Season 1 Episode 25: New Friends for Blarffy!



Devan: Guess who?

Blarffy: Is it you, Devan?

Devan: Yes it is, buddy! It’s your best friend!

Blarffy: Yay!! Play with me!


Devan: Guess what I’m doing today?

Blarffy: What?

Devan: Since you complained about getting lonely while I’m gone and I’m doing so well in my job, I’m going to the toy store and buy some new friends for you!

Blarffy: Yay! New friends! I can’t waiting to see who they are!


Devan: You stay here and behave yourself! I won’t be out for too long!

Blarffy: I’ll be good! You can count on me!


30 minutes later

Devan: This is the same toy store Mommy took me to when I was little! It hasn’t changed much!


Devan: Oooooo, Dragos and Dinos!!! I love dinosaurs and dragons! Daniel has a red Drago and he told me how fun Drago is! So, I’ll get a blue Drago….


Devan: ….and a blue Dino!


After coming back from the toy store

Devan: Welcome to your new home, Drago and Dino!

Drago: Wow! It’s a nice place, Devan!

Dino: Roar!! Yay! Our new home! I can’t wait for us to meet Blarffy and play with you guys!


Blarffy: Welcome back, Devan! Who did you get??

Devan: Blarffy, meet Drago and Dino! Dino and Drago, meet Blarffy!

Blarffy: Welcome to the family, Drago and Dino! It’s nice to meet you! I hope you’ll enjoy playing with me and Devan!

Dino: Nice to meet you, Blarffy! I can’t wait to play with you all!

Drago: It’s a pleasure to meet you! I look forward to having fun with you all!


Devan: We’re going to have so much fun together!


Devan: Imagine all the journeys we can go on together!!


Devan: You three and I make one big happy family!

Blarffy: Yup! One big happy family!


Devan: Weeee! Weee!!! I’m having so much fun with you, Dino!

Dino: You’re a fun friend to play with!!

Devan: You’re not just fun, but also cuddly!!

Dino: Why thank you, Devan! I’m made for every child and big kid at heart to love!


Devan: A big kiss for you, Dino!! *kisses Dino*

Dino: You’re also very sweet!!


Devan: Big dinosaur hugs for you! I love you as much as I love Blarffy and Drago!!

Dino: I love you too! By the way, you have enough space to play with us?

Devan: I don’t think so.

Dino: Move us to a comfortable spot!

Devan: Okay!


Devan: There! Do you guys like it here?

Dino: I love it here! This is the perfect spot!

Blarffy: We love it here. There’s plenty of space for you to play with us!

Drago: Enough space for you to play!!


Devan: That’s a good Dino!!!


Devan: Awwwwww, you need another hug? Here’s another for you!!

Dino: Thanks for the big hug, Devan!


Devan: Let’s play some peek-a-boo!!

Dino: Okay!

Devan: Where’s Dino? Oh, where is he?


Devan: I found you!!

Dino: Yay! You found me! Good job!


Devan: Pokey, pokey!!


Devan: Hee hee hee!!

Dino: Ouch! That hurts!

Devan: Come on, Dino! That’s just a small poke!


Devan: I love dinosaurs and dragons, which is why I picked you and Drago! Also, my favorite color is blue, which is why I got you two in blue! *pats Dino*

Dino: Roar! Devan, my friend, you are so crazy about stuffed animals!

Devan: I am!

Dino: How did you and Blarffy meet?

Devan: I got Blarffy on my 3rd birthday and since then, our friendship remains strong!


Devan: Look at you! You’re smiling!!

Dino: It’s because you are such a fun friend to play with and I love all the big hugs and kisses you gave me! If you hit me or don’t play with me for a while,  I’ll get sad!

Devan: Don’t worry, Dino! I won’t hit you and I’ll play with you as much as I need to!


Devan: Your turn, Drago! Tickle attack!

Drago: Hee hee hee!! Stop it! That tickles!!


Devan: Hug attack for Drago!!

Drago: I love it when you guys play with me!!


Devan: Peek-a-boo time! Where is Drago? Oh, where is my friend?


Devan: There he is!!

Dino: YAY! You found me!


Devan: Big dragon hugs for you, Drago!

Drago: You’re the sweetest person ever!


Devan: Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!!

Drago: I love it when you swing my arms!


Devan: Let’s play some more peek-a-boo!!

Drago: Okay!

Devan: Where are you? I can’t find you!


Devan: YAY! I found you!

Drago: Woo-hoo! Good job, Devan!!


Devan: Pokey, pokey, pokey!

Drago: Hee hee hee! You and your poke attacks!


Devan: I love you, Drago!

Drago: I love you too, Devan! Big hugs!


Devan: Look at my three friends smiling! They really had fun with me! Now to make lunch for all of us!!


Blarffy: We’re so lucky to have a friend like Devan! Don’t you agree, Drago and Dino?

Dino: I agree with you, Blarffy! Devan is so crazy about playing with us stuffed animals!

Drago: After all, we’re made with the finest and softest materials!!


Devan: For lunch, we’re having fish tacos!


Blarffy: Wow, this looks yummy! I can’t wait to dig in!

Drago: Yum, yum! I can’t wait to dig in either!

Dino: You’re a great chef, Devan!


Devan: Mmmmmmm!! This is yummy!

Dino: Look us having lunch together like a big happy family!

Blarffy: I love fish, so this is delicious!

Drago: So scrumptous!! I want more!


Lunch is done!

Devan: Okay, are you ready for some more playtime together?

Blarffy, Dino and Drago: YEAH!!!!

Devan: Great! I’ll clean up and then we’ll play some more!


After cleaning up

Devan: Dino, do you want to go on a prehistoric journey with me?

Dino: Of course! I would love for you to meet my dinosaur friends!!

Devan: Yay! Lots of dinosaurs and I already told you that I love dinosaurs!


Devan: Drago, you and I should fly to a castle!

Drago: We should! That way, you can meet more of my dragon friends!!


Devan: Weee! Weee! Hahaha!


Devan: *kisses Drago*

Drago: You’re the best!


Dinner time!

Devan: It’s dinner time! I’ll be in the kitchen preparing our dinner! Behave yourself, okay?

Drago: I will! You can count on me!


Devan: Be good, Blarffy! I’ll be preparing our dinner!

Blarffy: Okay!


Devan: Last but not least, Dino! I can trust you to be good, okay?

Dino: I’ll be good! You can trust me!


Devan: For tonight’s dinner, we’re having taco casserole!


Dinner time!

Devan: Let’s dig in, everyone!


30 minutes later

Devan: That was a great dinner!

Blarffy: It was yummy! You’re a great chef!

Devan: Thank you, Blarffy!

Dino: I love meat and that was tasty!

Drago: It was so spicy that I almost breathed fire!


Devan: Bubbles!!!


Devan: Bleep, meet our new friends, Drago and Dino!

Bleep: Nice to meet you, Drago and Dino! Devan loves his toys so much and he promises that he’ll take good care of you guys!

Dino: Nice to meet you too!! I can tell Devan really cares about his toys!

Drago: Nice to meet you, Bleep! You should’ve seen him play with us! He’s crazy about us stuffed animals!

Devan: Before I head to bed, I’m going to play with you guys!












Time to get ready for bed!

Devan: Good night, Dino!! I love you! *kisses Dino*

Dino: Roar! I love you, Devan! Good night!! Sleep well!


Devan: Good night, Blarffy, my best friend!!! I love you!!! *kisses Blarffy*

Blarffy: I love you too!! Good night, Devan!!


Devan: Good night, Drago! I love you! *kisses Drago*

Drago: I love you too! Good night, Devan!!


Toy Jungle by Simproved

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10 thoughts on “Season 1 Episode 25: New Friends for Blarffy!

    1. I don’t think I have noticed that! Good observation!!

      I’m glad that Blarffy got some new friends. He was getting a bit lonely. Btw, since it’s obvious that stuffed animals don’t talk, I used italics to make Devan think they’re talking to him. Kind of like imaginary friends.

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    1. Hey!! Thank you so much for checking out my new story! I’ve been planning this story for weeks before City Living was released. So far, I’m having fun with it! There’s lots of characters with unique personalities.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lots of fun and I am glad to be in on the ground floor of a story AND just a quick FYI your restaurant is going into the bachelor challenge soon (looking for a true hippie suitor and have a couple of great builds (yours included) to carry that theme

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