Season 1 Episode 29: I Hate Chores!



Hunter: UGH! Today’s cleaning day! I hate this!


Brett: Cleaning time!


Hank: Wow, this sink really stinks! I’m so glad today’s cleaning day!


Dustin: It’s been a few weeks since we did a cleaning day.


Hunter: I got to find a way to get myself out of this!! I hate doing chores and it’s not fair for someone like me to do this!


Hunter: Think, Hunter, think! How can you get out of chores?


Hunter: AHA! I shall get a red marker and draw some stripes on my face and arms and make it look like I have the Gas and Giggles!


Hunter: There! Now to tell Hank that I’m sick.


Hank: OMG, bro! You don’t look so well! Are you alright?

Hunter: HA! HA! I don’t feel good. I have the Gas and Giggles! ACHOO!!

Hank: Gee! You really are sick!

Hunter: I am! *coughs*


Hank: Don’t just stand here! Go to bed! You don’t want to spend the illness to us, don’t you?

Hunter: ACHOO! Nope! I’ll go to bed right away.


Brett: Poor Hunter. I hope he’ll feel better.

Hank: I hope so, bro.


Dustin: There we go! That’s all the trash cleaned!




5 minutes later

Hunter: (in a quiet voice) All right! Now I can go out and collect some snow globes and posters! I just have to make sure the coast is clear and then I’ll sneak out.


30 minutes later

Hank: Hunter, how are you-




Aaradhya: Hi, Hunter! What are you doing out here?

Hunter: Well, today’s cleaning day and I’ve decided to ditch it by pretending to be sick. Now that my plan worked, I’m now out here collecting snow globes and posters.

Aaradhya: You’re ditching chores?! That’s not good, Hunter! Your brother is going to be super furious once he finds out!

Hunter: Uh oh, you’re right.

Aaradhya: Well, have fun collecting and hopefully, you’ll have a good explanation for your brother.

Hunter: I will.


Dustin: Why are you so angry, bro?

Hank: Hunter! He tricked us! I came up to check up on him and he’s not there!


Brett and Dustin: What?! He’s not?! OMG.

Hank: He isn’t! I bet he pretended to be sick so that he can ditch cleaning day! OHH, he makes me so mad!

Dustin: Relax, bro. Let’s finish cleaning up here and then we’ll talk about Hunter later.


Hunter: Let’s hope I can get a snow globe from this box!

Seconds later

Hunter: Oh boy! I got one!


Hunter: Aaradhya!! One more thing before I head off!

Aaradhya: Yes, Hunter?

Hunter: Have you made a decision on whether you like to join my club?

Aaradhya: I took some time to think about and the answer is YES!! I really need to relax after all the days of hard work!

Hunter: Hooray! I can’t wait for all of us to relax together!


Moments later

Hunter: Here I am at the Spice District! Now to collect some posters and snow globes.










Moments later

Hunter: Now I’m at the Arts Quarter!


Hunter: Gotta get rid of this graffiti.




Moments later

Hunter: Here’s the Uptown, where Devan lives! This is such a beautiful neighborhood!






Moments later

Hunter: Ah, Myshuno Meadows!


Hunter: Time for a nap!




2 hours later

Kristal: Congrats on your promotion! As a celebration, we’ll be dining here at Infinity Cafe!

Hunter: Thank you, Kristal!


Host: Welcome to Infinity Cafe! How many people are in your party?

Hunter: Two!

Host: We have a table ready for you two! Follow me to your table.


Kristal: I wonder what’s tasty here?


30 minutes later

Dennis: Good evening! I’m Dennis and I’ll be your server. Today’s special is the Herb Crusted Salmon! What can I get for you?

Hunter: I would like the Trout Meunière and a Von Haunt Estate Meloire.

Kristal: This looks delicious! I’ll have the Lobster Thermidor and a Granite Falls Grappo Blanco.

Dennis: Thank you for your order. Your food will be out shortly.


Kristal: Have you been checking out my SimTube channel? I’ve recently started the Drifter Challenge and a freeplay series featuring toddlers!


Hunter: Yes I have and you’ve done an amazing job with those videos!

Kristal: Awww, thank you, Hunter! I really appreciate the compliment! So, how’s life as an Internet star so far?

Hunter: Life as an amateur Internet star ain’t bad, althought I been getting trolled a lot.

Kristal: Ignore those trolls. They’re just there to make your life miserable. Anyway, what did you do today?


Hunter: Today was cleaning day at our apartment and I tell you, I hate it!

Kristal: Cleaning day is always a blast at my place!


Hunter: Well for me, it’s NOT.

Kristal: Okay, I respect that.


Hunter: However, I found a way to get myself out of cleaning day.

Kristal: You did, huh? Tell me.


Hunter: I pretended to be sick! I got a red marker and drew stripes on my face and arms to make it look like I have the Gas and Giggles. OMG, I can’t believe Hank fell for it! Instead of cleaning day, I spent the day walking around San Myshuno to find snow globes and posters!


Kristal: What?! You’re telling me that you pretended to be sick so that you can ditch your chores? That’s not good, Hunter!


Hunter: I had to! I hate chores and I don’t want to do them ever!! They stink!


Kristal: *GASPS* I can’t believe you would do that, lying about being sick and ditching chores! Hank is going to be furious when you return back to your apartment. I have something important to tell you.

Hunter: Before you do, I want to ask you something.

Kristal: Yes, Hunter?

Hunter: Are you interested in joining my Relaxing Paradise club? What we do in the club is relax and do yoga at our local spas.

Kristal: That would be a nice club for me to join! So, yes, I would love to join!


Hunter: Sweet! You’re in!

Kristal: All right!! I’m in Hunters Relaxing Paradise club! I can’t wait to relax with you all!


Hunter: Okay, I see you have something to tell me. Do tell me.


Kristal: I wanted to emphasize on the consequences of lying.

Hunter: Okay.

Kristal: You know that lying cannot simply solve problems, but make them bigger and create more of them?

Hunter: Yes.

Kristal: In addition, lying can cripple your personal growth. You would assume you can get away with lying. Well, no! Someone will eventually find out the real truth and get upset. Remember, it’s best to speak the truth. That will save you and everyone trouble!

Hunter: This is such a valuable lesson to learn.


Kristal: Here’s what you need to do when you get back to your apartment. Go up to Hank and beg for forgiveness. Show him how very forgiving you are. Convince him you’re sorry for what you did. Don’t back down when he starts yelling at you. Remember that deep in his heart, he loves and cares so much about you. Understand?

Hunter: Yes, ma’am.

Kristal: That’s the spirit!


Hunter: Thank you, Kristal, for giving me a life lesson.

Kristal: You’re welcome, my friend.


Dennis: Folks, dinner is served! Enjoy!


Kristal: Yippie! Our food is here!

Hunter: It smells so good! Let’s dig in!






Hunter: Thank you for treating me out to dinner, Kristal.

Kristal: You’re welcome! You know what to do once you get back to your apartment.

Hunter: Yes. Apologize to Hank and beg for forgiveness. Admit that I was lying about being sick.

Kristal: That’s what I love to hear! Hope things will work out between you two.


Back at the apartment

Hunter: Okay, here goes nothing.


Hank: He’s definitely going to get it the minute he steps in!


Hunter: Hee hee. Hello, Hank.



Hunter: Why are you angry, bro?

Hank: Don’t act like you don’t know! You know what you did!

Hunter: I pretended to be sick so that I can ditch chores?


Hank: Exactly! Back at home during cleaning day, I help Mom and Dad out! What do you do? You just sleep on the couch or play video games!

Hunter: Wait. How did you know that I was pretending to be sick?


Hank: I went up to our room to check on you and you weren’t there! I also saw a red marker and that gave me the impression that you drew those red lines on your face and arms!


Hunter: Gosh darn it! I’m busted.


Hank: Busted is right, mister! You’ve ditched out on chores countless times! But this time, you have really crossed the line!

Hunter: So, what are you going to do about this?

Hank: I want you to get out of this apartment and never come back!!!!


Hunter: You want me to get out of here?

Hank: YES!

Hunter: But Hank, you can’t do this. I’m your brother.

Hank: Well, you’re no longer my brother!


Hunter: WHAT?! Are you joking?! You can’t do this to your brother! What will Mom and Dad think about this??

Hank: I don’t care.

Hunter: Where am I supposed to go??

Hank: Figure that out yourself, you nitwit. Go get your stuff and get OUT! I don’t want you in my life anymore!


Hunter: I beg you! Please forgive me! I didn’t mean to lie to you about being sick and ditch chores! I was wrong to do that. I should’ve told you that I didn’t want to do any chores and give you a good reason for it. Another suggestion is that I should ask for a task that’s not too hard for me.


Hunter: Forgive me, please!!! I can’t bear to see myself fighting with you during our visits back home. Mom and Dad will be extremely worried about us! *cries*


Hank: Oh no! What have I done? I made my younger brother cry. I’m a monster.


Hank: Hunter, my special brother?

Hunter: You called me your brother! Yay!!

Hank: Yes, you’re my brother. My special, lazy brother. I apologize for that offensive remark about you not being my brother.


Hank: I shouldn’t have screamed at your face. However, you know deep in my heart, I care and worry about you.

Hunter: I’m sorry for lying to you about being sick and ditching chores.

Hank: You’re forgiven, bro.


Brett: Looks like everything is resolved!

Dustin: I’m glad things have calmed down!

Hank: Yup! Hunter and I have settled our troubles.

Hunter: We have, Brett and Dustin.


Brett: Bro, you’re back! Dustin, Hank, and I were so worried about you!

Hunter: I knew you guys were.

Brett: What did you do instead of cleaning up the apartment with us?


Hunter: I went around the city to collect snow globes and posters. I went to Myshuno Meadows for a nice nap and later, Kristal treated me out for dinner to celebrate my promotion.

Brett: That sounds like fun! Wow, Kristal treated you out to dinner to celebrate your promotion? Sweet!


Dustin: Hunter, my man! You’re back! I heard you went out and collected snow globes and posters and Kristal treated you out to dinner! Sounds like you had a great day!


Hunter: Here are the snow globes and posters I’ve collected today!

Hank: Neat, bro!!

Dustin: Nice job, Hunter!

Brett: Wow! At this rate, our poster and snow globe collections will be complete!


Dustin: I heard lots of great things about the Spice Festival! What do you say this Friday, we’ll go?

Brett: Yo, that sounds like a plan! What can we do there?


Dustin: We can participate in the Spicy Curry Challenge! If we want to win the challenge, we must have fire-proof tongues! Before we try out the challenge, we’ll have some water. Also at the festival, we get to try lots of cultural foods and buy some spices for our food! I heard that you can make any dish spicy and excellent with them!

Brett: FUN! I want to go!

Hunter: Same here!

Hank: I want to go as well! I want to try out the Spicy Curry Challenge!


Dustin: It’s settled! We’re all going! Remember to get a T-shirt and some swag before we leave the festival!

Hunter: Oh boy! I can’t wait!

Hank: Me either!

Brett: I hope after the festival, I’m a spice hound!


Infinity Cafe by The Great Simphony

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9 thoughts on “Season 1 Episode 29: I Hate Chores!

    1. I try to keep the drama in my stories to a minimum. Trying to maintain a steady balance between drama and simply good times. I get all the drama inspiration from movies, books, SimLit, and some RL experiences I either witnessed or went through.

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    1. I’m sorry I scared you. I thought I would add a bit of a dramatic twist to this. Hunter would rather sleep or play video games than do any chores. He has done this for many years and that really drove his brother up the wall. This time, Hunter crossed the line and saw Hank’s furious side. I’m relieved that they made up too. 🙂

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