Season 2 Episode 3: New Roomies. New Experiences

D/N: Unless the stuffed animal has a name, he or she will be called Drago, Dino, Blarffy, Bun Bun, or Uni.

Sunday Night


Drago: I wonder where Daniel is? I’m starting to get lonely.


Daniel: There’s my favorite red Drago!! Hey, Drago! *pats Drago*

Drago: Hi, Daniel! I missed you today! How was your day?

Daniel: Awesome! All my hard work paid off! I’m currently a B student!

Drago: That hard work certainly paid off! Congratulations!


Daniel: A big kiss for you! *kisses Drago*

Drago: I love it when you give me kisses!

Daniel: I love seeing you wear that bell around your neck! It looks good on you!

Drago: Thank you!


Alec: What a day! Now to finish these reports before I head to bed.


Daniel: Now to start studying for the Biology test I have tomorrow.


1 hr later

Daniel: This stuff shouldn’t be TOO hard at all! I think I’m going to ace it tomorrow!



Daniel: Good morning, Drago! Today’s a school day for me!

Drago: Good morning! Have a nice day at school and please stay out of trouble!!

Daniel: I will!


After school

Daniel: That bio test was a piece of cake! I’m confident that I scored an A on it!


30 minutes later

Colin: Hey, Daniel!

Joseph: We’re here and ready to move in!

Daniel: Colin and Joseph!! It’s great to see you two!


Daniel and Joseph: High five! *high fives each other*

Colin: Wow, what a beautiful apartment!

Joseph: It’s big!

Daniel: Thanks! It has plenty of room for the four of us to live here!

Colin: Say, Daniel, where’s Alec?

Daniel: He’s at work now. He’ll be back at 5 PM.

Colin: Great! I can’t wait to see him again!


Daniel: How’s work as a game designer treating you?

Colin: My supervisior is nice and the pay is good. Right now, I’m working on a new game.

Daniel: Really? What’s that game going to be about?

Colin: It’s going to be a dating simulator, where you, the player, travel around the world to match clients to their perfect match! This was inspired by one of my favorite games, Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker!

Daniel: Sweet!


Colin: Speaking of gaming, Joseph and I are planning to start up a gaming channel on SimTube!

Daniel: You are? What will your channel be called and what games are you going to feature there?

Joseph: Our channel will be called Super Saupe Bros Gaming! We’ll be doing Let’s Plays on games such as Party Frenzy, Blickblock, The Sims, Sonic, and MySims Racing!

Daniel: Sounds like Super Mario Bros! I’m sure this will be a great gaming channel!

Colin: LOL, yeah! We plan to release videos every Wednesdays and Fridays.


5 PM

Alec: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Saupe Bros! Welcome to our humble apartment! Daniel and I are glad that you’re going to live with us!

Joseph: Hey, Alec! It’s great to see you again!

Colin: Alec, my friend! It’s great to be here in the city of San Myshuno! We’ll have a great time living together.


Joseph: Let’s set some ground rules. One rule I would like to suggest is that there will be no fighting and no drama around here.

Colin: Right! We don’t what any bad auras around here.

Alec: Joseph and Daniel, when we do chores around the house, you are to help us. Okay?

Daniel: Okay! Another rule I would like to suggest is that we don’t make any noise past 10 PM. If we want to watch TV or play video games, we must keep the volume low. Otherwise, our neighbor might hear us and complain about the noise.

Colin: Right! Also, you boys must do your homework once you get home from school.


Alec: Speaking of school, how are doing in school?

Joseph: I’m currently one of the top ten students in my school!

Alec: You are? You’re an amazing person!

Colin: I push him to do his homework and extra credit every day! I even help him study for his tests.

Alec: I do the same thing to Daniel and right now, he’s a B student.

Joseph: Way to go, Daniel! With more effort, you’ll be an A student in no time!

Daniel: Thank you! Hey, I got someone you should meet! I’ll be right back!


A few seconds later

Daniel: Colin and Joseph, meet Drago! Drago, meet Colin and Joseph. They’ll be living with us.

Drago: Hi, Colin and Joseph! Welcome to our humble apartment! I hope you’ll enjoy living with Alec and Daniel!

Joseph: Wow, he’s so cute! I just to give him a big hug!

Daniel: He’s my best friend!

Colin: Your brother really loves that stuffed dragon, doesn’t he?

Alec: He sure does. He’s had it since he was a toddler and he never wanted to abandon him. Drago was like one of his best friends.

Colin: That’s so cute!


Daniel: Drago here loves to take me to lots of castles!

Joesph: He does?

Daniel: Yeah he does! The last time he took me to one, I met a beautiful princess and some of Drago’s dragon friends!

Joseph: Wow, that’s so cool!


Alec: What a wonderful day this is! We got some new roomies and I have a feeling we’re going to have fun together!

Colin: We sure will, my friend! Say, you up for some video games?

Alec: Sure!


Alec and Colin: Party Frenzy!

Daniel: Hey, our big bros are playing some Party Frenzy! Wanna you say we join them?

Joseph: Sure thing!


Joseph: Watch it, watch it!


Daniel: Woo!!! I got a high score!


Drago: These boys are sure having lots of fun playing Party Frenzy!


Colin: Ha! I did it!

Alec: Gosh darn it! I was so close!


After the game

Colin: Oh yeah, that’s how it’s done!

Alec: Good game, buddy!

Colin: It’s all about my mad gaming skills, Alec!

Alec: It’s almost time for dinner! I’ll be preparing something special!

Colin: Oh boy, I can’t wait!


Alec: For tonight’s dinner, we’re having nigiri!


Colin: Going to check up on my project.


Daniel: Better finish my extra credit work in History.


Dinner is served

Alec: Boys, we’re having nigiri for dinner!

Colin: What’s nigiri?

Alec: It’s a type of sushi that’s made of thin slices of raw fish over vinegared rice.

Joseph: That sounds delicious! I can’t wait to dig in!

Daniel: Do be careful when using these chopsticks! It’s hard to use! With a little more practice, you’ll be chopstick savvy!


Daniel: Yum! This is so fresh and tender!

Joseph: The best! What’s your secret, Alec?

Alec: Well, I owe it to the Chef’s Kitchen lot trait. That trait is so useful in making all of our cooking in excellent quality. Also, my mom taught me how to cook.

Colin: You’ve done really well, my friend! This is so out of this world!


Colin: Using chopsticks is really hard!


After dinner

Daniel: Hi, Drago! Hugs!!

Drago: Hugs! How was dinner?

Daniel: It was delicious! We had nigiri and it’s a type of sushi that consists of thin slices of raw fish over vinegared rice.

Drago: I’m glad to hear that! If it’s that delicious, you could’ve saved me some! Wait, do dragons eat fish?

Daniel: I believe they do.

Drago: Super! Then, that dish would be great for me!


Daniel: Weeeeee!! You’re such a fun friend to play with!

Drago: You’re the best friend any dragon can ask for!


Daniel: *GASP* Mom?

Martina: Hi, sweetie! Sorry to scare you like that. I see you’re having fun with your Drago! Still holding that strong friendship with him?

Daniel: We’re still best friends! What brings you here?

Martina: I heard you got some new roomies!

Daniel: Yup! The Saupe Bros, Colin and Joseph.

Martina: *Sigh* I miss their parents so much. Oh, Austin and Miranda. They were the best friends your father and I can ask for. I remember all the playdates you boys had together and we, the parents, would chat over some nice cake and coffee. I can’t believe they died in such a tragic accident! Something has to be done about drunk driving!

Daniel: I know, right? If you drink, don’t drive! I remember how upset the Saupe Bros were after they heard about the accident. They stayed with their aunt and uncle from their mother’s side until Colin graduated college.

Martina: I know. 😦 Well, I hope you boys enjoy living together and exploring the city together!

Daniel: We will!

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