Season 1 Episode 20: The World Traveling Foodies’ Day Out



Jesminder: For breakfast, we’re having pancakes! Woo-hoo! Look at me go!


Aaradhya: Let me see how well our first blog post did.

Jesminder: Aaradhya!! Breakfast time!

Aaradhya: Yum! These pancakes look delicious!! Where did you learn this recipe?

Jesminder: I learned this myself! I went online and searched up various pancake recipes to gather inspiration.

Aaradhya: You’ve done an excellent job!!

Jesminder: Today, let’s head out and explore the city!

Aaradhya: What district shall we visit?

Jesminder: I’m in an artistic mood today, so let’s head to the Arts District!

Aaradhya: Same here! After we finish breakfast, let’s head there! By the way, our first blog post had over 100 views! Not bad!

Jesminder: That’s a good start!

Aaradhya: The next step we have to take is to expand our audience! We need to target foodies as well as food critics!

Jesminder: That’s a perfect audience for our blog!

Jesminder: Let’s paint some pictures!

Moments later

Aaradhya: Hey! Isn’t that Brenton Stockton??

Jesminder: OMG, YES it is! His videos about fitness and health are amazing! Right now, he has about 1.1M subscribers on SimTube!

Aaradhya: We can’t miss this opportunity to meet one of favorite Internet stars! Let’s go say hello!!


Jesminder: Hi, Brenton! We love your videos so much!! ❤

Aaradhya: Your videos inspire us so much! ❤

Brenton: Hey, ladies!! It’s so cool to bump into fans! Thank you for the kind compliments! I really appreciate them!


Jesminder: This is a rare moment. We normally don’t bump into famous celebrities every day!

Brenton: In cities like Los Angeles and New York, you’re more likely to see them around. San Myshuno is like that!

Aaradhya: Where we’re from, we see a lot of celebrities from only celebrity spotting places, which are places celebrities frequently visit.


Aaradhya: By any chance, are you working on any new videos?

Brenton: Yes I am! I have plans to make a video about healthy eating! Here’s the fun part. I’m looking for two of my fans to guest star in my next video! Would you two be interested?

Aaradhya: Us?! In your video?! OF COURSE WE LOVE TO!!! Sorry for the shouting, but this is so exciting!!!!!!

Jesminder: We would love to be part of your healthy eating video!! Count us in!


Brenton: Woot!! All right!! I look forward to discussing healthy eating with you two!

Aaradhya: Brenton, you can count on us! We know our healthy eating habits inside out!

Jesminder: I know lots of fans beg you to let them star in your videos.

Brenton: I know that, lol. However, the person or people who really ask me to star in them or I ask them will be chosen.

Aaradhya: Although it wouldn’t be fair to those who are big fans of you, right?

Brenton: That’s true, but to be fair, I pick those who haven’t starred in my videos yet. Gotta give everyone a chance, ya know? If they’ve been in my videos and they want to star in them again, they might get another chance.


Aaradhya: By the way, when are you filming this video?

Brenton: Next Sunday at around noon.

Jesminder: Super! We’ll be at your place then! Where do you live?

Brenton: I live in the Umbrage Manor house in Willow Creek. It’s a big house, so you can’t miss it!

Aaradhya: No worries! We won’t. We’ll consult a map if we need to!


Brenton: Did you see my video of me playing some basketball with my buds?

Jesminder: We have and you guys were magnificent!

Brenton: Basketball, football and swimming are my favorite sports! When I was in college, I was on the football and basketball teams and man, my teammates hailed me as a star player!

Jesminder: OMG, that’s awesome that you’re a football and basketball star!


Moments later

Aaradhya: We must be on our way! Before we go, can I get a picture with you?

Jesminder: Me too! I want a picture with you too!!

Brenton: Sure, ladies! Snap away!


Aaradhya takes a selfie with Brenton

Aaradhya: What do you think, Brenton?

Brenton: Looks great! I love it!

Jesminder: My turn!


Jesminder takes a selfie with Brenton

Jesminder: We look great! Don’t you agree, Brenton?

Brenton: I agree! Wow, you’re so pretty!!

Jesminder: Awwwww, thank you! ❤


Outside the art gallery

Jesminder: I can’t believe we’re actually going to be part of Brenton Stockton’s healthy eating video! We gotta tell our friends and family about this!

Aaradhya: Sure we can, although our family might not know who Brenton is.

Jesminder: No problem! We can tell a little bit about him to them!


Aaradhya: I’m a vegetarian and there might be fans out there who are vegetarians or those who want to become a vegetarian. I can provide them tips and vegetarian recipes!

Jesminder: I can also share some of my family’s recipes!!

Aaradhya: Fantastic idea! Wow, I’m hungry.

Jesminder: Let’s check out the food stands!


Don: Hello, ladies! Welcome to the Mexican food stand! What would you ladies like?

Jesminder: One Chicken Burrito, please!

Don: Any hot sauce?

Jesminder: Medium hot, please.

Don: Coming right up! And for you, ma’am?

Aaradhya: One Tomato Wrapped Veggie Burrito, please.

Don: Hot sauce?

Aaradhya: Spicy hot, please!

Don: You got it!


After getting their burritos

Jesminder: Mmmmm! Delicious! My burrito is full of flavors! Except there’s no guacamole in it. I always enjoy my burritos with guacamole along with the sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, meat, and cheese!

Aaradhya: I’m so sorry to hear that.


Jesminder: But despite that, I really love it! The tortilla is so soft and the filling is so hearty!


Aaradhya: As for my burrito, it’s scrumptious!

Jesminder: Really? What’s in it?

Aaradhya: The tortilla is tomato flavored and inside of the burrito, there’s beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, sour cream, cilantro, and cheese! You should it try next time!

Jesminder: Yum! That sounds good and definitely vegetarian friendly! I’m definitely trying it next time!


Aaradhya: For the overall rating, my burrito receives a 10/10 and 5 peppers for the spicy rating! This spicy hot sauce really burned my tongue.

Jesminder: My burrito receieves a 9/10 for the overall rating and 3 peppers for the spicy rating. I chose the medium hot sauce and it wasn’t too spicy to burn my tongue.


Back at the apartment

Jesminder: What a great day! We meet an Internet celebrity, viewed some art, and had some delicious burritos! Now to write my review on my burrito!


Aaradhya: Beautiful day we had! Now to write my post on my vegetarian friendly burrito!

D/N: Be sure to check out Aaradhya and Jesminder’s posts here and here.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 Brenton was created by a fellow simmer, DanaKScullyMulder, and yeah, he does have a great last name.

      Jesminder was created by a fellow simmer, Munterbacon. He has a lot of cute Sims in his gallery, so I suggest you check them out. Gallery ID: Munter_bacon

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