Season 1 Episode 23: Healthy Eating w/ Brenton



Jesminder: Ah, Sunday!

Aaradhya: Today, we’ll be guest starring in Brenton Stockton’s video!!

Jesminder: That’s right! Man, I’m so excited! This is the first video by an Internet celebrity that we’ll be starring in! We’ll be famous in no time!

Aaradhya: Plus, our blog will explode with views, likes, and comments!

Jesminder: Yeah!! That would be epic!



Brenton: Hey, Aaradhya and Jesminder! You ladies ready for today’s video?

Jesminder: Yes we are!!

Aaradhya: So am I!

Brenton: Sweet! Let’s get going!


Filming of video starts

Brenton: Hey, guys! It’s Brenton Stockton and in today’s video, we’ll be talking about healthy eating! But first, let me introduce you to our guests! Folks, meet Aaradhya and Jesminder!

Jesminder: Hey, everyone!!

Aaradhya: Hi, all!!


Brenton: Would you ladies mind telling us a bit about yourselves?

Jesminder: Certainly! I’m Jesminder Sharma and this is my good friend, Aaradhya Verma. We’re the creators for our foodie blog, The Views of the World Traveling Foodies. What we do is review restaurants and street foods from food stands.

Aaradhya: I’m a pure vegetarian, so I avoid eating foods with meat. In that case, I’m only allowed to review only the vegetarian friendly dishes.


Brenton: That’s so rad that you ladies run a foodie blog! So, what shall be our first topic on healthy eating?

Aaradhya: Let’s start off with portion control!

Brenton: Good one! Many people out there who want to lose weight and want to make healthier choices! Portion control is one way to do so!


Jesminder: One tip I suggest is before you eat, have a glass of water.

Aaradhya: Most definitely! Filling your stomach with water is a great way to reduce your desire to overeat!

Brenton: Also, don’t forget about your vegetables! They tend to fill you up fast and it’s a great way to cut your calories!


Brenton: Next, let’s talk about vegan and vegetarian diets!

Aaradhya: Oh, oh! This is my area! I hope you all know that both of these diets don’t include meat!

Brenton: That’s right! However, there’s a difference! Vegan diets avoid all animal products while vegetarian diets do include dairy and egg products.

Aaradhya: I want to mention that in addition to vegan vegetarians, there’s also lacto-ovo vegetarians and lacto vegetarians. Lacto-ovo vegetarians are those who include dairy products and eggs while lacto vegetarians eat dairy, but avoid eggs.

Brenton: Thank you for sharing these facts! I know that vegan diets are the strictest because they obviously avoid animal products all together!


Brenton: Next up, let’s talk about choosing healthy foods and drinks. If you want to live a healthier life, it’s best you avoid those processed foods. Some examples include breakfast cereals, microwave meals, and savory snacks! They contain lots of preservatives and added chemicals. Most importantly, they’re higher in fat, salt, and sugar than food cooked from scratch.

Jesminder: I have to admit that instead of buying chips from the supermarket, I make my own chips and no, I don’t deep fry them. Instead, I bake them.

Brenton: Good! It’s also best you avoid deep-fried foods as they add a lot of unnecessary calories to your food.

Aaradhya: When it comes to vegetables, I always love them steamed and stir fried.

Brenton: That’s good! Vegetables stir fried or steamed are always the best options! Don’t boil them because when the color drains, the nutrients will disappear.


Jesminder: What about eating out?

Brenton: After years of dining out, the restaurants always offer bigger portions than what we need. Here are some tips for a healthy eating out experience. See if your local restaurants have an online menu available. That way, you can choose your meal before you head out.

Aaradhya: A tip I would love to share is that you should include a side salad with your entree!

Brenton: Excellent! Just in case your meal doesn’t come with any vegetables, a salad is always a great option! If you do order one, ask your server to serve dressings and sauces on the sides.

Jesminder: I know when people head to buffets, they tend to eat like crazy until they’re stuffed! Any tips on how to eat healthy at buffets?

Brenton: Good question! If you head to one, be sure to sit far away! An average person makes 3 trips to the buffet. The further you are away from the buffet, the less trips you will make. Another great tip is to look over the entire buffet. That way, you can make smart decisions from the start rather than go there and pick up as much food as you can.


Aaradhya: I know some healthy drinks that would benefit your health!

Brenton: Oh you do? Do tell!

Aaradhya: Drink some coconut water. They have electrolytes for healthy hearts! I’m sure everyone has heard of kombucha. It may taste gross, but it’s healthy as this fermented tea is good for stomach. It’s made by adding a culture of bacteria and yeast to a tea solution. If you want to make some fruit juice, make it yourself. I would personally want you all to try making diluted fruit juice. To make it, mix unsweetened fruit juice and water together.

Brenton: Those are some sweet healthy drinks!


Brenton: Speaking about drinks, you know about those diet sodas? You think that it’ll help your health! Well, that’s false!

Jesminder: What?? Are you serious?

Brenton: I’m dead serious!

Jesminder: What not good about them?


Brenton: There’s a myth out there that says that they can help you lose weight! That’s not true at all! There was a study conducted in May 2016, where researchers studied over 3000 pregnant women and results showed that those women who frequently consume diet sodas are more likely to have overweight and obese babies compared to those who don’t drink them!

Aaradhya: I used to drink diet sodas, but after seeing the effects on our weight, I immediately cut both diet and regular sodas out. Sodas aren’t healthy at all!


Brenton: In addition, they also have artificial sweeteners, which can cause you to eat more!

Aaradhya: Oh my! That’s so true!


Brenton: Of course you have a choice to either completely cut soda out of your cravings, just like what Aaradhya did, or reduce the intake.

Jesminder: I’m sure people who drink diet and regular sodas will listen! If you really like sodas, then definitely reduce the intake!


Prior to the end of the video

Brenton: I had so much fun talking about healthy eating with you two!

Jesminder: I agree! That was so much fun and I hope your fans out there learned a lot from us!

Aaradhya: I had a blast! I hope you guys learned a lot about healthy eating!

Brenton: Thank you all so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to give this video a big thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and feel free to leave any comments! I would love to hear what you think! Stay active and healthy! See you guys soon! Bye!


After filming the video

Aaradhya: You’re one of the best SimTubers out there!

Brenton: Oh, shucks. Thanks! I’m glad to hear that.

Jesminder: It’s truly an honor to get an opportunity like this!


Brenton: You ladies were amazing! Thank you for sharing your healthy eating tips with us!

Jesminder: No prob!

Aaradhya: You’re most certainly welcome!


Aaradhya: We plan to treat you out to dinner at Sorrano Specials! What do you say?

Brenton: That would be nice! When?

Aaradhya: 6 PM.

Brenton: I’m free at that time, so sure!

Jesminder: Hooray! I look forward to it!


Aaradhya: We have a special gift, as a way of saying thank you!

Brenton: What is it?

Aaradhya: You get a copy of our apartment key! That’s right! A copy of our apartment key! Here you go! (Hands key to Brenton)


Brenton: Wow, you ladies really mean it?

Jesminder: Of course!

Brenton: Awwww, thank you! You’re the first fans to ever do this!


Jesminder: Here’s an extra copy in case you lose it!

Brenton: Thanks! I promise I won’t lose your apartment key!

Jesminder: We knew that we can trust you!


Brenton: This is literally the best day ever! Thank you so much for guest starring in my video and for giving me your apartment key!

Aaradhya: No problem! So, we’ll see you around 6 PM for dinner?

Brenton: Most definitely! See you then!


6 PM

Aaradhya: Here we are at Sorrano Specials. This was created by ThePlumbob!

Brenton: Who’s ThePlumbob?

Jesminder: ThePlumbob is the author of the Bloomer Legacy, a Build Newcrest Challenge! You should definitely check it out!

Brenton: Most definitely! Since we’re here, do you plan to do a restaurant review?

Jesminder: Not this time, but next time we come back, we’ll definitely do one!

Aaradhya: I’ll go get us a table.








At the end of the meal

Brenton: Thank you so much for treating out to dinner!

Aaradhya: I thought this would be a great way to end our day together.

Jesminder: I love this place! Thank you to the ThePlumbob for building this and to Leo Sorrano for being the best manager!

Brenton: I love this place too! The calm atmosphere and beautiful decor make it a great place to take friends, have family dinners, and it’s a great place for a dinner date!

Jesminder and Aaradhya: Agreed!


Sorrano Specials by ThePlumbob

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    1. Brenton’s videos are about health and sports. I thought it would be cool to take some of my knowledge of healthy eating and some research I did over the Internet on it and make it the topic of Brenton’s video. 🙂

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