Views of the World Traveling Foodies: Chez Llama, The Experimental Food Hub





Namaste, my foodie friends.

Get ready for LOADS of fun! Jesminder and I visited the hub of experimental food, Chez Llama.


We were kindly greeted by the hostess, Masami Suzuki, who seated us immediately. The tables were covered with premium silk cloth and the seats were very comfortable. Each table had a candle in a globe, which can truly set the mood.


After Masami sat us at our table, our waiter, Jacques Villareal. Jacques is a pioneer in the server field, as he’s been a server at several restaurants and the restaurants loved his kind and enthusiastic attitude. kindly welcomed us to the restaurant and enthused all about the experimental food. He also assured us that Chef Archer has years of experience in the experimental food field and that he’ll do an amazing job cooking our meals. Both of us started off with an appetizer and he recommended from the appetizers section the Spherized Fruit Gel in Foam Nest, which Jesminder ordered.


Here’s Jesminder’s Spherized Fruit Gel in Foam Nest. She said that this was full of vibrant colors and has a sweet sensation. Each bite of this wonderful dish took her to fruit heaven and when she was done with her dish, her tongue was full of fruit flavors. We figured out what fruits Chef Archer used and we assumed that blueberries, lemons, oranges, strawberries, kiwis, and pineapples were used to make this. When we asked him for the recipe, we only got 5 out of 6 fruits correct. He did use blueberries, lemons, oranges, strawberries, and pineapples to make this, but he didn’t use kiwis. He used pears instead. I asked him if this dish is vegetarian friendly and he said that it is. So here’s another dish that’s good for vegetarians!


I ordered myself a Glacier Infused Iceberg Lettuce. Although it was basically a salad with an icy touch, I find it very unique because of the glowing. For those who want a dish to cool you off from a hot sunny day, this is the dish for you! A little warning that this can give you BRAIN FREEZE! I want to say that this is another great dish for all you vegetarians out there!

After our wonderful appetizers, we took a 10 minute break to let our stomachs settle and then we ordered our entrees.


Jesminder ordered herself an Artisan Fish Trio with a refreshing Soft Shadow Avornalino. As she ate her fish trio, she wondered what fish were used to make this. According to the description, it said that the most skilled fish were used in making this delicious entree. Jesminder assumed halibut, tilapia, tuna, and salmon were used in this dish. Surprisingly, when we asked the chef for the recipe, he mentioned all of the fish we assumed he used! This was a very pleasing dish!


I ordered myself the Chef’s choice for the entree, the Volcano Pasta, and for my drink, I ordered myself a Riverblossom Cranerlet. It looks like a mini volcano with cheese oozing out! I love the gooey sensation and fragrant scent of the melted cheese. It made our mouths water.

After our entrees, we rested our stomachs for 10 minutes and then we went ahead and ordered our desserts.


The chef’s choice was the Vanilla Sea Shells and Chocolate Caviar, which Jesminder ordered. Keep in mind that caviar is a fish product, so this isn’t a recommended dish for you vegetarians out there! Each bite of this sensational dish gives you a feeling that you’re eating vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. A satisfying dessert to cool you off after a nice, hot meal.


This is my dessert, the Crystallized Coco Blocks. They’re so cute and chocolaty. By the looks of this dish, you just want to build a tower with them! I bet the chocolate used to make this blocks come from Belgian, where the best chocolate comes from! This is one of two experimental desserts that are vegetarian friendly! The other dessert is the Vertical Berry Cake, which I’ll include in another restaurant review, if I order that for dessert.

After our meal was complete, we paid our bill of §137 and asked Chef Archer for the recipes. That way, we can try these foods ourselves at our apartment.

Meal Breakdown:


Appetizer: Glacier Infused Iceberg Lettuce (§14)

Entree: Volcano Pasta (§19) and Riverblossom Cranerlet (§16)

Dessert: Crystallized Coco Blocks (§23)


Appetizer: Spherized Fruit Gel in Foam Nest (§16)

Entree: Artisan Fish Trio (§15) and Soft Shadow Avornalino (§16)

Dessert: Vanilla Sea Shells and Chocolate Caviar (§23)

TOTAL: §137


Food Quality: 5/5

Both of our meals were heavenly delicious! Both of our wines went well with our meals. I bet Chez Llama gets their wines from the best wine suppliers in Sim Nation.

Food Creativty: 5/5

A lot of thought was put into making our dishes and that’s what makes them very unique. Chef Archer has done very well here. Jesminder’s Spherized Fruit Gel in Foam Nest stood out because of its fruity flavors and my Volcano Pasta stood out because of the gooey cheese.

Service: 5/5

The hostess, server, and chef were friendly. Our meals took an average of 30 mins to come out. Not bad, but we completely understand that experimental foods take longer than regular food to be made.

Atmosphere: 5/5

A clean setup, calm music, mood lighting, and beautiful decor make Chez Llama the best place to go for dates, family dinners, and dinner with a couple of good friends.

Overall score: 5/5


We were intrigued by the experimental food Chez Llama served. We even tried cooking those dishes at home and they were as divine as the ones here at Chez Llama. Like La Escargot Petite, the prices were moderately expensive. Surprisingly, our bill was 1 SIMOLEON expensive than our bill from La Escargot Petite. Most importantly, none of us got food poisoning. If any food poisoning were to occur on this visit, we’ll have to take away our high rating and exchange that for none other than a one star rating. Trust us, no restaurant would want a one star rating in their records.

5 of 5 stars- Take your friends and family!

About the World Traveling Foodies


Aaradhya Verma and Jesminder Sharma are food critics for the San Myshuno Times. They love to try out new foods and document their thoughts on them. When dining at restaurants, they do a comprehensive review on the restaurants’ food and atmosphere. They currently live in the Fashion District in the city of San Myshuno.


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  1. That was some fancy food. I enjoyed the update. I also need your advice. What is the fanciest most elegant restaurant that you can think of … I need it for one of the dates in my challenge. Yours is still on the way I’m saving yours for virtualee’s guys

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