Season 1 Episode 12: It’s Fashionista Time!

D/N: There are foreign languages used in this episode. Please wait until the end to see what they mean in English. Thank you!



Celia: Her er vi i San Myshuno!

Claudia: Wow! E ‘una bella città!

Emilia: It’s as beautiful as Sydney!

Celia: Let me check our apartment information. We’re in 1310 21 Chic Street. This apartment comes with one unique trait, Lively Neighbors. Bad news, ladies. With this trait, our neighbors will hold parties often, leading to tons of frustrations. More bad news, this is a unique trait and it isn’t removable.

Emilia: GREAT! We’ll have trouble sleeping then!

Claudia: Come on now! We need our beauty sleep! These people need to be considerate about us!

Celia: That leaves us with two more lot traits to choose! What shall we pick?

Claudia: Why don’t we also get the Sunny Aspect and Homey traits. Homey because I would love to improve my cooking skills faster and Sunny Aspect because the sight of the sunset puts me in the mood!

Emilia: I agree with Claudia! Seeing sunsets makes feel so calm!

Celia: Okay, Sunny Aspect and Homey it is! Now let’s go check out our apartment.

After checking out the apartment

Claudia: Santo cielo! Il nostro appartamento è troppo piccolo!

Emilia: Our apartment is wayyyy too small!!

Celia: I was expecting our apartment to be BIG! That way, we can have room for lots of closets!! Oh well, we’ll have to live with this tight space.

Claudia: You’re right. Just go along with the flow.

Emilia: If it’s possible, we can expand our apartment to include a second floor.

Celia: I’m not sure about that. I’ll have to ask the landlord if it’s possible to do so.


Claudia: In the meantime, why don’t go explore San Myshuno?

Emilia: Sounds like a plan! Let’s go! Can’t wait to see how beautiful San Myshuno is!

Celia: Lad os gå!


30 minutes later

Emilia: Here we are in the Spice District. You girls see that big building down there? That’s the San Myshuno Fashion Collection headquarters! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!

Claudia: Wow!! It’s so beautiful!! I’m so excited for tomorrow!

Celia: I agree with Claudia! Tomorrow, we get to meet the CEO, the photographers, and the models!

Emilia: We’re going to have so much fun working there!

Noon arrives

Claudia: Ho fame.

Emilia: I’m hungry! Is there any food stands nearby?

Celia: Jeg er for sulten. Se! Der er en mexicansk mad stå!

Claudia: Fremragende! Come on! Let’s go get some Mexican food!


Food Vendor: Good afternoon, ladies! What would you like?

Celia: I would like some taquitos, please!

Claudia: One Spinach Wrapped Veggie Burrito, please!

Emilia: Empanadas, please!

Food Vendor: Coming right up!


After getting their food

Claudia: I found an empty table where we can sit! Follow me!


Emilia: This is my first time trying empanadas! Wow! This is delicious!!

Claudia: Yum! My veggie burrito is scrumptious!!


Celia: These taquitos are delicious!!

Emilia: Really??

Celia: Yeah! They’re really filling and they’re great for a snack! You can also serve them at a party!

Emilia: Awesome! I should try those next time!!


Claudia: This burrito is out of this world! Definitely going to post this on Simstagram!!

After the Fashionistas finish their food

Celia: What is that golden figure right there?

Emilia: I read in the San Myshuno guide that they are living statues. They do street performances!

Claudia: Cool! Let’s go up to him!


Celia: They look fun!!

Emilia: LOL!! Yup! They can also make us laugh!!!

Claudia: He’s so funny!!! LOL!

Emilia: Let’s each tip him 100 Simoleons!

Claudia and Celia: Yeah, let’s do that.

30 minutes later

Celia: Oooo!! We can do street murals!

Claudia: Let’s do one!!











Celia: Godt gået, mine damer!

Claudia: Questo murale è così bello!!

Emilia: Excellent job, ladies! This is a beautiful mural!

Celia: I’m hungry.

Claudia: It’s dinner hour! Let’s head back to the Fashion District to grab dinner!


Food Vendor: Welcome! What can I get you?

Emilia: I would like the Sweet and Sour Pork, please!

Claudia: I’m going to have the Sweet and Sour Eggplant, please!

Celia: Mopu Tofu with Pork, please!

Food Vendor: Coming right up!


After getting their food

Celia: Good! There’s a table nearby! Let’s sit there!


Celia: Mmmmm! This Mopu Tofu with Pork is divine!!

Claudia: Delizioso! I love my Sweet and Sour Eggplant!


Celia: Åh åh. Det kommer!


Celia: Dette er virkelig krydret!!!!!


Celia: Ah. Much better.

Claudia: Troppo piccante per te, Celia?

Celia: Yeah, it’s totally spicy! My tongue can’t handle this level of spiciness!


Claudia: Oops, I dropped a piece of Sweet and Sour Eggplant.

Celia: Tell me about it! Using chopsticks is very tricky!


Emilia: I agree with you girls! Man, this is so hard to do!


Emilia: Oh, well! That’s the easy way to grab a piece of Sweet and Sour Pork!


Celia: I’ve heard that if you eat lots of spicy food, then you’ll build immunity and become a Spice Hound. Next time we stop by a food stand, I’m grabbing myself another spicy dish!

Claudia: Really? Then I should start eating some spicy food!


Claudia: How’s your tongue? Does it still hurt?

Celia: A little bit. Wow, that dish I ate was extremely spicy!

Claudia: Do be careful with spicy food!

Celia: Don’t worry. Before I try something spicy again, I’ll eat a gallon of ice cream!

Claudia: LOL! Be careful not to get brain freeze!


Moments later

Claudia: Okay, we’re back to our apartment! Let’s start getting ready for bed!

Emilia: I can’t wait for tomorrow! I’m so excited!

Celia: Same here!


Celia: Her er vi i San Myshuno! (Danish)

Here we are in San Myshuno!

Claudia: Wow! E ‘una bella città! (Italian)

Wow! It’s a beautiful city!

Claudia: Santo cielo! Il nostro appartamento è troppo piccolo! (Italian)

Goodness gracious! Our apartment is too small!!

Celia:  Lad os gå! (Danish)

Let’s go!

Claudia: Ho fame. (Italian)

I’m hungry.

Celia: Jeg er for sulten. Se! Der er en mexicansk mad stå! (Danish)

I’m hungry too. Look! There’s a Mexican food stand!

Claudia: Fremragende! (Danish)


Celia: Godt gået, mine damer! (Danish)

Well done, ladies!!

Claudia: Questo murale è così bello!! (Italian)

This mural is so beautiful!!

Claudia: Delizioso! (Italian)


Celia: Åh åh. Det kommer! (Danish)

Uh oh. It’s coming!

Celia: Dette er virkelig krydret!!!!! (Danish)

This is really spicy!!!!!

Claudia: Troppo piccante per te, Celia? (Italian)

Too spicy for you, Celia?

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4 thoughts on “Season 1 Episode 12: It’s Fashionista Time!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like them! I’m looking forward to sharing their adventures with you all! 🙂

      Im the future episodes featuring the Fashionistas, there will be foreign languages used. What did you think about the incorporation of the them in this episode?


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you love them! I have lots in store for them and I’m so excited to share their adventures with you all! I’m incorporating lots of foreign language in their parts, so you might learn a few new languages. 🙂

      I love all the clothing that came with the City Living EP.

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