Season 1 Episode 26: A Surprise Visitor



Devan: Good morning, Dino and friends! I wonder what will happen today?

Dino: Just wait and see!

Devan: I will!


10 minutes later

Marcus: This must be the place! I can’t wait to see my little brother!


Devan: Marcus! You’re here?

Marcus: Yup! I decided to give you a surprise visit!

Devan: Really? You’re the best big bro ever!


Devan: So, how have you been?

Marcus:*Sigh* Busy. Recently, I’ve been loaded with lots of paperwork and I need to focus on the stocks I brought. If any of the stocks go down, then the price goes down, which means I lose money!


Devan: I feel you! Life as a bodybuilder is tough too! I need to compete against the world’s famous bodybuilders, but as a person who loves sports and working out, I love it.

Marcus: Glad to hear that. What’s important is that you work in a job that you love.

Devan: True! Well, come in! I have something to show you!


Inside the apartment

Marcus: Wow, Devan! You now have three stuffed animals??


Devan: Yeah! I bought Drago and Dino a few days ago.

Marcus: Why?

Devan: Blarffy was getting a bit lonely whenever I leave to go to work or hang out with friends. He told me that there was no one to talk to and when I come home, he’s sad. I also decided that since I’m doing well in my job, I thought I would treat myself to some new stuffed animals. With Drago and Dino around, he feels much better and I made some new friends!

Marcus: That’s so kind of you, Devan!

Devan: Thanks!


Marcus: You’re so crazy about stuffed animals!

Devan: I love them so much! They’re so soft and cuddly!!

Marcus: How often do you wash them?

Devan: I wash them every day!

Marcus: Wow, look at you taking good care of your stuffed animals! Well, I really love your apartment!

Devan: Thanks! Say, would you like me to give a tour around the apartment?

Marcus: Sure!


After the tour

Devan: All right, big bro. Are you ready to explore the city with me?

Marcus: I sure am! Let’s go.


Devan: Okay, guys! I’m going to show Marcus around the city! Behave yourselves, okay?

Dino: We will!

Blarffy: You can trust us!

Drago: We’ll be on our best behavior!

Devan: Bye, guys!


Devan: Oh, there’s a box there! I bet there’s a snow globe in there!

1 minute later

Devan: All right, I got one!

Marcus: Sweet!


Devan and Marcus: All right!!!


30 minutes later

Marcus: Where are we?

Devan: This is the Spice Market district. It’s home to the Flea Market and Spice Festival. The Flea Market happen every Sunday and the Spice Festival happens every Friday. It’s also home to the Waterside Warble, a karaoke bar.

Marcus: Sounds nice! Let’s go walk around!

1 hour later

Marcus: I’m in for some karaoke! What do you say you and I sing some?

Devan: Sounds great! Let’s go to Planet Honey Pop in the Fashion District.


At Planet Honey Pop

Marcus: Let’s do this!

Devan: Here we go!




Devan: That was fun!

Marcus: I’ve done karaoke many times and I have to say, it’s a fun activity!


Zoe: Good evening, gentlemen! What can I interest you in?

Marcus: 1 Banh Mi sandwich for me and 1 Goi Cuon for my brother.

Zoe: Coming right up!


Devan: Yummy!! This is delicious!!


Marcus: Delicious! This is full of savory meat and crunchy vegetables!


Devan: Oh, hey! I’ve seen you on the billboards around San Myshuno!! My name is Devan!


Marcus: I’m Devan’s older brother, Marcus.

Celia: Hello, Marcus and Devan! It’s nice to meet you two!


Celia: As you can see, I’m not very comfortable around strangers, but once you get to know me, I’m good.

Devan: So you’re saying that you’re the shy type?

Celia: Yeah, you can say that.


Devan: I see you’re having the same thing as me! How is it?

Celia: It’s delicious! I’m a big fan of egg rolls. How about you?

Devan: I love it as well! I’ve had Chinese egg rolls before and this is similar to them.


Devan: So what’s the life of a fashion model like?

Celia: It’s fun and engaging! I love posing and showing off the new clothes of San Myshuno Fashion Collection. They’re so pretty! In addition, the people I work with are so encouraging!


Marcus: Wow, sounds like you are having lots of fun as a fashion model! I work as an investor and all I do is research stocks and see which ones are performing well and those that are performing poorly.

Devan: I work as a bodybuilder and I love lifting those weights! The only thing tough about this career is that I have to compete against the world’s popular bodybuilders.


Celia: As long as you boys love your jobs, that’s what’s important.

Marcus and Devan: Agreed.


Marcus: It’s best that we get going! We’ll see you around then?

Celia: Certainly! I live here in the Fashion District, so whenever you’re here, I’ll be around! Take care, guys!

Devan and Marcus: Bye!


Back at the apartment

Marcus: I had so much fun exploring San Myshuno with you!

Devan: Same here!

Marcus: Tomorrow I’ll back and this time, Mom and Dad will be joining me!

Devan: Yay! I can’t wait to see Mommy and Daddy again!

Marcus: They told me that they missed you so much and they’re looking forward to seeing you again!

Devan: Really? Awwww.


Marcus: I must get home now! Good night and see you tomorrow!

Devan: Bye, Marcus!!


Devan: What a fun day! Now to play with Mr. Ducky for the rest of the night!











Devan: Good Dino! Now get some sleep!

Dino: Good night, Devan!!


Devan: Blarffy, my best friend! I hope you’ll have a good night sleep!

Blarffy: I hope you will too! Good night!!


Devan: My favorite dragon! Sleep tight, okay?

Drago: I will! Good night, Devan!

D/N: Drago’s eyes changed back to neutral while I was screenshotting Devan’s playtime scene. Whoops. So, we’ll assume Drago got excited about seeing Devan playing with his rubber duck.

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5 thoughts on “Season 1 Episode 26: A Surprise Visitor

      1. I’m not sure! I just noticed while I was reading that I was smiling really wide and I felt all goofy-happy inside! Part of it is the way he is with his big Stuffies, but most of it is the way you write him! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. When it comes to writing Childish Sims, I think of them as them spending most of their time playing with their stuffed animals and toys. Basically, they don’t grow up.

        I have another save where I put all of those characters you’ve seen in the series there. In that save, I try to develop the characters’ personalities based on traits and actions.

        Liked by 1 person

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