Season 1 Episode 18: An Important Talk


Alec: It’s Monday, you know what that means?

Daniel: School.

Alec: Yup, and work for me.

8 AM

Daniel: I’m off, Alec!

Alec: Bye! Have a great day at school!

1 hour later

Alec: Off to the office I go!

3 PM

Daniel: Gosh. I can’t believe in history class, my group decided slack off and have me do everything for our project! 😡

Daniel: Oh well, time to do my homework.

2 hours later

Alec: All right! I got a promotion! One of the best days ever!

Alec: Keep up the good work, Daniel and one day, you’ll be an A student.

Daniel: Thanks, bro!


Moments later

Connor: Alec! Daniel!

Martina: Alec and Daniel, my precious little treasures!

Daniel: Daddy!! Mommy!

Alec: Dad!! Mom!

Martina: Oh, my sweet boys! Your father and I missed you two so much!

Alec: We missed you too!

Daniel: I can’t believe you guys are here!


Connor: Same here!

Alec: What brings you guys here?

Martina: Your father and I have something important to talk about with you two! Come and sit down and we’ll talk about it.


The family sat down together

Connor: Your mother and I want to come back to you boys, so we want you two to bring us back to life.

Martina: The only question is do you boys know any way you can bring us back to life?

Alec: Well, there’s ambrosia.

Connor: Ambrosia?

Alec: It’s a special dish that can bring ghosts back to life. You need the potion of life, an angelfish, and a death flower.

Martina: Amazing! Well, you boys are on a quest to get the ingredients for the ambrosia and bring us back to life!


Connor: *Sigh* Look at how much we’ve missed since we were dead.

Martina: I know, honey! We even missed Alec’s college graduation! 😦


Daniel: Don’t worry, Mommy and Daddy! We’ll work hard to find the ingredients for the ambrosia recipe!

Martina: That what I love to hear!

Connor: You can do it! I can count on you two!


Alec: I read up about how to get the ingredients for the ambrosia. I need to max out my cooking and gourmet cooking skills, find an angelfish in any river in Willow Creek, and of course, do some grafting to get the death flower.

Connor: Do you know what crops are needed to graft the death flower?

Alec: Yes! The orchard and pomegranate.

Martina: Do you know how get them?

Alec: For the pomegranate, I need to graft cherry and apple. For the orchard, lily and snapdragon.

Martina: You are on a roll! It’s good that you read all this information in advance!


Moments later

Alec: You guys plan to stay for dinner? I’m going to be cooking Pork Adobo for all of us!

Martina: Of course! Pork Adobo? I’ve never tried it, but I’m look forward to it! Oh, it has meat.

Connor: Me either! I can’t wait to try it!

Alec: Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll make your potion vegetarian friendly.

Martina: Thank you, son! I really appreciate it!

Dinner was served

Alec: Let’s dig in!

While the family eats

Martina: *Sigh* I missed the days we all were together.

Connor: We all do dear.

Daniel: Yum! This is delicious!

Connor: You done very well, son!

Alec: Thanks, Dad and Daniel! Mom is the one who taught me how to cook. Also, there’s a special lot trait that makes the food always in excellent quality and that’s the Chef’s Kitchen trait.

Martina: My hard work really paid off! Also, it’s cool that your apartment came with a trait that can help with quality of your cooking.


Alec: We’ve been checking out the city and it’s so pretty!

Martina: It’s great that you’re exploring San Myshuno, but be aware of your surroundings and watch out for those crazy people!

Daniel: We’ve seen people dressed in swimsuits, tube socks, hats, and hiking boots.

Connor: Wow, call the fashion police. That’s crazy!

Alec: Also, there are people at night who sing in their PJs!

Martina: HAHAHAHA! As crazy as that sounds, that’s funny!!

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