go inside and view some art!


Colin: Wow, this painting is out of this world!


cshaner: This artist has done well!


cshaner: Wow! That’s a beautiful mural!

Joseph: I love it!

Colin: What do you say we paint a mural together?

gshaner: Sure!


Colin: First things first, I’ll have to clean this up. It’s a shame that I have to do this.


Colin: Let’s get started!

Joseph: I’ll sit here and watch you guys paint!




cshaner: Good job, team!

Joseph: Well done, guys!!

gshaner: Remember to take some pictures so that we can show our friends!


Colin: Sure thing, because this might be washed away by the rain or someone will clean it up and paint their own mural on it!

cshaner: Roger that!

gshaner: I wouldn’t want a beautiful mural like this to be gone. Glad I’m taking a picture of it.

Joseph: I can’t wait to show my friends at school this beautiful mural!


30 minutes later

Colin: Here we are at Myshuno Meadows! Let’s go for a walk around the park!

cshaner: This is such a pretty park!


1 hour later

Don: Good afternoon, all! You all in the mood for some Chinese food?

Shaners and Saupe Bros: Yeah!

Don: That’s what I love to hear! What can I get you?

gshaner: Sweet and Sour Pork, please!

Colin: I’ll have the Sweet and Sour Pork as well, please!

Joseph: I’m going to try the Mapo Pork with Tofu, please!

cshaner: I’m going to have the Sweet and Sour Eggplant!

Don: Coming right up!


gshaner: Using chopsticks is really hard!

Joseph: Whoa, this food is so spicy!

Colin: Whoops, I dropped my food. Hope no one saw that!

cshaner: Mmmmm, this is delicious!


30 minutes later

Colin: Here we are at Planet Honey Pop in the Fashion District! This is a very popular karaoke bar!

gshaner: Wow, check out this beautiful lady’s performance! It’s outstanding!

Colin: Oh, that’s Anaya Jang, one of the San Myshuno residents!

cshaner: She has a beautiful voice!








20 minutes later

cshaner: Folks, G and I will be singing Time to Say Goodbye by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli!








song ends

Joseph: You were marvelous, cshaner and gshaner!!!

Colin: Bravo!!!

cshaner: Thank you, boys! We really appreciate the compliments!

gshaner: Why don’t you boys sing some karaoke?

Colin: Sure! Come on! Let’s give it our best shot, Joseph!


Colin: Folks, my brother and I will be singing Quit Playing Games (with My Heart) by the Backstreet Boys!








Colin: I say we rocked the bar, didn’t we?

Joseph: I would say we did.

Colin: We’ll definitely practice our singing when we have a chance!


1 hour later

Hostess: Welcome to Pasta ala Penguin, one of Sim Nation’s best Italian restaurants! How many people are in your party?

Colin: Four.

Hostess: Excellent! Follow me. There’s a clean table waiting for you!


gshaner: Wow, there’s lot of good food here! What should I choose?

Colin: I know, right? My mouth is watering right now as I scan the menu.


Server: Greetings! I’ll be your server for the night. May I get you folks started with an appetizer? The chef’s choice for the appetizer is the clam chowder!

Joseph: Yes, please! I’ll have a Caesar Salad!

Colin: A garden salad, please!

cshaner: A butternut squash soup, please!

gshaner: Calm chowder, please!

Server: Thank you! Your food will be out shortly!


cshaner: I had so much fun today and yesterday! Thank you, boys, for treating us to a tour around San Myshuno!

Joseph: You’re very welcome, cshaner!

Colin: What was your favorite part of today?

gshaner: I would say singing karaoke with my beautiful wife!

cshaner: Same here! Karaoke is the best!


20 minutes later

Colin: Wow, my salad came out perfect!

cshaner: Hooray! Our food is here! Let’s dig in, folks!




cshaner: This butternut squash soup is out of this world! Dear, you should give this a try!

gshaner: I would love to! Next time we dine out, I’ll certainly eat that.


20 minutes later

gshaner: All right, we’re done with our appetizers. Now let’s take a 10 minute break to let our stomachs settle for a bit.


10 minutes later

Joseph: Waiter!!

Server: Yes, sir? Ready to order your main courses?

Joseph: Yes we are! I’m having a chili with a rootbeer float!

Colin: I’ll have a roast chicken and a cream cola!

cshaner: I’m having a salmon and a sour punch!

gshaner: I’ll have a steak and fizzy fruit drink!

Server: Excellent! Your main courses will be out shortly!


Colin: Do you plan to visit San Myshuno again?

cshaner: Most certainly! San Myshuno is so beautiful and there’s lots to do there!

Joseph: Next time you’re in the city, we’ll treat you two to a festival!

gshaner: The festivals? We’re looking forward to going to the Romance Festival, Spice Festival, and GeekCon!

Colin: Those sound like excellent festivals to go to!


20 minutes later

cshaner: Our main courses have arrived! Let’s dig in, folks!

Colin: Here’s to our amazing days with the Shaners! *Raises glass*

All: Cheers!


Pasta Ala Penguin by BBQPenguinWings

Songs Featured

Time to Say Goodbye by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli (listen on YouTube)

Quit Playing Games (with My Heart) by the Backstreet Boys (listen on YouTube)

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