Season 1 Episode 28: The Family Visits! Pt. 2



Jonas: Devan!! We’re here!!

Devan: Coming!

Margaret: I can’t wait to start exploring San Myshuno with you all!


30 minutes

Devan: Here we are in the Arts District! It’s a great place to practice your art skills! This is the Casbah Gallery, where we can view paintings and paint pictures and murals.

Margaret: Wow, art! I love art! Let’s go look at some!


Margaret: This picture of this beautiful woman is well done.


Marcus: Wow, I love this painting of the city at night time!


Jonas: This mural is beautiful! Makes me want to go to India!

Margaret: We’ll definitely go there! I really want to visit the Taj Mahal and try out the delicious Indian curry!


Moments later

Margaret: OMG, is that Erik Markowitz? THE Erik Markowitz? I’m a big fan of his art!


Margaret: Hello, Erik! My name is Margaret and I’m a big fan of your art!

Erik: Why, hello, fellow artist! I see you’re a fan of my art!

Margaret: Oh yes! You’re one of my inspirations!

Erik: That’s so nice of you to say that!

Margaret: I see you’re selling some of your paintings! I would love to buy one! Is there any chance you can lower the prices?

Erik: Seeing that you’re a fan of me, I’m going to give you a 25% discount! So help yourself to any painting for your choice!


Margaret: I’m going to buy this orange, lemons, and peas painting!

Erik: This painting is originally priced at 900 Simoleons. With the 25% discount, your price to pay for that painting is 675 Simoleons.

Margaret: Not bad. Here’s 675 Simoleons.

Erik: Thank you for purchasing and have a lovely day!

Devan: Let’s head to the Waterside Warble for some karaoke! It’s located in the Spice District!


At the Waterside Warble

Jonas: Your mother and I will be singing Does The Wind Still Blow In Oklahoma by Reba McIntre and Ronnie Dunn. I’ll be singing Ronnie Dunn’s lines and your mother will sign Reba’s lines.







Margaret: We did great! Didn’t we dear?

Jonas: Oh yeah!

Devan: Hey! I just got word that the Romance Festival is happening now! This would be the perfect festival for you two to enjoy!

Margaret: The Romance Festival? I would love to go there!

Jonas: Same here! Let’s go!


Devan: Here we are at the Fashion District, where the Romance Festival takes place.

Margaret: You boys have fun!

Marcus: We will!


Jonas: Mmmmm. This sakura tea is refreshing!

Margaret: You said it, darling!


Margaret: OMG, I’m glowing!

Jonas: So am I! Wow, this tea is really something!


Romance Guru: Welcome, kind sir. What can I do for you? Would you be interested for some words of wisdom or shall I determine if your romance destiny is going to be a successful one?

Devan: Can you tell me about my romance destiny?

Romance Guru: You got it.


Romance Guru: I’ll analyze your personality and use my fortune telling powers to see if you’ll have a nice romance destiny!


Margaret: Woo-hoo!! *throws petals at Jonas*

Jonas: Ahhh, this is so romantic!!


Romance Guru: I’m sorry to say this, but your romance destiny is bleak.

Devan: What?! So that means I won’t be able to get a girlfriend?

Romance Guru: Now don’t be discouraged, my friend. One day, a beautiful girl will win your heart.


Margaret (thinking): I love it when Jonas recites his love poetry to me!


Jonas: We’ve been married for 26 happy years! I’m glad I found some as beautiful and kind as you!

Margaret: You were one of the few people who didn’t mind that I always play with my pink Uni and dolls and doodle on place mats.

Jonas: I love it when I see you play with your pink Uni and those doodles look beautiful! It’s so adorable. I love you just the way you are!

Margaret: I adore your ambition, your fit physique, and your love for romance books. Romance is my favorite book genre.


Devan: Oooh, fireworks! I’ll light one and see the firework display!


Devan: Ooooo, pretty!


Devan: We got those beautiful Romance Festival T-shirts, but we need some swag!

Jonas: Let’s go get some!

At the swag booth

Devan: Hi! We would like to purchase some swag!

Zoe: Sure! Help yourself!


After the festival

Margaret: We had so much fun together! I can’t wait to come back to San Myshuno for more city fun!

Jonas: Same! Devan, thank you for showing us around this beautiful city!

Marcus: I had lots of fun looking at the art and of course, exploring the city!

Devan: I’m happy that you guys enjoyed the city so much and I look forward to seeing you guys here again!


Margaret: We must get going now! Take care, sweetie!

Marcus: If you need anything, we’re just a phone call and text away!

Jonas: Take care, son! We love you!

Devan: I love you, Mommy, Daddy, and Marcus! Have a good night!

Song Featured

Does the Wind Still Blow in Oklahoma by Reba McIntre and Ronnie Dunn (listen on YouTube)

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