Season 2 Episode 2: Party with the Models



Claudia: Domenica di oggi, il giorno per il nostro stare insieme! Che emozione!


Claudia: These Spinach Wrapped Veggie Burritos are sure to put a smile on Danielle’s face!


30 minutes later

Claudia: Of course we wouldn’t forget Danielle’s favorite dish: Sweet and Sour Eggplant!


2 PM

Emilia: Okay, we’re here at the female SMFC models’ penthouse, where the party will be held!

Claudia: I can’t wait to party with our fellow models!

Celia: I know Vivian will love Justin and Evan as much as she loved us, Danielle, Maricruz, and Evelína!


Inside the penthouse

Celia: Okay, all the food is set down! I wonder where everyone is?


Emilia: Hey, all! I hope you are excited for the party! As you can see here, we brought food for the party!

Justin: Sweet!!


Celia: Justin, I would love for you to meet Vivian Trinh! She’s from Hanoi, Vietnam and she’ll be join our team!


Claudia: Evan! Thank you for coming out!

Evan: Thank you, Celia, and Emilia for hosting the party!


Justin: Nice to meet you, Vivian!

Vivian: Hello, Justin. Nice to meet you too!

Justin: You’re very pretty!

Vivian: Thank you!!

Emilia: Just a heads up, her English isn’t fluent.

Justin: It’s not?

Emilia: Sadly, no. It’s at a conversational level. According to Danielle, she does know the basic greetings, colors, days of the week, and how to describe people.

Justin: That’s good to hear!


Evan: Ah, Claudia. It’s great to see you.

Claudia: Same here! Say, you look snazzy!

Evan: Grazie, Claudia. You’re very beautiful in your Glitter and Abs outfit!

Claudia: Awwww, grazie, Evan!


Claudia (whispers to Evan): Hey, have you heard of Tony Corleonesi aka Meatball?

Evan: Is he’s from Rory Plays The Sims’s Legacies of the Sims?

Claudia: Correct! He’s one of the best villains and lovers in SimLit! Don’t worry! He’s not a complete evil person! At times, he’s a gentleman.

Evan: Well, that’s good to know.


Celia: Evelína!

Evelína: Celia! Darling! I’m so happy to see you!


Evelína: I must say, your outfit is dazzling!

Celia: Thank you! Yours too!

Evelína: Want a picture together?

Celia: Sure!


Evelína: Usměj se!

Celia: Usměj se!


1 hour later

Danielle: Spinach Wrapped Veggie Burritos? These look amazing!

Claudia: We remembered to make some vegetarian dishes before we left our apartment, including your favorite Sweet and Sour Eggplant!

Danielle: You girls remembered! You’re the best!


Evelína: So this is dango? Wow, this is so scrumptious! Loving the sweet taste of this!


Maricruz: ¡Guauu! ¡Esto es muy delicioso!


Emilia: I’m having these taquitos! They’re so delicious!

Maricruz: Taquitos are rolled up tortillas with a delicious filling, including cheese, chicken, or beef. These are then deep-fried. A great appetizer!

Emilia: You know all your foods!

Maricruz: I’ve been to Latin America during my vacations, including Mexico and Brazil, and their foods are fantastic!


Claudia: These banh mi sandwiches are out of this world! How is your burrito? I cooked these.

Evan: So delicious! The vegetables are very tender and the spinach wrapping is so tasty! You’re an amazing chef!

Claudia: Awwwww, thank you! You’re so sweet!


Vivian: This party. It’s fun.

Celia: I’m glad that you like it, Vivian!

Evelína: Oh, I got a message from my bratr and he’s asking me how life’s treating me! I know what I’m going to say!


1 hour later

Evan: Ladies, check out my mad dancing skills!

Emilia: Woo-hoo!! You sure got the moves, Evan!!

Evelína: All right! You go, Evan!

Maricruz: He’s got impressive dance moves!!


Celia: I’m so glad that this party is going so well! Not only everyone enjoyed the food, but everyone loved Vivian! I got to hand to you, Claudia! You come up with the most brilliant party ideas!

Claudia: I’m pleased to hear that the party is going so well! I can’t wait to hold another one!

Celia: Next time we do, we’ll invite Kristina, Trish, and Anthony to join us!

Claudia: We will!


Claudia: Domenica di oggi, il giorno per il nostro stare insieme! Che emozione!  (Italian)

Today’s Sunday, the day for our get together! How exciting!

Grazie (Italian)

Thank you

Usměj se! (Czech)


Maricruz: ¡Guau! ¡Esto es muy delicioso! (Spanish)

Wow! This is very delicious!

bratr (Czech)


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