Season 1 Episode 14: Daily Work at SMFC

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Kristina: Good morning, folks! How are you all feeling today?

Models: Great!

Kristina: Excellent! We have a busy day ahead of us! Today, we’ll be working on next year’s catalog. Let’s start off with the Adventurous China Collection! This collection features Chinese style clothing! Head to the closets to change!

Models: Will do!


Celia: I can’t wait to check out those Chinese style clothing!


Claudia: Okay, here we go!


Celia: Wow, they’re so pretty!!

Claudia: I love the embroidery on the top! The shorts are very cute and those flats are very comfortable!


Trish: Okay, Danielle. Are you ready?

Danielle: Yes, Trish!


Trish: Okay, give me a good pose!

Danielle: How’s this?

Trish: Excellent! Hold still while I take some pictures!


Trish: Maricruz, ¿estás listo?

Maricruz: ¡Sí, Trish!


Trish: ¡Bueno! ¡Por favor déme una gran actitud!

Maricruz: ¡Está bien!


Anthony: That’s good, ladies! You all are looking lovely!

Claudia: Grazie, Anthony!

Anthony: This catalog is going to look amazing!!

Emilia: I agree!! After reading it, a lot of people would want to buy clothes from SMFC!


Evan: Okay, Claudia. Are you ready?

Claudia: Yes, Evan! Trish, we’re ready!

Trish: Excellent! I must say, you two look great!

Evan and Claudia: Thank you, Trish!


Anthony: Excellent job, you two!


Trish: Brilliant! Just brilliant!





Several photoshoots later

Kristina: Next up, we’ll do the Luxury Downtown collection!

Justin: This collection features luxurious, formal wear!

Kristina: Correct! This is the collection customers should look at if they’re looking for new dresses or suits for a fun night at the party or at the city!


Claudia: Mio mio! Questo vestito è così bello! Lo adoro!

Trish: You look stunning, Claudia!

Claudia: Thank you! I must say, this is one of my favorite dresses!

Trish: It’s one of my favorites as well! This dress is great for parties and going out for dinner! Anyway, give me a nice pose!


Claudia: How’s this?

Trish: Brilliant! Hold still while I take some pictures!


Anthony: Excellent, Danielle! Keep still!

Danielle: Will do!











Prior to the end of the day

Kristina: You all did amazing! Before we call it a day, there’s something I need to discuss with you all!

Maricruz: What is it?

Kristina: Our 5th annual fashion show! We’re just 3 months away from the day!

Celia: Oooh, a fashion show? This is exciting!

Justin: Of course! How can we forget?

Kristina: We plan to host the show in either Windenburg or San Myshuno! Any inputs?

Emilia: What if we decided to host the show in Windenburg?

Kristina: We’ll have to get up extra early to catch the flight to there! On average, the flight from San Myshuno to Windenburg is 10 hours! We’ll also need to get several hotel rooms.

Claudia: What if we do it here?

Kristina: It wouldn’t be much of a hassle.

Evan: I’d say we do it here in San Myshuno! After all, it’s home to SMFC!

Kristina: Agreed! So, we’ll do the show here in San Myshuno!


Danielle: Lots of people will show up to the show, so don’t mess up!

Evan: Even a simple mistake can make a bad impression for the company.

Emilia: Don’t worry! Claudia, Celia, and I won’t let you all down!


All translated from Spanish

Trish: Maricruz, ¿estás listo?

Maricruz, are you ready?

Maricruz: ¡Sí, Trish!

Yes, Trish!

Trish: ¡Bueno! ¡Por favor déme una gran actitud!

Good! Please give me a good pose!

Maricruz: ¡Está bien!


Claudia: Grazie, Anthony! (Italian)

Thank you, Anthony!

Claudia: Mio mio! Questo vestito è così bello! Lo adoro! (Italian)

My, my! This dress is so beautiful! I love it!

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