Season 1 Episode 15: A Fabulous Day



Claudia: Buongiorno, Evan! Sei eccitato per oggi?

Evan: Sì sono io, Claudia! Dove noi tutti dovremmo incontrare?

Claudia: Andiamo tutti a incontrare Myshuno Meadows!

Evan: Ottima idea!

Claudia: Ci vediamo intorno alle 10:00! Stai attento!

Evan: Vediamo più tardi!


Emilia: Ah, Myshuno Meadows! What a beautiful park!

Maricruz: ¡Es bonito! Además, es un gran día para estar al aire libre!


Evan: Let’s hang out at the fountain!


Celia: Why don’t we make a wish and toss a coin into the fountain?

Danielle: Good idea! Let’s do that!

Claudia: OMG, check this funny cat video!

Evan: LOL!! That was funny!

Emilia: I heard that Myshuno Meadows is one of the best places to hold weddings!

Celia: I know, right? Look! It has a wedding arch and a place for receptions!

Claudia: When I was in Milan, me and a couple of my friends would hang out at the Parco Sempione, which is located at Milan’s historical centre. There’s so much to do there, like checking out De Chirico’s mysterious fountain or simply relaxing under a tree. During the night, the Arco della Pace is one of Milan’s prime nighttime areas and it’s located on the far side of the park!

Evan: That’s neat! I go to the Giardino della Guastalla! It’s a great place to go to if you want to take a break from the busy city life!

Claudia: Want to take a picture with me?

Evan: Sure!

Claudia: Anjee!!!

Takes selfie

Claudia: We look great, don’t we, Evan?

Evan: Yes we do, Claudia!

Evelína: Great day, isn’t it, Danielle?

Danielle: It sure is, Evelína! Perfect day to wear my beautiful flower dress!

Evelína: It looks beautiful on you, darling!

Danielle: Thank you!

Maricruz: After we’re done here, what do you say we all head to Andre DaSilva Arcade for some gaming fun?

Justin: I support that!

Other models: Same here!


1 hour later

Emilia: Here we are, everyone! Andre DaSilva Arcade!

Celia: I wonder who built this establishment? It’s beautiful!

Claudia: This arcade was built by one of the most amazing builders in the Simming community, Drutrubuilder.

Evan: I’ve heard of him and boy are his builds out of this world!

Inside the Arcade

Evan: Look! Arcade machines! All right, Claudia, Emilia, and Danielle! I challenge you to a match!

Claudia: You’re on!

Danielle: I accept!

Emilia: Let’s do this!

Justin: All right! Celia, Evelína, and Maricruz, I challenge you ladies to a match!

Evelína: I accept! Celia, good luck.

Celia: Good luck to you too!

Maricruz: You’re on!


All: Space Blast!

Danielle: All right, I’m going to give this my best shot!

Emilia: I shall not lose!

Evan: Let’s do this! Hope I win.

Claudia: Remember, girl. Focus is the key!

Maricruz: I haven’t played arcade games in a long time! It feels great to be playing again!

Evelína: Okay. I got this.


Justin: No one will beat me! I played video games and arcade games since I was 6!!

Celia: If I win, good for me! If not, there’s always next time.



Claudia: You did great, Evan and Emilia!

Evan: Thanks, Claudia! I’ve been gaming for a long time.

Emilia: I knew that I would win! Just have to believe in myself!

Danielle: That was a great match! Too bad I lost!

Evelína: Okay, group! What do say we do a Foosball match?

Emilia: Sounds great! I’ll team up with you!

Evelína: Okay! Celia, darling, you’ll be teaming up with Justin!

Celia: Okay!

Justin: Let’s get this match going!


Evelína: …and go!! Good luck, folks!

5 minutes later

Justin: All right, I got one in!!

Evelína: Grrrr! Seriously?

Emilia: We’ll get them next round!


Justin: Fist bump!

Celia: Way to go, Justin! (fist bumps Justin)

Justin: Call me the Foosball Master!

Emilia: Let’s continue!


Evan: I hope you’re enjoying your mocha latte. I asked the barista to add 2 drops of mocha syrup and use warm milk, just the way you like it.

Claudia: I love it! Thank you so much for treating me.

Evan: No problem.

Claudia: Aren’t you going to have a cup of coffee as well?

Evan: No, I’m good.

Claudia: I should mention that I also love Grapefruit Cappuccinos and Peppermint Lattes.

Evan: I love Caffè Americanos and Caramel Lattes.

Claudia: Ah, looks like we both are coffee lovers!

Claudia: Do you like to travel?

Evan: Of course I do! I’ve been to Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Sydney.

Claudia: You’re quite the travel guru!

Evan: You can say that again!

Claudia: I love traveling too, except that I’ve only been around Europe. Haven’t had the chance to get out of Europe.

Evan: You haven’t been out of Europe yet? If you want to travel outside of Europe, the first continent you need to check out is Asia! Start with China, then Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, and Singapore.

Claudia: I’ve always wanted to travel to those countries! Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world and Singapore Airlines is one of Skytrax’s 5 star airlines. The traditional Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese clothing are so gorgeous! I also have a friend who works in Hong Kong and she said that it’s a vibrant city!


Minutes later

Evan: Now that you’re done with your mocha, want to play Foosball with me, Maricruz, and Danielle?

Claudia: Of course!! Let’s get to it!



Evelína: Even though we lost, I say we did great, darling.

Emilia: Very well played, you two! We’ll definitely get you next time!


Celia: Oh yeah. Victory is ours!

Justin: You did great, Celia! I didn’t know you played Foosball!

Celia: My parents own a big estate and my father had a Foosball room, where he and his business partners would get together and have some Foosball matches! Sometimes, Father and I would play some matches together.

Justin: That’s awesome!


Evan: Danielle and I will be one team. Claudia, you and Maricruz will be another.

Claudia: No prob. Let’s show them who are the real Foosball experts!

Maricruz: ¿Estás listo? In Spanish, that means, “Are you ready?”

Claudia: ¡Si! Yes!

Maricruz: Okay! Those two don’t stand a chance!

Danielle: Oh yeah? We’ll see about that!



Evan: All right! I got one in!


Evan: Fist bump!

Danielle: Well done, Evan! (fist bumps Evan)


Maricruz: ¡¿Qué?! ¿Cómo podría ser esto?

Claudia: We were so close!

Maricruz: Hang in there, girl!! Don’t lose your confidence!


Claudia: We did it, Maricruz!! Fist bump!

Maricruz: ¡Fantástico! That means, “Fanastic!” (fist bumps Claudia)


Evan: Why did you mess this up?!

Danielle: Me?! It was you!

Evan: Whatever. We’ll get them next round!





Danielle: Grrrr!! They’re just too good for us!

Evan: We can give up now!


Maricruz:  ¡Excelente! That means, “Excellent!” You did great, girl! Fist bump!

Claudia: Same to you, Maricruz! (fist bumps Maricruz)


Minutes later

Danielle: Woo-hoo!


Maricruz: ¡Ay, dios mio! Oh my god! Why?!

Claudia: Why did we not see that coming?


Danielle: Fist bump!

Evan: All right! (Fist bumps Danielle)



Claudia: Got you back!


Danielle: What?!

Evan: I have no words to describe this!




Evan: Got it!


Danielle: I kept score and Claudia and Maricruz are the winners! Bravo!

Evan: Congratulations, Claudia and Maricruz! You two were amazing!


Maricruz: That’s how it’s done!

Claudia: You did great out there!


Claudia takes a selfie with Maricruz

Claudia: Foosball champs! #winners


Evan takes a selfie with Danielle

Evan: Even though we lost, we had fun!

Moments later

Claudia: It’s 6 PM and it’s dinner hour! Let’s head to the Infinity Cafe for dinner!


Claudia: Here we are at Infinity Cafe! This was built by The Great Simphony! I hope you all are in the mood for some seafood!

Emilia: I know I am.

Danielle: I hope they have some vegetarian friendly options!

Claudia: I’m sure they will! Now, I’ll go get us a table.


Host: Good Evening! Welcome to Infinity Cafe! How many people are in your party?

Claudia: Eight.


Host: We have a special table picked out for you! Follow me to your table!


Emilia: Everything on the menu looks tempting.

Danielle: The only things I can eat are the salads. Hmmm. Which one should I pick?


Dennis: Good evening, folks! I’m Dennis Kim and I’ll be your server tonight. May I take your order?

Danielle: I’ll be having the Caesar Salad and a Granite Falls Grappo Blanco.

Maricruz: I’ll have the Blackened Bass and a Von Haunt Estate Meloire.

Evelína: This looks good. For me, I’m having the Trout Meunière and a Soft Shadow Avornalino.

Justin: I’m having the Lobster Thermidor and a Soft Shadow Avornalino.

Evan: I’ll have the Cioppino and a Granite Falls Grappo Blanco.

Emilia: I’m having the Salmon and a Riverblossom Cranerlet Nuala.

Claudia: I’m having one of my favorite dishes, which is the Lobster Thermidor, and a Riverblossom Cranerlet Nuala.

Celia: I’m having the Herb-Crusted Salmon and a Von Haunt Estate Meloire.

Dennis: Thank you for your order. Your food will be out shortly.


Emilia: This restaurant is beautiful! I love the calm, warm atmosphere.

Claudia: Same here! So relaxing.


Celia: You know, I’ve been watching this show called Food Talk with Suzume and I’m in love with it! I love Suzume Nakamura and her endless knowledge of food!

Claudia: I’ve heard of her and she did review this restaurant!

Emilia: Seriously? What did she think?

Claudia: She loved it! On a scale of 10, she gave it a 10. Why? She was impressed with the service and the food. The hosts and servers were very welcoming toward their customers. The food was cooked by two world-famous chefs and the food quality was magnificent!


Evan: I’ve been to lots of fancy restaurants in Milan. As for this one, I love it! I love the calm atmosphere this restaurant has and the decor is out of this world!

Justin: New York City has lots of fancy restaurants too! I like the calm atmosphere of restaurant too!


Their dinner has arrived

Maricruz: Our food is here! Wow! They look marvelous!

Claudia: Wow! Just like what Suzume said! Excellent quality food!

Evan: What are we waiting for! Let’s dig in!











Evan: We had so much fun today! Let’s do this again some day.

Emilia: We should! I love hanging out with you all!

Claudia: I agree! Look at us! We’re bonding so well, our friendships are bound to last forever!


Infinity Cafe by The Great Simphony

Andre DaSilva Arcade by Drutrubuilder


All translated from Italian

Claudia: Buongiorno, Evan! Sei eccitato per oggi?

Good morning, Evan! Are you excited for today?

Evan: Sì sono io, Claudia! Dove noi tutti dovremmo incontrare?

Yes I am, Claudia! Where should we all meet?

Claudia: Andiamo tutti a incontrare Myshuno Meadows!

Let’s all meet at Myshuno Meadows!

Evan: Ottima idea!

Excellent idea!

Claudia: Ci vediamo intorno alle 10:00! Stai attento!

We’ll see you at around 10 AM! Take care!

Evan: Vediamo più tardi!

See you all later!

Maricruz: ¡Es bonito! Además, es un gran día para estar al aire libre! (Spanish)

It’s beautiful! Plus, it’s a great day to be outdoors!

Maricruz: ¡¿Qué?! ¿Cómo podría ser esto? (Spanish)

What?! How could this be?

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