Season 1 Episode 19: Namaste, Aaradhya and Jesminder!



Aaradhya: Namaste, San Myshuno!

Jesminder: That was long journey! Whew! I’m so exhausted!


Jesminder: Let me look up our apartment info. We’re living in 1313 21 Chic Street in the Fashion District and our rent is 300 Simoleons a week. Bad news, Aaradhya. This apartment come with one lot trait, Needs TLC. More bad news, this is a unique trait, so it can’t be removed.

Aaradhya: That doesn’t sound good. What does that do?

Jesminder: TLC means “Tender Loving Care”. With this trait, random problems, such as mice, power outages, and cockroaches, will happen. This is a great moment to practice our handiness skills.

Aaradhya: Yuck! I hate mice and cockroaches. Should these problems arise, we shall just deal with them or ask our landlord to do it for us.

Jesminder: Right. Now, we can pick two more lot traits? What shall they be?

Aaradhya: We want our cooking to come out the best, so let’s get the Chef’s Kitchen trait. In addition, we want to better up our cooking skills, so let’s get the Homey trait.

Jesminder: Those two traits are perfect! So, Chef’s Kitchen and Homey it is!


Aaradhya: Excited about starting our foodie blog, Jesminder?

Jesminder: Of course! That what we’ve been planning for years!

Aaradhya: Since I’m a vegetarian, so I can only review those dishes that are vegetarian safe.

Jesminder: That’s fine!


Jesminder: Not only we’ll document different foods, but let’s also review the restaurants we go to!

Aaradhya: Good idea!


Jesminder: Here’s what we’ll do for each food post. We’ll give a little background information about the dish we’ve tried, our first impressions, overall rating, spicy rating (if possible), and whether we would recommend others to try it.

Aaradhya: Great criteria! What about the restaurant reviews?

Jesminder: One of our favorite bloggers, Everly Moreland, does reviews for the restaurants she visits! She rates them based on food quality, food creativity, service, and atmosphere. She also breaks down what she had at the restaurants! We’ll do something like that!

Aaradhya: Brilliant!!


Aaradhya: What shall our blog be titled?

Jesminder: Hmmmmm. Since we both love to travel around the world and try new foods and this blog is all about our opinions of foods and restaurants, I’d say we call our blog, “Views of The World Traveling Foodies!”

Aaradhya: I love it, especially that we’re called the World Traveling Foodies!

Jesminder: Our blog is guaranteed to do well!

Moments later

Jesminder: Someone’s knocking on our door!

Aaradhya: Let me go see who it is.

runs to check the door

Aaradhya: That must be the welcome wagon. Let’s go introduce ourselves!


Jesminder: Hello, everyone! We’re the World Traveling Foodies! I’m Jesminder Sharma and this is my best friend, Aaradhya Verma. It’s nice to meet you all!

Claudia: Welcome to San Myshuno! I’m Claudia DiBenedetto and I’m a model for San Myshuno Fashion Collection! You ladies look beautfiul!

Aaradhya: Thank you, kindly! You’re beautiful yourself!

Claudia: Thank you!

Evelína: Welcome to San Myshuno! I’m Evelína Benešová and I’m also a San Myshuno Fashion Collection model!

Jesminder: Wow, we get to meet two fashion models? This is awesome!

Dustin: What up! I’m Dustin Rutherford and this is my bud, Hunter Robertson! We’re part of the Party All Day Boys group!

Jesminder: So that means you hold parties every day?

Hunter: Yup!

Aaradhya: I hope your neighbors have a set of earmuffs and earplugs ready.

Dustin: Hey, we’re not that loud!!


Inside the apartment

Hunter: I’m the leader of a meditation club called Relaxing Paradise. What we do in the club is relax and meditate at our local spas.

Aaradhya: This is a club I would LOVE to join!

Hunter: Would you be interested?

Aaradhya: Let me give it some thought and then I’ll tell you later.

Hunter: No prob!


Jesminder: Aaradhya and I are starting a foodie blog called “Views of the World Traveling Foodies”!

Dustin: Cool! What will your blog contain?

Jesminder: Food and restaurant reviews! You should check it out when it goes live!

Dustin: Will do! I can’t wait to read your reviews! I’ve already told Hunter about your blog. Now I need to tell my brother, Brett, and Hunter’s brother, Hank, about it.

Jesminder: I’m sure they’re going to love it as well.

After the welcome wagon

Jesminder: I’m going to go out to get some food from the Vietnamese food stand downstairs. Wanna join me?

Aaradhya: No thanks.

Jesminder: Suit yourself.


Food Vendor: Welcome! Come and enjoy authentic Vietnamese food! What would you like?

Jesminder: One bowl of pho, please!

Food Vendor: Coming right up!


After getting her food

Jesminder: I’m going to review this bowl of pho! First things first, I need pictures!


Jesminder: WHOA!!! THIS IS SUPER HOT!!!!!!


Claudia: Thank you so much for letting me raid your fridge. We have nothing good to eat in our apartment.

Aaradhya: No problem! That’s what neighbors are for!

Claudia: Where’s Jesminder?

Aaradhya: She’s out eating food from the Vietnamese food stand downstairs.

Claudia: Why didn’t you join her?

Aaradhya: All the food there contain meat and as a vegetarian, I can’t eat foods containing meat.

Claudia: That’s true.


Jesminder: Yum! This is so delicious!


Jesminder: HOT, HOT, HOT!!! This is definitely a 5/5 for the spicy rating!


Dustin: Hey, Jesminder! Nice to see you out here!

Jesminder: Hello! I’m eating and reviewing this bowl of pho!

Dustin: Sweet!!


Jesminder: Ugh.

Dustin: It’s not easy to use chopsticks, isn’t it?

Jesminder: *Sigh* Tell me about it!


Jesminder: THIS IS HOT! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!

Back at the apartment

Claudia: Hi, Jesminder!

Aaradhya: Claudia came by because she was hungry and she wanted to hang out here for a while.

Jesminder: Nice to see you here and thank you for stopping by! Aaradhya, I just had a bowl of pho from the Vietnamese food stand downstairs. I’m going to write up my review on it!

Aaradhya: Awesome! Let me know how it turns out!


Jesminder: Now to write my review on my bowl of pho.


Aaradhya: I can’t believe it! Our first post of our blog is currently being worked on! This is exciting!!

Claudia: I’m so excited for you two! Your blog is going to attract lots of foodies! Foodies like me!

Aaradhya: You’re a foodie? That’s awesome!

Claudia: Yeah. Not only do I love to model for SMFC, but also learning new recipes and trying new foods!


Moments later

Jesminder: My review on my pho is all done! It’ll be published tomorrow at 9 AM!

Aaradhya: Excellent! I can’t wait to see what people think about your post!

D/N: Jesminder’s review on her pho can be found here. Announcements about new blog posts will be made on the forum thread!

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