Season 1 Episode 22: Experimental Food Chaos

2 weeks later……



Aaradhya: Ophelia! How nice of you to call me! I haven’t heard from you for months! How have you been?

Ophelia: BUSY! I’ve got a job offer from a publishing company in San Myshuno!

Aaradhya: In San Myshuno? Awesome! That’s where me and Jesminder are living at!

Ophelia: Nice!

Aaradhya: We do have space for one more person. Would you be interested in living with us? Knowing that me and Jesminder have been friends with you for a long time, I know that you won’t let an opportunity like this to go to waste.

Ophelia: Sounds like a plan!

Aaradhya: Great! When will you move into San Myshuno?

Ophelia: In about 3 months.

Aaradhya: Great! That will give us plenty of time to get ready for your arrival! Well, I got to go now. Jesminder and I are going to do a review on the experimental food hub, Chez Llama! Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Ophelia: You too! Bye!


5 minutes later

Claudia: I’ve been hanging out with my fellow Fashionistas for a while and I have to tell you, girl, it’s a rewarding experience! Why? One, I get to talk to people in the same career! Two, I learn a lot from them.

Aaradhya: I’m happy to hear that! Guess what?

Claudia: Oh, what??

Aaradhya: Our good friend, Ophelia, will be moving in with us in 3 months!

Claudia: OMG, really?? That’s awesome! I can’t wait to meet her!

Aaradhya: You’re going to love her for sure!


Claudia: *sniffs* YUCK! What’s that smell?!

Aaradhya: *sniffs* WHOA! It’s smells like rotten eggs in here!

Jesminder: Don’t worry, ladies! I got this.

Aaradhya: That’s the life of the residents of a TLC apartment.

Jesminder: Today, Aaradhya and I are going to Chez Llama to do a review on it.

Claudia: Chez Llama? The Experimental Food Hub? I’ve always wanted to try experimental food!

Jesminder: Really? You should join us next time we go there!

Claudia: Yay! I look forward to that! I hope they won’t disappoint you!

Aaradhya: Lol. Let’s hope they won’t.


2 PM

Jesminder: Aaradhya, here we are! Chez Llama, aka The Experimental Food Hub.

Aaradhya: This time, we’ll order an appetizer, entree, and dessert!

Jesminder: Right! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started on this culinary safari!


Hostess: Welcome to Chez Llama! I hope you are excited to eat some experimental food! How many people are in your party?

Jesminder: Two.

Hostess: Excellent! We have a clean table ready for you, so follow me to your table!


Jesminder: Let’s find an appetizer to start with.

Aaradhya: I’m so excited for this!


Jacques: Greetings, ladies! I’m Jacques and I’ll be your server! Can I start you off with an appetizer?

Aaradhya: Sure!

Jacques: The Chef’s choice is the Spherized Fruit Gel in Foam Nest!

Jesminder: That sounds delicious! I’ll have that!

Jacques: Excellent! How about you, ma’am? (Looks at Aaradhya)

Aaradhya: I want to try the Glacier Infused Iceberg Lettuce!

Jacques: Excellent choice! Thank you for order. Your food will be out shortly!


Aaradhya: Ah, the calm atmosphere and beautiful decor! I love it!

Jesminder: Same here! The candlelight on our table can certainly make a dinner romantic!


Jesminder: Speaking of romantic, this would be an ideal restaurant to go to for a date, right?

Aaradhya: Most certainly, yes! With a setting like this, a couple would more likely enjoy themselves!

30 minutes later

Aaradhya: Thank god our food is here!

Jesminder: We waited for 30 minutes. Not bad. However, if we waited for 1 hour, that would unacceptable! I understand that the experimental food , compared to regular, ordinary food, takes longer to prepare.

Aaradhya: Wow, my Glacier Infused Iceberg Lettuce is so shiny!!!

Jesminder: My Spherized Fruit Gel in Foam Nest is full of colors! It just makes my mouth water! Before I dig in, I must get a picture of this!

Aaradhya: Oh, same here!


Jesminder: I got a picture of my appetizer! Time to eat!

Aaradhya: I better take another picture of this! It’s so pretty!!!


Jesminder: This is so delectable!! I love it! Every bite I take, it sends me to fruit heaven! So fruity!


Aaradhya: This is super cold! Great for cooling ourselves from a hot day!


Aaradhya: OUCH! I got brain freeze!

Jesminder: The description of the dish warned you, didn’t it?

Aaradhya: Yup! I didn’t know the brain freeze would be this extreme! Burrrr!!


Jesminder: That was good! My tongue must be full of fruit flavors now!

Aaradhya: My mouth feels so cool inside!


10 minutes later

Aaradhya: Now, let’s choose an entree.


Jesminder: Waiter!

Jacques: Yes, ma’am?

Jesminder: We’re ready to place our entree order!

Jacques: Sure! What would you ladies like?

Aaradhya: What’s the Chef’s Choice?

Jacques: You’re going to love this one! It’s the Volcano Pasta and the cheese is at the right temperature to not burn your mouth!

Aaradhya: I’m going to have that and a Riverblossom Cranerlet.

Jacques: Excellent! How about you, ma’am? (Looks at Jesminder)

Jesminder: I’m going to try the Artisan Fish Trio and a Soft Shadow Avornalino!

Jacques: Thank you for your order! Your food will be out shortly!


20 minutes later

Aaradhya: That was quick! Wow, my Volcano Pasta looks delicious! My mouth is watering now!

Jesminder: My Artisan Fish Trio looks beautiful! I can’t wait to dig in!

Aaradhya: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s eat!


Jesminder: Hmmmmm. What kind of fish did the chef use?

Aaradhya: According to the description, it said that the most skilled fish in the sea was used to make this.

Jesminder: I wonder what fish out there is the most skilled?

Aaradhya: I don’t know. Maybe halibut, tilapia, tuna, and salmon?

jesminder: Possibly!


Aaradhya: UnbeLAVAble! This is so cheesy and gooey!

Jesminder: That smells awesome! I want to try it next time!

Aaradhya: You should! I guarantee that you’ll love it!

Jesminder: LOL! You know me too well!


Dessert time!

Aaradhya: Time to finish our meal off with your fabulous desserts!

Jesminder: Agreed! Let’s dig in!


Jesminder: My Vanilla Sea Shells and Chocolate Caviar is so pretty and shiny! As I take a bite, it gives me the feeling that I’m eating vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup!

Aaradhya: My Crystallized Coco Blocks are very cute and chocolaty!! I just wanna build something with them!


Jesminder: Overall, I’m impressed with Chez Llama! The only downside is the waiting time! Other than that, I enjoyed the atmosphere, food, and the service!

Aaradhya: Agreed! By the way, our bill came up to 137 Simoleons.

Jesminder: That’s 1 Simoleon more than our total from La Escargot Petite! So I would say that’s moderately expensive.

Aaradhya: Before we forget, we must ask Chef Archer for the recipes! We should try cooking this at home!

Jesminder: Agreed! We’ll make sure to ask him for the recipes!


Back at the apartment

Aaradhya: What an adventure we had! Now to write up the review on Chez Llama!

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