Season 1 Episode 30: Spicy Time at the Spice Festival (Season Finale)



Dustin: TGIF!

Brett: TGIF and today’s the day!

Dustin: Oh, right! The Spice Festival is today! It’ll start at 5 PM. We’ll all go after Hank gets back from work.

Brett: What time does he get off work?

Dustin: He gets off at 6 PM.

Brett: Great! Man, I can’t wait to try out the Spicy Curry Challenge and try different spicy foods!


6 PM

Hank: Oh boy oh boy! The Spice Festival! We’ve always wanted to attend this festival, but we’ve been so busy with our careers.

Dustin: Here’s what we’ll do! We’ll attempt the Spicy Curry Challenge and eat some of the delicious cultural dishes!


Brett: Better let my friends and followers out there know I’m at the Spice Festival!


Hunter: Oh boy, my friends and followers are going to love seeing me here at the Spice Festival!

Dustin: Come on, boys! Let’s go attempt the Spicy Curry Challenge!

Hunter: Coming, Dustin!


Dustin: Ready, boys? Anyone who can handle this spicy curry wins!

Hank: You’re on!

Hunter: I bet I can win!

Brett: This curry shouldn’t be too spicy for my tongue!


Dustin: AHHHHHHHH!!! TOO HOT! #automaticfail


Brett: Come on, Brett. You can do this, man!


Hunter: Oh boy, my stomach is going to hate me for this!


Hank: Man, I blew this! #automaticfail

Brett: Hey, I did it!

Hunter: So do I!

Brett: We got these cool T-shirts!! I love the spicy pepper on it!

Hunter: Well done, man! *high fives Brett*


Moments later

Hunter: Mmmm. This samosa is delicious! Trying foods from different countries is fun!

Brett: Totally, man!


Hank: I would like some empanadas, please!

Food Vendor: Here you go!

Hank: Thank you!


Brett: Let’s do a bro bump to celebrate our victories!

Hunter: Yeah, man! Let’s do it! *bro bumps Brett*


Brett: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! We’re the Spice Champs!

Hunter: Oh yes, we are!


Hunter: I knew you would win the challenge! How did you do it?

Brett: Easy. I put some ice cubes in my mouth and left them there for an hour.

Hunter: Great trick! As for me, I had lots of ice cream.

Brett: Well, I hope you didn’t get any brain freeze from it!


Hank: Mmmmm. These empanadas are savory and delicious! I must try cooking this at our apartment!


Dustin: Look at all those good food here! I’m going to sample each one!


Brett: I feel sorry for our older brothers.

Hunter: Same here. Well, hey, they at least got themselves a festival T-shirt.

Brett: True that.


Dustin: Brett tried Bhel Puri before and he told me how good it was! He’s so right! It’s delicious!


Brett: I tried it before and I breathed fire! Here I go again with the fire breathing!


Hunter: Man, that was one delicious Bhel Puri!


Hank: HOT, HOT, HOT!! Man, my tongue just doesn’t want to take in this spicy food!


Back at the apartment

Hank: Boys, we had such a spicy time at the Spice Festival!

Brett: Agreed!

Dustin: Congrats, Brett and Hunter, for winning the Spicy Curry Challenge!

Hunter: Thanks, man!

Brett: Thanks, bro!

Dustin: Oh yeah, I bought some spices from the festival! We should put them on our food!

Hank: So you can burn our tongues?

Dustin: Maybe.


Hank: Next time we want to attempt the Spicy Challenge, we should at least numb our tongues.

Dustin: That’s what we did before, but still, our tongues caught on fire!

Hank: Still not numb enough, it seems. We’ll try this trick, where we put ice cubes in our mouths and leave them there for an hour or so.

Dustin: Great idea! We’ll definitely do that next time!


Brett: You should’ve seen the look on Dustin’s face when he failed the challenge! It was priceless!

Hunter: Same with Hank! He was screaming for water after he failed! LOL!

D/N: We made to the season finale! I want to thank all of you for reading and commenting!! I really appreciate all the feedback! I hope you will join me in the next season! I have lots planned for the upcoming season! Here’s to the next season!

See you in Season 2!

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