Season 1 Episode 21: On a Mission



Aaradhya: It’s Friday!! TGIF!!


Aaradhya: Breakfast time! Come and get it!


Jesminder: We’re having French Toast? Hooray!

Aaradhya: I learned this from a recipe I got off the Internet!

Jesminder: Mmmmm! So sweet! You did an excellent job!


Aaradhya: Today, let’s start our restaurant reviews! For lunch, we’ll be going to Chez Sul Sul and for dinner, La Escargot Petite!


Jesminder: Excellent choices for restaurants! Before we head out for lunch, let’s see how well our burrito reviews went!


Lunch time!

Host: Welcome to Chez Sul Sul! How many people are in your party?

Jesminder: 2 people.

Host: Okay, give me a sec and I’ll find you two a table!

Jesminder: Thank you!


After getting their table

Aaradhya: Let’s see what’s on the menu.

Jesminder: I hope they have something delicious there.


Ananya: Welcome to Chez Sul Sul! I’m Ananya and I’ll be serving you! All of your meals will be cooked by the world famous Chef Akeem and Chef Ashly.

Jesminder: What would you recommend from the menu?

Ananya: Chef Akeem is best known for his steaks! They’re marinated with fresh spices from France!

Jesminder: OMG, really? I have to try that! I would like that with a fruit punch, please!

Ananya: Excellent choice! How would you like your steak to be cooked?

Jesminder: Medium rare, please!

Ananya: Okay, and for you, ma’am? (looks at Aaradhya)

Aaradhya: One Veggie Burger with a Fizzy Fruit Drink!

Ananya: Excellent choice! Our burgers, both meat and veggie, are quite popular among our customers!

Aaradhya: Really? That’s cool!

Ananya: How would you like your burger cooked?

Aaradhya: Medium rare, please!

Ananya: Thank you for your order, ladies! Your food should be out shortly.


Aaradhya: I love the atmosphere here! The orange walls compliment the title floors!

Jesminder: I agree with you about the walls complimenting the floors.


Jesminder: I have to say this is great place to take our friends and family to! I’m curious to know if the food here is expensive. Say, have you calculated the total of our meal?

Aaradhya: It came up to 35 Simoleons.


Aaradhya: This is certainly no joke!

Jesminder: So, a plus of this establishment is definitely the inexpensive prices of the food!


The ladies’ food has arrived

Aaradhya: Our food has arrived! How long was it?

Jesminder: About 20 mins.

Aaradhya: Fast enough to call it quick service! Let’s dig in to see how well the chefs did.


Aaradhya: A tender veggie patty, crispy lettuce, and juicy tomatoes! All on a whole wheat bun! My Fizzy Fruit Drink really cooled me off from a hot sunny day. Chef Ashly has done a good job with my burger.


 Jesminder: My steak is cooked the way I like it! Not too rare and not too well done.  Plus, this salad is delicious! The tomatoes were refreshing and the lettuce was crunchy. Chef Akeem did a great job preparing my meal! As for my fruit punch, it was so fruity and well prepared!


Dinner time!

Hostess: Welcome to La Escargot Petite, a great place to learn all about experimental food! How many people are in your party?

Aaradhya: Two.

Hostess: Excellent! We have a clean table for you! Follow me to your table.


After being seated

Aaradhya: Wow, this restaurant offers a variety of experimental foods!


Vivian: Welcome to La Escargot Petite! I’m Vivian and I’ll be taking care of you! Chef Hajar will be cooking your meals! The chef’s special is the Space Taco with Pearled Egg Core! Fun fact about the dish: an astronaut came up with this dish because he had enough of freeze dried food.

Jesminder: That sounds delicious! I’ll have that along with a Monte Vista Reserve Renoit!

Vivian: Excellent choice! (Looks at Aaradhya) How about you, ma’am?

Jesminder: I’m having the Semi-Firm Beet Noodles and a Monte Vista Reserve Renoit!

Vivian: Thank you for your order! Your food will be out shortly!


Aaradhya: You’re going to try the Space Taco?

Jesminder: Yes, because I want to see how this stacks up with the tacos I’ve had.

Aaradhya: Great idea! By the way, our meal bill total is 136 Simoleons.

Jesminder: Moderately expensive, I would say.


10 minutes later

Vivian: Here’s your food, ladies! Enjoy!!

Aaradhya: Our food has arrived! How long was that?

Jesminder: 10 minutes? Now that’s what I call fast service!


Aaradhya: First things first, pictures! Hey, I heard you can get experimental food prints!

Jesminder: Really?? That’s awesome! Our apartment could use some decorating and these could make great decorations!


Aaradhya: Taking a bite of my meal….

Jesminder: Well?

Aaradhya: These noodles are a bit firm, but otherwise, super chewy. I don’t taste any meat juices in this, so this is a vegetarian friendly dish.


Jesminder: I just took a bite of my taco and wow, it made me feel like I’m in space!

Aaradhya: I wish I could try it, but unfortunately, it’s not a vegetarian dish.

Jesminder: I’m sorry you can’t eat it due to the fact you’re a vegetarian. There should be a way to make it vegetarian friendly.

Aaradhya: I’m sure there’s a way to make it vegetarian friendly.


Both: So intriguing!


Both: Our dishes go really well with our meals!


Both: Truly a dining paradise!


Aaradhya: This wine goes very well with my meal!

Jesminder: Same with mine!

Aaradhya: How satisfied are you with your Space Taco?

Jesminder: So far, I’m satisfied with my Space Taco! Compared with all the tacos I’ve ate, this one stands out! Why? The egg core pearl is so pretty and as I mentioned earlier, this gives me the feeling I’m traveling in space! This is SO #Eggstraterestrial!!


Jesminder: Ouch!!

Aaradhya: What’s wrong, Jesminder?

Jesminder: I felt some spark touch my tongue!

Aaradhya: Oh my! Are you okay?

Jesminder: I am. It was just a small sting.

Aaradhya: Glad to hear that. Oh my gosh, these noodles are so vegetarian friendly!

Jesminder: I see you’re enjoying your noodles! Would you recommend that dish to your fellow vegetarians?

Aaradhya: Of course!


Jesminder: Overall, I’m satisfied with this restaurant! Before we leave, we need to ask Chef Hajar for the recipes!

Aaradhya: We’ll do that! First, we need to pay our bill and then we’ll get the recipes!


Back at the apartment

Jesminder: What a day we had! Now to write the review on La Escargot Petite!


Aaradhya: I hope our readers will enjoy our review on Chez Sul Sul!!

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