Views of the World Traveling Foodies: A Journey to La Escargot Petite





Namaste, foodies!

We’re going to review a restuarant built by an amazing Simmer in the Simming community! It’s La Escargot Petite and it was created by DeKayThePUNK!


Aaradhya and I were greeted by the restaurant’s host, Yasmin Chafik. She was fast to find us the perfect spot to sit at.


After we were seated, we were greeted by our kind server, Vivian Lewis. She enthused us about the experimental food and assured us that the chef, Hajar Mandir, has the skills to prepare high quality experimental food. She also recommended that we try the Chef’s special, the Space Taco with Pearled Egg Core, which I ordered myself.


My meal is a Space Taco with Pearled Egg Core and a Monte Vista Reserve Renoit. As I dug into this taco, I felt a spark touch my tongue. It wasn’t a fatal spark, just a small one. The shell and the egg yolk were shiny. Each bite of this taco made me think about space. Chef Hajar had really done well here.


Aaradhya ordered herself the Semi-Firm Beet Noodles and a Monte Vista Reserve Renoit. She told me how chewy those noodles were and she would recommend this dish to those who follow a vegetarian diet.

After our meal, we paid our bill and asked Chef Hajar for the recipes, so that we can try them at home.

Meal Breakdown:


Semi-Firm Beet Noodles (§16) and Monte Vista Reserve Renoit (§45)


Space Taco with Pearled Egg Core (§30) and Monte Vista Reserve Renoit (§45)

TOTAL: §136


Food Quality: 5/5

Both our meals were delicious and had a unique taste. However, I did experience a light spark on my tongue as I ate my taco. Not a fatal spark, so no point deductions for that. Both of our Monte Vista Reserve Renoits were so refreshing that they went well with our meals. The restaurant certainly must have the best wine suppliers in all of Sim Nation.

Food Creativty: 5/5

The Space Taco was the most unique dish I’ve tried. As I took a bite, it made me think about space journeys. Aaradhya’s noodles were top notch divine. Chef Hajar certainly had something here.

Service: 5/5

The host, our server, and the chef were really welcoming and friendly. Our food came out in 10 minutes, which was quite fast.

Atmosphere: 5/5

A calm and relaxing atmosphere. The walls were decorated with green decor, so a plus for being Eco-friendly!

Overall score: 5/5


No food poisoning occured during the meal and we were very intrigued by the various dishes in the menu. We even tried preparing the recipes ourselves and they were delicious. The prices, however, were a bit expensive, so we classify them as moderately expensive.


5 out of 5 stars- A Must Go!

About the World Traveling Foodies


Aaradhya Verma and Jesminder Sharma are food critics for the San Myshuno Times. They love to try out new foods and document their thoughts on them. When dining at restaurants, they do a comprehensive review on the restaurants’ food and atmosphere. They currently live in the Fashion District in the city of San Myshuno.


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    1. Doing these blog posts make it realistic, doesn’t it? I’m pleased that Aaradhya and Jesminder are able to provide you all with insightful reviews on the food they’ve tried and restaurants they’ve been to. Thank you for stopping by to check out their blog! 🙂

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