Season 1 Episode 16: Meet the Foster Brothers


Alec: Well, bro, we made it to San Myshuno!!

Daniel: Oh boy! We’re going to have so much fun in San Myshuno!

Alec: Let me look up our apartment information. We’re living in 1010 Alto Apartments in the Uptown District and our rent is 3500 Simoleons per week. This apartment comes with one lot trait: Chef’s Kitchen! Sweet! With that trait, food comes out in excellent quality!

Daniel: That sounds awesome!

Alec: We can pick two more traits! What shall they be?

Daniel: I want to pick the Gnomes trait because I heard that while we sleep, they come out and fix broken things!

Alec: I would love that! As for the third trait, Home Studio because I plan to brush up on my painting skills.

Daniel: I learned that it can also help me with my writing skills, which is important for my English class!

Alec: True! So, Gnomes and Home Studio it is! Now, let’s go inside and unpack!

After unpacking their stuff, the boys went to mourn their parents

Alec: Oh, Mom and Dad, why did you have to die so early?! *sheds tears*

Daniel: Every time I look at Mommy and Daddy’s urns, I feel like crying my eyes out!

Alec: Why didn’t they know the pufferfish nigiri they ate was poisoned? They’re better off eating the regular nigiri.

Daniel: I heard that when you prepare pufferfish nigiri, you have to take extra caution to get the nonpoisonous parts. Maybe the chef who prepare our parents’ pufferfish nigiri wasn’t skilled enough to prepare it.

Alec: Right. In fact, their death gave us a warning.

Daniel: Which is?

Alec: If we choose to eat pufferfish nigiri, we must make sure that it’s in excellent quality. If it’s poorly made, there’s a big chance we’ll die from it.

Daniel: Scary!!

Alec: *Sigh* I wish Mom and Dad were alive today. It’s not the same without them.

Daniel: I miss Mommy and Daddy so much!! I want them back!

Alec: Daniel, I know it’s hard to deal with Mom and Dad’s passing. Everything is going to be okay

Daniel: Are you sure, big bro?


Alec: I’m sure! Daniel, you’re my younger brother and as your older brother, it’s my responsibility to make sure you’re well looked after. Trust me, we’ll get through this.

Daniel: Thanks, Alec! You’re the best big brother anyone can ask for.


Alec: Let’s take a break first and then we’ll head outside and explore San Myshuno.

Daniel: All right! I’ll be in our bedroom playing with my red Dino! Or is it Drago? I’m confused.

Alec: Remember Mom said that Kindermade made a giant stuffed dragon and a giant stuffed dinosaur at the same time? The team there often got them confused. The stuffed animal you love looks like a dragon, so it’s a Drago, although they sell it as a Dino.

Daniel: Okay!

Alec: Anyway, have fun with your Drago!


Daniel: DRAGO!!!

Drago: Daniel!! My best friend!


Daniel: Hee hee!! That’s a good Drago!!!

Drago: Hee hee hee!!


Daniel: Hey, Drago! You doing all right?

Drago: Yes I am!

Alec: Daniel!! Come here quick!

Daniel: Alec’s calling me? I wonder what he wants?


Daniel: Daddy? I thought ghosts only exist in movies, books, and games!

Alec: Dad? What a pleasant surprise! What’s up?

Connor: Boys! Your mother and I miss you so much. It’s been 5 months since our deaths and I thought I’d pay my sons a visit.

Alec: We miss you and Mom so much!

Connor: So, how are you two doing so far?

Alec: It’s tough. I have to work extra shifts at the office and every day, I come home and check if Daniel has done his homework, prepare dinner, and do some cleaning around the house.

Connor: I understand that because of our deaths, your work load has increased. However, by doing so, you’re learning all the life skills necessary. When you start having a family, you have to responsible for a lot of things. For example, if you and your wife choose to have kids, both of you need to devote a lot of time to take care of them and at the same time, take care of your careers and needs.

Alec: That’s so true.



Alec: Uh, Dad? Where you’d go?


Connor: BOO!!!!

Alec: Whoa!!


Connor: Hahahaha! Scared you, didn’t I?

Alec: That was good, Dad!!

Connor: It’s Saturday, boys! What are your plans for today?


Alec: Pretty soon, we’ll be heading out to check out the city!

Connor: You boys chose an excellent place to live! I heard San Myshuno is a vibrant city!

Daniel: I know, right?


Connor: Okay, I must get back inside my urn. You boys take care and have fun in the city!

Alec: We will! By the way, it was great to see you again!

Daniel: Take care, Daddy!

Moments later

Alec: Wow!! Look at the living statue!!

Daniel: Hahaha!! He’s funny!!

Alec: Boo!!!

Alec: Hey!!

Daniel: Blah, blah, blah!!

Daniel: Come on!! Do something else!!


Alec: Here’s a tip of 100 Simoleons!!

Daniel: I found this box! What’s in it?

Alec: Dig through it and see.

After digging through the box

Daniel: Cool! I got an Age of the Dinosaur Snow Globe!

Alec: Sweet, man!

Daniel: Gotta take a selfie to show my buddies!

Alec: Nice!! I got The City Skyscraper Snow Globe!!

Daniel: Awesome!!

Alec: Cool! I got a poster!

Daniel: What poster did you get?

Alec: The Night Light Legacy poster!

Daniel: Sweet!


Daniel: I got a “What Necks?” by Angsty poster!

Alec: This is cool that we can find lots of snow globes and posters around here!

Daniel: Totally cool! What’s next?

Alec: Let’s go to Myshuno Meadows!


30 minutes later

Alec: According to the San Myshuno guide, Myshuno Meadows has food stands, a basketball court, and a playground. It’s also an ideal place to hold weddings!

Daniel: Cool!


Alec: Here’s a fountain! Let’s make a wish!

The boys made their wishes

Daniel: I see a basketball court over there! What do you say we play some basketball together?

Alec: Sure!













Alec: That was a great match!

Daniel: I kept score and you’re the winner, big bro! Congrats!

Alec: I’m the winner?! YEAH! That’s how it’s done!

Daniel: Hey, our friend, Devan, lives in San Myshuno, right?

Alec: Devan? Yeah, he does! Why don’t we pay him a visit?

Daniel: I was going to ask that, but yeah, let’s pay him a visit!


30 minutes later

Alec: It’s nice that he lives in the Uptown, just like us!


Daniel: Wow, his apartment is HUGE!! I bet he has a room full of toys!

Alec: LOL! I bet he does!

Daniel: Speaking of toys, is it okay if I play with Devan’s Blarffy?

Alec: LOL! I know you want to play with him, but you have to ask Devan first.

Devan: *GASP* Hey!!! It’s the Foster Brothers!

Daniel: Hi, Devan!

Alec: Hey, Devan! We’re just in the neighborhood and thought we’d drop by for a visit!

Devan: Cool!! It’s nice to see you bros!

Alec: So, how is San Myshuno treating you?

Devan: Love it! The Skye Fitness gym is the best place to go to for workouts and basketball matches! The food stands have lots of yummy foods and the festivals are fun!

Alec: I have to agree with you about San Myshuno! It’s a vibrant city full of fun!

Daniel: Devan, next time we come by your place, can I play with your Blarffy?

Devan: Sure you can! The only thing I don’t want you to do to him is punch him, even if you’re in a bad mood. I don’t want my Blarffy to have lots of boo-boos!

Daniel: Don’t worry. I won’t hurt him. If I’m in a bad mood, I’ll go to a mirror and calm down.

Devan: Check this out! (flashes crazy eyes)

Alec: LOL!!! You’re the same as before! Funny and hilarious!

Daniel: OMG!! HAHAHAHA!!

The boys decided to dance for a bit.

Daniel: Wow! You got a pool??

Devan: Yeah! Neat, isn’t it?

Alec: For sure! Imagine all of the pool parties you can have at your place!

Devan: LOL!!

8 PM approaches

Alec: It’s time we head back to our apartment. Before we go, here’s a copy of our apartment key! You can come by anytime!

Daniel: Here’s an extra copy in case you lose it.


Devan: This is awesome! Thank you!! You’re the best!

Alec: No prob! That’s what friends are for!


Back at the apartment

Alec: For dinner, we’re going to have garden salad!


Daniel: Weee!! Weee!!!

Drago: Weeeeeeeeee!!!!! I love it when you swing my arms!!

Alec: Daniel! Dinner!

Daniel: All right! I’m starving! I’ll be right back, Drago!

Drago: OK! Enjoy your dinner!

Alec: I see you had fun with Drago! How is he doing?

Daniel: He’s doing great! Maybe he and Devan’s Blarffy can become friends!

Alec: That’s a good idea! I’m sure Devan would love to see that happen!

Daniel: He’s going to love it!

Alec: It’s a beautiful night here in San Myshuno!

Daniel: It certainly is, Alec!

Alec: What would you like to do tomorrow?

Daniel: I heard the Flea Market is in town tomorrow! What do you say we go there?

Alec: Sounds like a plan! We’ll do that!


Bedtime for the boys

Alec: Good night, Daniel!

Daniel: Good night, Alec!

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