Season 1 Episode 17: Flea Market and Karaoke Mania!



Daniel: Today’s a new day! Got to take a selfie to show my Simstagram followers!


Alec: It’s a brand new day! Watch out, San Myshuno! Here come the Foster Bros!


Alec: Doing your homework, bro?

Daniel: Yup! I’m finishing up my English essay and Algebra homework!

Alec: Good! I’ll be in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

Alec: Today, we’re having Eggs and Toast for breakfast!

10 minutes later

Daniel: I’m done with my homework!

Alec: Good timing! I just finished preparing breakfast! Come grab some eggs and toast!

Daniel: Yum! This is delicious!

Alec: You can thank the Chef’s Kitchen lot trait! This trait is so useful because every time I cook, the food comes out in excellent quality.

Daniel: Today’s the flea market, right?

Alec: Yup! It starts at 10 AM. Right now, it’s 9 AM, so we have an hour!

Daniel: I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!


After breakfast

Alec: Here we are at the Spice Market district. This is where the flea market takes place.

Daniel: It’s so beautiful here!

Alec: Look! The flea market is starting now! Let’s go grab something good!



Alec: That robot lamp looks cool, don’t you think?

Daniel: It is! After all, I love robots!

Alec: (looks at price tag) This lamp costs 52 Simoleons. Not bad.

Daniel: I want it!

Alec: Okay, let’s get it! It’ll look great on your desk!


Moments later

Alec: Neat! I got a snow globe!

Daniel: I got a poster!


Lunch time!

Don: Welcome! I hope you’re ready to enjoy some authentic Vietnamese food! What can I get you?

Daniel: One Goi Cuon and one Banh Mi sandwich, please!

Don: Whoa, dude. You’re seriously going to eat all that yourself?

Daniel: LOL! No! The Goi Cuon is for me and the Banh Mi is for my brother.

Don: Hahaha! Okay, coming right up!


After getting the food

Daniel: The Goi Cuon is for me and you get the Banh Mi sandwich!

Alec: Wow! This looks delicious! Thanks, Daniel, for getting our lunch!

Daniel: No prob! Let’s eat and learn about Vietnamese food!


Daniel: (looking at his phone) According to Simpedia, Goi Cuon is a Vietnamese spring roll. It contains pork, shrimp, vegetables, and rice vermacelli. All that is wrapped in bánh tráng, which is Vietnamese rice paper. The best thing about them is that they’re served cold and not fried.

Alec: I think Dad would’ve loved to try that! As for Mom, it contains meat, so I don’t think she’ll eat it.

Daniel: Right, Mommy’s a vegetarian.

Alec: How do you like it?

Daniel: Delicious! They’re so similar to Chinese spring rolls.


Alec: I had a friend from Vietnam and she introduced me to the Banh Mi sandwich. Mmmmm, so good!

Daniel: What’s in it?

Alec: Pork, head cheese, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro and mayonnaise.

Daniel: Yummy!!

After lunch

Alec: Let’s see if we can get some posters and then we’ll head into the Waterside Warble for some karaoke.

Daniel: Okay!




Time for some karaoke!

Alec: Okay, dude. Are you ready to watch me sing karaoke?

Daniel: I sure am! What song are you going to sing?

Alec: Faith by George Michael.

Daniel: All right!

Alec: I’m not much of a singer, but I’ll try. Here it goes.


*song ends*

Daniel: Eh, you’re okay. You were great at some points and bad at others. So bad, my ears hurt.

Alec: Sorry about that, lol. Looks like I need more practice.

Daniel: My turn!


Daniel: I’ll be singing Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey!

Alec: Excellent choice! Have fun!







*song ends*

Alec: Wow! You’re as bad as I am!

Daniel: I’ll admit that I was rough at some parts.

Alec: At least we had fun and tried our best! That’s what matters, right?

Daniel: True.


After some karaoke fun

Alec: Sweet! I got another snow globe!

Daniel: Remember to take them out and display them when we get back!


Dinner time!

Daniel: Wow! This ensaymada is yummy!


Alec: This Pork Adobo is out of this world! It’s fun trying new foods!


Back at the apartment

Daniel: Hi, Drago!!

Drago: Hi, Daniel! Did you have fun today?

Daniel: I did! We tried lots of good food, checked out the flea market, and sang some karaoke!

Drago: Sounds like you had lots of fun!

Daniel: Oh! Alvin just texted me this cool video! I got to check it out!

Daniel: Big hugs for my Drago!!

Daniel: That’s what I love to see! My Drago smiling!

Drago: It’s because I’m happy to have a friend like you! You give me big hugs and you always have time to play with me!


Daniel: Wait, that’s not my yellow Chompy! Oops. I forgot I have two Chompy toys! I love the yellow one more!


Daniel: You know what, Drago?

Drago: What?

Daniel: San Myshuno is a beautiful city! You should join us next time we head out!

Drago: Hahahaha! You wish! You have to carry me everywhere you go and trust me, you’ll get tried from doing so!


Alec: It’s been a great day today. I can’t wait to see what else San Myshuno has in store for us!

Songs Featured

Faith by George Michael (listen on YouTube)

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey (listen on YouTube)

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3 thoughts on “Season 1 Episode 17: Flea Market and Karaoke Mania!

      1. I do collect snow globes , love them! But I always forget about posters! Which is funny , because when I was a kid , my brother would “collect” posters often when we would visit San Francisco !

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