Season 1 Episode 27: The Family Visits! Pt. 1



Devan: It’s breakfast time, guys!

Drago: Yum! Fruit salad!

Dino: I love that you’re taking good care of us, Devan!

Blarffy: I can’t wait to dig in!


After breakfast

Margaret: So that’s where my precious darling is living at? It’s a big apartment!

Marcus: That’s right, Mom!

Jonas: Super happy I get to see my youngest son today! I missed him so much!


Devan: Mommy!!!

Margaret: My precious darling!!! I missed you so much, sweetie!! How’s life?

Devan: So fun! I’m working hard in my job and enjoying San Myshuno at the same time!

Margaret: I’m so happy for you, sweetie!


Devan: Picture time!


Devan: Daddy!!!

Jonas: Son! Your mother and I missed you so much! I’m happy to see you and wow, you’re living in such a big apartment!

Devan: I love this apartment so much! It even comes with a pool and the bathrooms have talking toilets!

Jonas: Talking toilets?! I’ve never seen such an invention before! What’s special about them compared to an ordinary toilet?

Devan: Aside from having the ability to talk to them, they can give you a massage and clean you up!

Jonas: That’s epic, son! We should get one ourselves! Shall we, dear?

Margaret: I would love a toilet that I can talk to and have it massage me and clean me up!


Devan: Mommy and Daddy, meet Drago and Dino, my new stuffed animal friends!!

Margaret: Oooo, you got new friends? They’re so cute!

Jonas: Wow, son!

Marcus: Yup! Devan’s crazy about stuffed animals!

Devan: Blarffy was feeling a bit lonely whenever I leave to go to work or go hang out with friends. Also since I’m doing well in my job, I thought I would treat myself to some new stuffed animals.

Jonas: That’s very kind of you! However, don’t go crazy and buy out the whole inventory of stuffed animals! It takes a lot of work to make your stuffed animal friends show their happy eyes!

Devan: Don’t worry! I won’t buy any more!


Margaret: Awwww, aren’t you a cutie? Yes, you are! I’m Devan’s mommy, Margaret! It’ s nice to meet you!

Dino: It’s nice to meet you, Margaret! You’re as sweet as your son!

Margaret: That’s so sweet of you to say that! Thank you, Dino!!


Devan: I have a feeling that Mommy loves Drago and Dino!

Jonas: She sure is! Look at her giving Dino a big hug!


Margaret: Blarffy!! Did you miss me?

Blarffy: I did! How are you doing?

Margaret: I’m doing fine. Recently, I got a promotion at work!

Blarffy: I’m so excited for you! Congratulations! May I ask how your pink Uni is doing?

Margaret: She’s happy and healthy! She told me how much she missed you and Devan!

Blarffy: I miss her too! Tell her I say hi!

Margaret: Will do!


Margaret: This must be Drago! I’m Devan’s mommy, Margaret, and you’re so cute!!

Drago: Hello, Margaret! It’s a pleasure to meet you!


Moments later

Jonas: LOL! Devan, you were really one wild toddler back then!

Margaret: I know, honey! Devan would take off his clothes and walk naked around the house! Sometimes, he would go to the extreme and walk around the neighborhood naked! We were so embarrassed that we pretended that we didn’t know him! LOL!

Devan: LOL! Yeah, you can say I was wild back then!


Jonas: However, you and Marcus were very angelic toddlers and you never threw tantrums, which made caring for you boys easier!

Devan: I was?

Marcus: We were?

Margaret: Oh yes you boys were. I remember that whenever you need something, you politely asked us.

Jonas: Also, you two didn’t even wet the floor. You just went straight to us and asked to help you with the potty.


Margaret: Time sure flies! Look at you two! All grown up and have your own homes and jobs.

Devan: It’s nice to experience living on our own.

Marcus: This truly made us learn to become independent.


Margaret: By the way, do you remember when we got you your big blue Blarffy?

Devan: I do remember! You got him on my 3rd birthday, right?

Margaret: That’s right! You were really crazy about bears and you love the color blue, which is why we got you a blue Blarffy for your birthday!

Devan: I won’t forget that day I got Blarffy…..



Margaret, Jonas, and Marcus: Happy Birthday, Devan!!

Devan: Thank you, Mommy, Daddy, and Marcus!

Margaret: I made your favorite chocolate cake!

Devan: I love it! Thank you, Mommy!


After the cake

Margaret: Here is the surprise gift from Mommy and Daddy! This is Blarffy, every child’s favorite teddy bear and he’s in blue, your favorite color!


Devan: Hi, Blarffy!! I’m Devan!

Blarffy: It’s nice to meet you, Devan! I can’t wait to take you on lots of journeys and become friends with you!


Devan: I love him so much! Thank you and Daddy so much for giving me Blarffy for my birthday!!


Margaret: You’re very welcome, sweetie! I’m so happy to hear that you love your new friend!

Devan: I love bears and Blarffy is the perfect stuffed animal for me!


Margaret: Imagine all the journeys you can go on with Blarffy! For example, a trip to the enchanted forest! How does that sound?

Devan: I want to go to the enchanted forest with Blarffy!

Margaret: Ask Blarffy and he’ll be more than happy to take you there!


Moments later

Marcus: Hey, Dino! Do you eat plants?

Dino: Yes I do, Marcus!

Devan: You’re so cuddly and soft, Blarffy!

Blarffy: I am! I’m made with the softest and finest materials! Plus, I’m made for every child to love!


Devan: I’ll take good care of you and make sure no one hurts you! Okay, Blarffy?

Blarffy: Okay!

Marcus: Weeeee!! Weeeee!!

Dino: Woo-hoo!!!


After hours of playing

Devan: Marcus, Blarffy and Dino are smiling! I wonder why?

Marcus: Maybe they’re happy because we played with them?

Devan: I suppose. Let me ask Daddy about that!


Devan: Daddy!!! Thank you and Mommy for giving me Blarffy for my birthday! I love him so much!

Jonas: You’re welcome, son! Remember to play nice with him, okay?

Devan: Okay!


Jonas: Selfie with the birthday boy!


Jonas: What do you think, Devan?

Devan: I love this picture, Daddy!!


Devan: I saw that Blarffy’s eyes changed. His eyes were open before and now his eyes are happy looking. Why is that?

Jonas: You see, just like us, they have feelings. So the more you play with them, the happier they are. If you leave them alone for a long time or be mean to them, they’ll get sad.

Devan: Wow, that’s interesting. Thanks, Daddy!



Devan: I really love Blarffy!

Margaret: Yup, right after I showed you Blarffy, you went straight ahead and played with him!

Devan: Ahh, the good times! Say, you all hungry?

Marcus: I am.

Devan: I’m going to whip up some Sweet and Sour Pork!

Jonas: Sweet and Sour Pork? That sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try it!


While Devan cooks

Margaret: This is great that Devan’s cooking lunch for us!

Jonas: I know, dear! Plus, he’s cooking up some Chinese food! Whenever we order Chinese take out, I’ve always ordered orange chicken and chow mein for us. Sometimes, beef and broccoli and fried rice.

Marcus: This will be the first time we’ll be trying Sweet and Sour Pork! I’m so excited!


Devan: Oh boy, I can’t wait to see their faces when they take bite of this Sweet and Sour Pork!


Devan: Okay, lunch is served!

Margaret: Hmmmm. Smells so good! I can’t wait to eat this Sweet and Sour Pork!

Jonas: Same here!

Marcus: Let’s eat!


Margaret: Mmmm, mmmm, MMMM! Delicious, sweetie!

Marcus: This is so scrumptious, Devan! Good job!

Jonas: My first impressions are excellent! Devan, you did an amazing job cooking this!

Devan: Guys, I’m chopstick savvy! See? I can use them without dropping any food!

Jonas: Since when did you learn how to use them?

Devan: When I first moved in, I went downstairs to try some ramen and at first, it was hard! As I ate more foods that require chopstick use, I got better.

Margaret: We’re so proud of you for mastering chopsticks!


Marcus: Someday, you got to teach me! I’m having a hard time picking up some of my food!


Jonas: Yeah, same here.


Margaret: Me as well!

Devan: Don’t worry! I’ll be glad to teach you all!

Jonas: Thanks, son! That is greatly appreciated!


Marcus: *Sniffs* Mmmmm, this smells wonderful!


Devan: How some video games after lunch?

Jonas: Sounds like a plan!









Margaret: Hooray! I’m the winner!

Jonas: Congratulations, sweetie!

Devan and Marcus: Congrats, Mom!

Margaret: Thanks, boys! Say, Devan, want to play with your stuffed animals?

Devan: Yes!! Let’s play!


Margaret: Dino!! I love you so much!!

Dino: I love you too, Margaret!! Hugs!

Devan: Blarffy, are you having lots of fun?

Blarffy: Yes!


Margaret: Weeeeeee!! Weeeeeeeee!! I’m having so much fun!!!

Devan: Big bear hugs for Blarffy!!


Margaret: Tickle attack!!! Tickle, tickle, tickle!!

Dino: HAHAHAHA!!! That tickles!!


Margaret: Aren’t you a cute dragon? Yes, you are!

Drago: Of course I’m cute!


Marcus: I remember when I had my orange Dino.

Jonas: That was a Christmas gift from your grandma!

Marcus: Yeah! She knew that I love dinosaurs and that my favorite color is orange.

Jonas: We still have it at our house! We’ll be saving it for your children!

Marcus: I’m sure they’ll love it!

01-16-17_12-08-34 AM.jpg

Devan: Big dinosaur hugs!!!

Dino: You’re so sweet! Hugs!!

Margaret: Big dragon hugs for you!!!

Drago: Big dragon hugs for you too!!


Almost dinner time!

Margaret: You might be my next favorite stuffed animal! *kisses Drago*

Drago: Me? Your next favorite? Awwwww.


Margaret: That’s a good Drago!! Boys, it’s almost dinner time! What do you say I cook up my signature lamb chops for all of us?

Devan, Marcus, and Jonas: YES!


Margaret: This is exciting! I get to cook my signature lamb chops! Devan really missed eating them!


1 hour later

Margaret: Boys! Dinner is ready! Come and get it!


Devan: Mommy, I really missed your lamb chops! They’re the best!


Jonas: Darling, your lamb chops are simply divine!

Margaret: Thank you, boys! I really appreciate the compliments!


After dinner

Devan: I’ll clean up the table and put away the rest of the lamb chops.

Margaret: That’s so kind of you, dear! Thank you!


After cleaning up

Margaret: Wow, Devan! I love this toy! Where did you get it?

Devan: I got it at the same toy store where I got Drago and Dino!

Margaret: I really love it!

Blarffy: Look at those two playing with those new toys that recently came out.

Dino: So cute.


Devan: I also got myself Mr. Ducky!

Margaret: Really? I should get one myself!


Margaret: Wow! I see pictures of planets! How cool are these toys?


Moments later

Margaret: Woo-hoo!!!

Dino: I love it when you swing my arms!!


Devan: Tickle attack!

Blarffy: Hehehehe!! That tickles!

Margaret: LOL!! We’re having an awesome time with these stuffed animals!!

01-16-17_12-35-22 AM.jpg

Margaret: You’re a cute dinosaur, Dino! Oh yes you are!

Dino: LOL!! You’re amazing!

Devan: Hee hee!! I poked you, Blarffy!

Blarffy: LOL!



Dino: You’re so sweet! Big dinosaur hugs!


Devan: Good Blarffy!!

Blarffy: Devan, ever since we met, I love all the pats, kisses, and hugs you’ve given me!

Devan: That’s because you’re a good and sweet bear! Say, can you please take me to the enchanted forest?

Blarffy: After your family leaves, we’ll go!


Margaret and Devan: Hug attack!!

Blarffy: Dino, we’re so glad to have them in our lives!

Dino: Agreed, Blarffy!


Margaret: Dinosaur kisses for you! *kisses Dino*

Dino: Thank you, Margaret!

01-16-17_12-40-51 AM.jpg

Margaret: Peekaboo! I see you!

Dino: I love it when kids and big kids at heart play peekaboo with me!

Devan: I love you Blarffy! You’re so cuddly!!! I could just play with you for a whole day!!

Blarffy: I love all the cuddles you give me!


Margaret: That’s a good Dino! Are you a good Dino? Yes, you are!

Dino: LOL!

01-16-17_12-45-11 AM.jpg

Devan: Dinosaur tickles for you, Dino!!

Dino: HAHAHA! That tickles!!

Margaret: Blarffy, Devan’s so crazy about you ever since I bought you as his birthday gift!

Blarffy: Devan and I will be friends for eternity!


Margaret: I don’t think we will ever get tried of playing with these cute stuffed animals! *kisses Blarffy*

Devan: I don’t think we ever will! They’re the best things to play with!


Margaret: Honey, if you had to pick one of these stuffed animals to be your favorite, who would it be? Mine would be Drago.

Devan: Honestly, it’s hard to choose! I love them all! However, if I were to pick one, it will be Blarffy and always Blarffy! *kisses Dino*

Margaret: LOL. I expected you to say that Blarffy is your number one favorite!

Blarffy: Oh, Devan! You’re the best!

Dino: We love you, Devan and Margaret!

Drago: We’re so glad to have two friends like you!

D/N: Blarffy’s eyes changed while I screenshotted the scene where Devan and Margaret were playing with Devan’s toys. Whoops. So, we’l assume Blarffy was taking a nap and he has woken up.

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